Cyber Monday tips for dropshipping stores. Is your store ready?!

Are you ready for the high season? Do you know how to increase your sales during
Cyber Monday? OK! Check out our 10 tips to earn the fortune
during Cyber Monday! Hi! That’s Anna. I’m one of the experts in the Dropship Club
team and I’m glad that you’re watching this video. It means that you’re already a part of the
community of dropshipping business owners and probably are also a member of our dropship
club. If you’re not, join any time. It’s free. Today’s topic is how to skyrocket your sales
during Cyber Monday. Your potential customers are on their way
to start shopping. They open their browsers to seek for some
good gifts for themselves and for their nearest and dearest. Do you know which of the avenues of promotion
is my favorite? I’ll give you a hint. It starts with Google and ends with Shopping. Yeap, Google Shopping campaigns are the best
especially these days. When people put their wishes in the search
bar and then click to “Shopping” they see merchants’ Shopping cards consisting
of pictures, prices, and product titles. To launch your shopping campaigns in just
a day you only need to follow our guide and Google Merchant add-on for WordPress made
by AliDropship Team. Check the links in the description. Moreover, get ready for these potential customers. Make a subscription form on your site to have
an opportunity to send your email letters to the visitors or set up an Abandoned Cart
add-on, so, you will be able to recover these carts. Of course, you also need to plan your advertising
campaigns for the cold and warm traffic ahead of time. Cold traffic includes those who’ve never
known or seen your store and products and warm one includes the people who’ve already
connected with your store. Retarget past visitors and customers. Use Facebook tools to compile all these types
of campaigns and don’t forget to be creative. What’s the better way to promote your holiday
sales than with gorgeous graphics and visuals? If you need help with planning your ads, check
out our services on website to be ahead of your competitors and get fully
ready for this high season! You can do this using your emails and social
media accounts. Of course, you should upload some appealing
banners on your website too. Tease your customers with emails of what’s
to come, post sneak peeks of upcoming sales on social media, and start piquing the curiosity
of your customers. We can create follow up sequences for you
too, find our service on our website. As things get busy, writing blog content will
be the last thing on your mind. That’s why you should start writing your
blog posts in advance! In this case, Google will have time to scan
your posts and begin attracting organic traffic. Yeap, for hassle-free sales! It would be even better if you create a gift
guidepost on your store. What should you include on your gift guide
page? You might consider naming your page according
to the chosen niche, for example, “10 Gift Ideas for Cat Lovers”. Create collections of your products to include
in your gift guide. Is your store ready for the high season? Are you sure? If you have some uncertainty about that, then
check your store yourself or get our Store Review service. We will make a detailed list of improvements
for your store and give you our recommendations. You will see the example of a store review
on our channel too. So, you can check if your store is ready for
good performance! And yeah, it’s reported that U.S. retailers
alone earned a record $7.9 billion in revenue on Black Friday 2017. Cyber Monday brought in $6.6 billion in online
sales in 2017. Sweet numbers, right? Simply put, this is the most critical time
of the year for e-commerce. Don’t miss it! Subscribe to our channel to learn more tips
and promotional strategies! Like this video and press the subscribe button! Have a nice day! Bye!!

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