Dropship With 4-7 DAY SHIPPING In The USA 😱 (Tutorial Step-By-Step) USA Dropshippers

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  1. Wholesale Ted says:

    Hey everyone, I hope you are having a wonderful day wherever it is that you are in the world 🌞 today I am in Melbourne ✈️

  2. JAZI 2K7 says:

    you left someones personal info at 9:15

  3. Abu Sadik says:

    I emailed and sent a message on fb page…plz check

  4. Jimmy Colorado says:

    Imagine all the Chinese junk being made and shipped all around the world; eventually filling up land fills everywhere. Not to mention all the pollution.
    Oh! The humanity!

  5. Ramzan Shah says:

    I am wordpress desing. But. No money. You help. Me any. Free plugin alidorp ship information from my store. ????

  6. REP MIDWEST says:

    Why wouldn't customers just buy directly from AliExpress and cut out a shopify middle-man?

  7. jalabi99 says:

    People always freak out over nothing so they can use that as an excuse not to get into dropshipping. Those who keep their heads while everyone else is freaking out are the ones who make profit.

  8. Charles Weaver says:

    I created a whole duplicate shopify store for Americans and it redirects there.
    It's actually a headache having two stores and costs alot more to run (apps etc.)

  9. Hi says:

    "Boooooooo!!!"😂😂😂😂👍 I like it

  10. FreeStyle Official says:

    I love your Channel.
    I watched a lot of your video.
    Love it ❤️

  11. dan spliff says:

    Hey i find your video’s very helpfull and i just want to say thank you for it! Maybe you can give your opinion about my website in the near future. Best wishes! From a Guy from the Netherlands

  12. Josh Holtom says:

    Hi Sarah, thank you so much for your super informative videos!
    I have a question re: drop-shipping and print on demand. Say you have a customer who has purchased products in your store that you source from different suppliers, could you offer us some pointers as to how you would explain to the customer their products will all be shipping separately?
    Thanks heaps in advance!
    -A fellow Kiwi 🥝

  13. Gypsy Jennabelle says:

    Thank you for all you do! I am just getting started with my store and I’m already making sales! I learned a lot from watching your videos and used your affiliate links for some of the things I signed up for as a way to thank you for providing all this free content. I noticed a couple of people have made comments that seem to suggest you should hold their hands and lead them down the path to making millions….for free! Ummm yeah…good luck with that guys lol. I have found Sarah’s videos very helpful, but I’ve also done my own research into marketing in particular as you can build stores all day long but if you can’t get them in front of people you’re wasting your time. And yes you do need some money in order to market your store. I started with $5 per day. I’m starting at the bottom but I know I’ll work hard and won’t give up after a month like a lot of folks do. If you stick with it, aren’t afraid to change things up if they aren’t working after a reasonable time, and you TREAT IT LIKE A BUSINESS and don’t expect people to just hand you the keys to the kingdom, you will succeed. Thanks again Sarah!

  14. K C says:

    I wish you done more content on the U.K 😭😭😭😭

  15. Bene88 says:

    Sarah how to check if the seller has enough inventory in his us warehouse?

  16. Kiddy PAt says:

    Hi Sarah, how d oyou get that ship from option?

  17. Bryant Perkins says:

    Do you know of an app that will allow you to import products from wish.com?

  18. craft minutes says:

    thank you

  19. Henrik Jonsson says:

    Problem is with dropshipping is that you dont know the supplier as if they are on time and it could be around some days plus or minus. In Chinas celebrating days you should know that they are closing some days. you should know also the quality before you sell something IF the customer put 20 Q:s to you about it. What would you answer if you dont know the product except the information from the site? Also sorry for being a little infomative but also if the customer are not happy with the product what will happened when they see that the ground-source are china when they send it back or will it be sent back to you as the middleman? Then you as a middleman will put up some shipping-cost and all this ads up to big costs and time for customer to reach another product and also get them kind of unsatiesfied. You should know that the product-rejection from customers varies from product to product to supplers quality service. The positive is that you dont have to send from you and put up big money for shipping. Also yo save time….

  20. JMJ_D says:

    I joined your ecommerce club and wow nicely organized hopefully i can improve everything i have already started by it thanks for all your info :👍🥺

  21. Rivers will flow beneath says:

    How do I get fast shipping in Australia :(?

  22. Mitch says:

    Why isn't the country dropdown showing for me? Same search as Sara..

  23. InLaws Attic says:

    If I ship from USA, to USA, on Ebay., I have to give a shipped from zip. Does AliExpress give a specific zip that they ship from for each item in USA? I want to buy your coarse about oberlo, AliExpress, IF i can use on my existing ebay store, and can ship from a zip code per item because of new ebay rules. Ug. Thanks so much! I like AliExpress because better and more pics than say, SmithDistributors. So wanted to list soon, thanks so much for all your videos!!

  24. Urban Factory 13 says:

    Hi Sarah does this apply in Europe too?

  25. beatriz hernandez says:

    Hi sarah, i want to know if does it apply for Central América too?

  26. Adrian Fernandez says:

    Why don’t change the name already? Wholesale Ted? We all know Ted doesn’t exist.

  27. Jimmy Colorado says:

    Confession: I only watch these videos to see Sarah!

  28. Kevin Ramirez says:

    Hello, I’m super interested in drop shipping, but I don’t understand how to find a product. Your videos have always been sweet and simple, and that’s what I like about you. Please let me know if you have a program or something to help a newbie like me get started.

  29. Paul Youngson says:

    Great video

  30. Kanađanka says:

    THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS. I have a fantastic idea for a niche store idea that i want to brand a certain way and the logistics of getting sets of this product droppshipped from China has been a nightmare so this couldn't have come at a better time 🙂

  31. Robert Williams says:

    When are we going to get to the point where we are no longer wasting time explaining what dropshipping is?.. If you don't know by this point, you probably shouldn't be here.

  32. mememan says:

    Hey Sarah, any thoughts on what type of store should I focus on….. Click on my channel I make comic memes…..I am thinking of an LED light store related to my niche

  33. Neil Lemon says:

    Hey Wholesale Ted, the word going around about an FCC enforcement that will take place on January 2020 for YouTube video creators. This is a heads up. https://youtu.be/Wig_iQXASRw

  34. Maxwell Angel says:

    How do i pay for the: Premium course , outside USA, i tried to pay from United kingdom but it need zip code at checkout, do you take paypal or Gpay ?

  35. Alex Bersini says:

    Sarah please clean your pc ;)great video

  36. 420 says:

    Am I the only one that can't sell shit?

  37. Shoshanah Shear says:

    I have a WooCommerce store. Is there a way to do dropshipping without needing a chrome extension?

  38. Soniboy84 says:

    Thanks Sarah, great video! Please clean your laptop 😅

  39. Fahmida Seitz says:

    Hi Sarah

    Thanks for this useful information. Can the same method be used using AliDropship?

  40. Praful Dhabekar says:

    I am not able to see the option "Ship from" on aliexpress. Is it because I'm browsing from India?

  41. starfaith8 says:

    Thanks so much Sarah! How soon is the money available after the customer pays? Do I have to use my money to purchase Aliexpress or do I use the customers money?

  42. BUY BEST PHONE says:


  43. Design 4 POD says:

    I just checked.. there is no place to filter shipped from :/ Have they changed it?

  44. Taz it Solution says:

    I have built a dropshiping store by inspire your content. but really failed to getting traffic. I’ve applied all techniques for driving traffic. However, My store has 52 products, All product listing after doing strong On page SEO. can u give us another great tips otherwise I want to sell my store. ( my store is woocomerce) Thanks

  45. Let`s Talk About It says:

    Hi Sarah, can I get your opinion on my new collection?  @t

  46. Seditia Rose says:

    Hi Sarah.
    Do you tecommend or even know the Big Commerce selling platform for Facebook n Instagram?
    If so, do you recommend it and why?

  47. Jeff A says:

    Question: If the Aliexpress sellers are bringing in products to the US, why aren't they selling them themselves through online stores at the higher prices?

  48. Bryan Alicea says:

    Is it just me or Sarah gets more intelligent and beautiful every year?🥰🥰

  49. Sheilla Olga says:

    So does one setup a Shopify lite or Shopify Basic ?

  50. Ziad Reviews says:

    Ali Express sux😂, these ppl making these videos to sell their courses. Beware ppl😂

  51. Keke James says:

    Sarah, Thank You So Much This Is A Blessing I’m Glad I Got The Notification 🙏

  52. Diana says:

    You are the best Sarah! Thank you! 🙂

  53. Starlet Lee says:

    Thank you Sarah!!! We love your videos and appreciate all your hard work.

  54. Starlet Lee says:

    And you are beautiful! Inside and out.

  55. DeadPixel says:

    Hi, thank you so much for this video I'll definitely try this out but I have a question, how does it work if someone outside the US buys a product that I have set up on my page to ship from the US?

  56. Tina Anne says:

    An idea popped into my head and I thought you'd be the best person to ask. Do you think you could have a dropshipping business BUT have it as a subscription box? Like, use someone else's products to ship out custom subscription boxes every month?

  57. SELLAR BOY says:

    my video tshirt collection https://youtu.be/VELCvf2td1g

  58. James Taylor says:

    What does that toothbrush sell for? Looks it wouldn't be worth more than $5.

  59. Awesome Mastermind says:

    You are amazing 💖 Thank you very much for all the great contents

  60. Stas Gershkovich says:

    Had to stop the video after this happened to comment about it… I started looking for a familiar program or service that she is trying to promote, and before even coming back I hear her say "No affiliate link" 😁🥰

  61. Troy Curtis says:

    Still here…not quitting, just taking time in 2020 to do it right.
    Thanks .

  62. Vlad Vrinceeanu says:

    will you make a video about dropshipping in EU? thx

  63. Bill Kics says:

    Hi Sarah, This is only a little related to the video, but here's my question. I understand that China has it's national holiday in February, and basically closes down during that time. What do you do about shipping times during that month?

  64. essem says:

    Get back in the kitchen

  65. raul z. says:

    @whole sale ted, i would like to start dropshipping and i dont have a credit card, i see other people using stripe as a option but use france as their country since stripe is from there, is that safe to do at all ?
    what can i do or use ? is this something you can recommend since paypal can hold your money for a long time please reply as soon as possible thank you

  66. aleks bradasevic says:

    @Wholesale Ted One question that always comes to mind when you send the customers information to the Ali express supplier. When they send the product to the customer it will have the information from the supplier on the shipping label not your actual drop shipping store correct? Is there a way around this I know working with an agent should settle the issue but if you are brand new to the game can anything be done?

  67. Sunny Armstrong says:

    How much have your personally made doing dropshipping?

  68. rpuls says:

    Hi, just watched a few of your videos. I have known about the dropshipping business for many many years, never gotten in to it but was consider it at some point 10 years ago. However there is a major blocking mystery to me, which I still can't figure out. And I hope that you would be able to answer those questions since you seem very experienced, in fact you are the only person I have seen that are just sharing all your experience thanks for that!

    I live in the EU and I am not sure if things are completely different in new zealand. But whenever I purchase something from aliexpress og other chineese shops, it usually takes 1-6 weeks for the item to arrive. When I purchase something from a webshop from my own country the item will arrive 1-2 days, another EU shop 3-5 days. How do you advertise your item delivery time and how do you convince people to buy with that slow est. delivery? And how do you deal with customer contacting you that they didn't receive the item, because it is "secretly" shipped from china and are loooooong time on its way? How is this problem overcome?

    Second mystery is how dropshipping businesses overcome the problem about customs import control. If I as a private person buys an item from within the EU it will just be shipped directly to me. might end up in a weapon/drug check but then just continue its journey to my door. However if i buy something that is shipped from outside the EU (i.e. china) it will very likely end up in the import customs control, where they will look at the item, and estimate its value. If it is estimated below 10$ I do not have to pay anything. But if they estimate it higher than 10$ they will hand the item over to the local shipping company who will not hand me the item until I pay import taxes of the item, which in my countrys case is 0-25% bases on the category of the item, also the shipping company is gonna claim 20$ in "handling import taxes fee" (nazi fee). How to deal with this?

    So both questions is really all about, how is it possible to convince people to buy from your shop, if you make them aware that shipping time will be long, and that their item might end up in customs control and cost a lot more in import taxes and fees? Would customers not write a negative review of you shop saying "My item got stuck in custom control and I had to pay the double price in the end" (very angry reviews)

    Again, new zealand conditions might be completely different, but these questions have been a mystery to me for many years, and i think it would be vary interesting with a video covering these major blockers. 🙂

  69. soum says:

    Why haven't you ever been featured by oberlo or any others?

  70. Malpaca says:

    Ali express I great for amazon fba but we want as dropshippers, to offer our customer fast shipping 😀

  71. Han Solo says:

    Here's the thing about those "American shipped" products; you don't know whether they have the product in stock from their u.s warehouse. If you pick the option to have it shipped from here the stock quantity does not change. If it says 100 in stock in China it doesn't change when you choose the American shipment option. I've read reviews from some of those products where customers have complained about shipping time only to be told that the item was "out of stock" from the warehouse so it had to be shipped from China.

    Customer satisfaction and peace of mind vs integrity of a Chinese supplier when it comes to shipping and availability.

    I've designed my own website, ready to go. All I need to do is add products but I'm really torn because they are not honest about their products. An item can be advertised as real lapis. I've asked them if it's really "real lapis " and ordered it to be sure, only to find out it's plastic when I received it. What do I do in that case? Put a description saying, "it's real but don't be surprised if you get cheap plastic instead".

  72. David Wilkinson says:

    I love your videos. You present the information quickly and with clarity. Your videos have helped me a lot with my Shopify stores. Plus your cute as a button.

  73. Ivy's Store says:

    Everyone is selling dropshipping courses. This tells us a lot about dropshipping. It's failing and that's why we see so many channels of this sort because they cant make money themselves through dropshipping. They depend on our views

  74. Heimdall says:

    Am I the only one who cant select the option from where it is gonna be shipped at? I live in europe btw.

  75. Qngelia Ral says:

    Awesome info thanks Sarah, you’re great!!

  76. Real Talk with Tina says:

    I'm back, this was a very helpful video. I have subscribed

  77. Abubakar Bin Mukhtar says:

    Did dropshipping is going down???

  78. MyDesignSpace says:

    Why are processing times so long?

  79. Back To Health says:

    Sarah, does the Woocommerce have the same choices as oberlo does in regard to choice where it ships from?

  80. Josh Timmins says:

    Hi, have you tried Printful integrated with Amazon? I seen some YouTube videos about it, and wonder if it is as good as the youtubers out there boast, or is it likely more money taken out than coming in when it comes to the £30 amazon subscription,plus 15% listing fee and Printful fee…Here with Amazon UK seller account, the products would be made in Latvia. Have you tried with Amazon over in NZ?

  81. Macmittens411 says:

    Um.. what a about returns??

  82. TripleHarv says:

    Please make a full tutorial on printify and can you use amazon or eBay

  83. daryngo says:

    Hey Sarah, many thanks for this timely video. Have you heard about any suppliers that promise US shipping but doesn't match up with expectations?

  84. TheLeah2344 says:

    Hey Wholesale Ted I just created a second store and this time I decided to buy custom jewelry in bulk instead of drop shipping jewelry and I came up with a unique idea that I know would sale because I know my audience. On my first store, I was just drop shipping it and the biggest complaint was how long the shipping took. I would be targeting the same audience from my first website that made me sales the first time. I only brought 22 necklaces from a merchant. It took me a lot of research to find a good merchant though but I bought a small amount so I wouldn’t waste a lot of money if it doesn’t work. By buying products in bulk, I can ship to the customer faster. Only the production time takes a long time. I also make my own jewelry as well and will be selling my handmade bracelets with the custom necklaces.

  85. OutCold says:

    She is the most honest and transparent ecom teacher I have ever seen. No. She is the most honest and transparent youtuber I have ever seen. Keep it going that way. It makes you unique.

  86. Susam says:

    but some products shipping from US take 3 weeks not 4-7 days

  87. George C says:

    So we assume ALL sellers on Aliexress do Dropshipment or is there some filter (not seeing it) to only fund such that do support dropshipping?

  88. Timmy says:

    What’s up?! Enjoyed the video! Have you ever considered using SMZeus to promote your channel?

  89. Hello Melo says:

    So I made a store, and tried to advertise but then fb marked my url as spam and I don't know what to do now -_- . Anyone else experienced this?

  90. #Tiktok Nation says:

    What about DSERS?

  91. Brianna Inico says:

    Hey Sarah, thanks for all your awesome content you provide! I am using a new supplier in the US who states 3-7 day Shipping. The items were supposably shipped off 5-days ago, but all the tracking info for each customer states, “Your shipment has departed the shipping partners facility and USPS is awaiting the item.”

    This has been the message for 5-days straight and the supplier isn’t giving me much info when questioned where the packages are, I just keep getting the run-around. Have you experienced an issue like this? Any advice is greatly appreciated!

  92. Lisa Hillard says:

    Lie the video. One question how did you get the icon for overload up there I have overlooked and my account but all is coming on overlo is China. I want the page to be united states

  93. Øyvind Skjelstad says:

    Can this DROPSHIPPING COURSE also be used for woocommerce and WordPress? I have experience with WordPress 🙂

  94. Panagiotis Pagakis says:

    Sarah If we have china and Usa options must refer to shipping times international and USA shipping times within the product page

  95. poboy251 says:

    Great video Sarah but what wasn’t explained about US shipping is that a lot of these suppliers keep little to no inventory in these US warehouses. When I came across this option when I was building my store I was excited to see US suppliers but disappointed when I realized that they don’t keep inventory for the product. It’s almost pointless to post it as a variant.

  96. jevgenija revo says:

    Thank you for this discount offer idea! What do you think about a silkroad app?They provide a fast shipping service, a lot of dropshippers recommend it on youtube.

  97. Karen Spitzer says:

    Hi Sarah! Great video as always. Everything you said makes complete sense but there is one problem I see that you haven't addressed. Sometimes you get in trouble with credit cards and PayPal when you have multiple purchases in short periods of time. Do you have any suggestions on getting around this problem? I'm thinking one way to handle it might be to call the credit card company or PayPal and tell them what you're doing so that you don't get shut down but with their algorithms it may still be an issue. Your thoughts?

  98. Tofu The Panda says:

    Sarah can you make a video on how you handle chargebacks?

  99. L1 says:

    Thank you, amazing channel!

  100. Abhishek Singh says:

    hey Sarah, just want to know, do you still recommend $5 per day adsets, if yes how long does it take to show some results if its first time?

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