Customers tackle murder suspect after held hostage in Phoenix | ABC7

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17 Responses

  1. _k1ng.sm8kes_ says:

    1 st ni99a !!!

  2. Kathryn Johnson says:

    Too bad police didnt kill that ugly worthless lowlife coward!!!

  3. Ladybug Noname says:

    That's how you do it. Fight back. Poor guy who was killed.

  4. Stephen Siegel says:

    He looks like king kong.

  5. J3RMZ AVCA says:

    Look the way he walks I would have just kick his knees and take the gun and start pistol whipping his face till the 12s get there

  6. Buttercup says:

    He black.

  7. Buttercup says:

    He was going to lick that ice cream and put it back. Lol

  8. masterchief247 says:

    THIS is how you do it these days folks. The cops are outside try to negotiate. This guy WANTED to die, and didn't care who he took down with him. There is no negotiation to be had. Fight back. Your life is in your own hand. Don't be afraid of what the human being is capable off under a fight or flight situation. Gouge his eyes out ladies. Kick him in the nuts. Take out his eyes as any cost. Can't shoot what you can't see.

  9. Rick Blain says:


  10. Chinpokomon Master says:

    Ah yes, why every american should have a gun.

  11. sallylea1 says:

    Disgusting pig….

  12. Sofa King says:

    If it was an open carry state S#*! like this wouldn't happen ✌

  13. techlab0293 says:

    Glad to see the first guy take him on way to go dude. Beat his ass.

  14. May Animates says:

    I was looking for this video

  15. TH3 UNSTOPP8L3 says:

    As soon as he would of been on the floor I would of have been stomping on his shit 😂 I’m not stopping till the cops get there

  16. New Justice says:

    That was awesome

  17. Juan The Squid says:

    Can't believe Big Nigga would do this.

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