Don’t let your product page look like this! Worst drop shipping mistakes [FOR BEGINNERS]

Why aren’t visitors buying anything from
your online store? There can be plenty of reasons. In this video, I’ll tell you why your products
pages might prevent people from placing an order in your dropshipping store and how to
fix it! Hi everyone! My name is Olesia, and this is AliDropship
YouTube Channel. With the help of AliDropship Plugin, you can
quickly turn any WordPress site into a dropshipping store. Here on this channel, I share tips on how
to start dropshipping and how you can get the best profits from it! This video is for dropshipping beginners. Let me share with you what common product
page design mistakes you should avoid and how to fix them! When a product gets imported from AliExpress,
you should make some improvements, such as editing the title and the description of that
product. That seems to be obvious, but I’ve seen
surprising examples of product titles that contain ‘AliExpress’ along with 10-15
other unnecessary words. Unedited URLs scream: “this is not a unique
item and not worth purchasing!’ If you don’t edit anything in the product
name, description and image gallery, you get an unprofessional product page that doesn’t
motivate store visitors to make any purchases. So, please, edit the title, URL, and description
of each imported product. Don’t forget to delete AliExpress images
from the description as well. Ideally, when you import product reviews together
with the AliExpress items, you want to create a positive image of your store and show that
previous buyers were happy with the purchases. But, look at this screenshot: a buyer complains
that it took the seller more than three months to send the order, plus the item is low quality. Is this really the reputation you’d like
to have? By the way, using AliDropship Plugin and AliDropship
Google Chrome extension, you can import reviews one by one or in bulk. Here’s how to do it. Select this option to import only the high
rated reviews and skip reviews with specific keywords, for example, negative expressions. When you import product reviews in bulk without
careful reading, it’s possible to include accidentally negative reviews that affect
your store reputation. Check reviews before or after importing. Dropshipping stores are awesome because you
can import new items any time you like, and even manually edit the number of product orders…if
you don’t get too carried away. Look at this product. Can you believe that it’s possible for an
item from the ‘New Arrivals’ category to have 1000+ orders already? When a product’s order quantity and its
availability period are so disparate, it hurts the store’s reliability and trustworthiness. Discounts and special offers are one of the
most common elements of pricing strategy aimed at generating more sales. When a customer sees a huge discount, it works
as a powerful motivation to make a purchase right here, right now while the appealing
offer is still valid. But you can get it wrong, too. This example shows how fake these promotions
might look. A discount that is that big is certainly a
good deal, but seriously, who would believe that this item originally costs so much? Online shoppers can’t trust a store that
manipulates them so obviously, and such price games can seriously damage the seller’s
reputation. The main point of this video is that you should
make your product page neat and trustworthy before visitors come to your site. It makes no sense to drive traffic to your
store until you fix what would prevent your visitors from making a purchase. If you want to learn how to make your product
pages absolutely perfect, please read this post on our blog. It will give you an extended overview and
12 steps to the best product pages possible. Find the link in the description. That’s it for today! Thanks for watching! Give a thumb up to this video as it’s the
only way for me to know that you liked it, and don’t hesitate to subscribe! We post new videos every Friday. See you!

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