Do You Sell Physical Products?

– Question for you: Do you sell physical
products on Amazon, Shopify, Kickstarter, or ClickFunnels? If so you might have
heard, you might have seen, the game is changing
really, really quickly. There’s some price wars
goin’ on, right Ester? There is an increased competition. Big companies are moving into the space which is making it harder
for people to compete. But the people who play this game well are just running away from the pack and absolutely killing it right now. For example, Ester, can you
hand me one of these please? – This one?
– Yeah, you can hand me that. Hand me that, hand that to me please. – That one?
– Yeah, this one. So I sold a company last year. I had an eight figure exit and the reason I sold is
because I wanted to invest in other physical products brands. For example you might
have seen Vital Proteins, consumable company in the protein space. They just raised money,
50-some, I think, plus, million dollar valuation,
despite being only two years old. Or this one, this is an older one. Tom’s sold for four billion
dollars a handful of years ago, but similar companies to
this, Native Deodorant, two year old company,
sold for $120 million. So the people who play this
game well are doing really well. Which one next, Ester? – This one!
– Yeah, we’ll do Quest, went from zero to $500
million in six years. And similar companies are
absolutely exploding right now. So if you play this game
well you’re in the sweet spot to really, really do well while everybody else is chasing the scraps and playing the trying to get reviews game and trying to stand out in
a commoditized marketplace. Bulletproof just raised a bunch of money and they’ve gone from zero
to taking over the world in just a handful of years. Or even if you just sell
unbranded stuff like fitness gear. I have clients that are from
zero to five million dollars in a handful of years because
of the power of This game is changing very, very quickly so I am putting together a group of people here in Austin, Texas this August for what we’re calling
the Brand Builder Summit. We’re putting together
people who sell on Amazon, ClickFunnels, people
who have sold companies, or specialize in funding companies and scaling them and selling them. And we’re doing a summit
this August in Austin, Texas to go over what’s working right now. Because if you play this game well you’ll run away from the pack. If you don’t play this game well you’re going to be crushed with 80% of everybody else who is
trying to play this game. So the game is changing. It’s changing faster than ever and if you play your chips right you’re in a position to to take advantage of some incredible opportunities if you know the right people,
have the right strategy and are positioned well as a company. Right little girl?
– Yeah. – That’s right. All right, so I hope to see you. Information up for that
event is around this video and we’ll see you this
August in Austin, Texas at the Brand Builder Summit.

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    Ryan, offcourse you'll get the paying audience in Austin. But how about a free live webcast of the event for people around the globe? It will help you reach a much wider audience. Just a thought 🙂

  2. Jazzel_y says:

    Do you a digital Livestream version of the event ?

  3. A n d r é B u g o t t i says:

    Live stream event would be cool. Hell I'll even pay for view

  4. Mthobisi Zondo says:

    you truly do have one of the cutest and smartest little girl… hope she is aware of how much of a hero her daddy is… you're a true inspiration to many of us Ryan, your works are greatly and always appreciated

  5. Live Free and Entreprenuer says:

    How much overlap will there be from the Profitable Product launch course and this summit?

  6. haris000000 says:

    I get it. You are training your kid to be an entrepreneur arent ya? Of topic I know.

  7. The Amazon Journey says:

    RYAN IS THE MAN!! Ive taken all of his entrepreneurial advice SELLING PHYSICAL PRODUCTS, jumped out of my comfort zone and now I’m on target to financial freedom! Iv even created a youtube channel to follow my progress. Im about to drop another video in 45 mins. I would love some support/feedback so please hit subscribe and check it out. Peace

  8. Zvi Twersky says:

    Wanna get rich? Stop selling products and start making summits.

  9. KJW says:

    What will a ticket into the summit cost Ryan?

  10. Lola Ann says:

    Awe!! Ester stole the show Ryan. Thanks for a great video.

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