Discover Classy Closets New Showroom

When designing your perfect storage
solution it can be hard to know where to begin
visiting a showroom can give you great insight into what you’re looking for and
a chance to actually test out a variety of the design so today Kate from Classy
Closets is here to introduce us to their brand new showroom thanks so much for
showing this with us today oh it’s my pleasure my pleasure thanks for having
me well let’s start with where it is it’s at 242 Bingham Drive in San Marcos
San Marcos so we want to head up there and check out the classic closet
showroom what are we gonna find there and a work-in-progress okay she put it
mildly and we moved from Escondido to San Marcos because we needed a bigger
production facility to make it more efficient so that was our whole focus so
now we’re focused on the showroom and it’s about halfway there but you can
pretty much see everything that you would need to see for a closet or a
pantry that’s as far as we’ve gotten with with the showroom because we have
storage solutions for the entire home it’s not just correct closets that
classy closet yeah so what types of examples are in there okay so we have a
closet system that’s off the floor we have a closet system that’s to the floor
with backing and then we have a fancy-schmancy closet system and that
the with the mellah means now it looks exactly like would you really cannot
tell but it’s way less expensive than wood wow so we’re gonna see everything
from the actual design structures to the variety of finishes and choices that we
have to kind of mix and match and paper are perfect exactly exactly and then we
have a pantry with a double pullout trash we have cookie slots you know for
your platters and whatnot and some al shelves and then some six inch deep
shelves just to show people that in a really tight pantry space you can
actually get two cans back-to-back and on a six inch shelf you
know so it’s really useful in a really really tight pantry space and of course
what is the benefit for homeowners to be able to come and see this because the
sturm is open to the public yes it’s touchy-feely you know you can
show people pictures but to see it in reality really gives them a good sense
of how it’s going to work like I had a client in last Saturday and he wanted to
go to somebody’s house to see what we’d done and I said why don’t you come to
the showroom instead and so then he saw his options
and and he made the decision based on what he saw and it was and he felt
really comfortable thanks so much okay let classy closets design your
dream closet or other storage solution for your home today find their new
showroom at 242 Bingham Drive number 102 in San Marcos or call them at seven six
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