Customer service and tipping in Russia

Hey everyone it’s the Yankee in Siberia
telling you the truth about life in Russia. I’m here in a restaurant in my
City and today I’m going to talk a little bit about customer service, and
some tipping here in Russia. Customer service in Russia has a bit of a
reputation of being, terrible, but honestly this is mostly from the Soviet
Union days. Since being here in Russia I’ve never really had any super
friendly waiters and waitresses but I’ve never had any ones that were straight
up rude either. To me it just seems a bit more honest in restaurants here. The
servers will bring you what you need no more no less.
They don’t try acting like your friends in order to get a bigger tip. For
Americans this may seem a little off or a little unfriendly, especially if they’re
used to much more friendly service. In America you probably see a server about
three or four times all throughout the meal to check up on you, ask how everythins
is, get free refills and everything like that. Here you’ll see them they’ll
take your order, they’ll give you your food and then they bring you your
check. That’s about it. Now as far as tipping goes you can do the normal ten to
fifteen percent, a little less than in America. But that’s completely up to you.
In America servers tend to make less money because they make up for it in
their tips. Here in Russia they still make a minimum wage
and then any extra tips are theirs. Because of that some people will still
tip but other people may choose not to, it’s up to you. If you do plan on paying
with a card there’s no place to write a tip on the receipt so if you do want
to leave a tip you’d still have to leave some cash on the table. Other than that it’s normal tipping here in Russia. Ss far as
any other type of tipping in Russia it’s very similar to like in America. You want
to make sure you tip hairdressers here. Usually if you pay for a haircut all
that money goes to the people who own the salon so if you like your haircut
make sure you give the hairdresser a little extra. And it’s up to you if you
would like to tip the taxi drivers as well. I usually see here if you want to pay
cash you can give the driver a little extra or if you want to use an app many
apps now have little tips that you can give to the driver if you like. But from
what I’m seeing most people don’t usually give too many
tips to the taxi drivers. So one thing you don’t want to make sure you tip is
if you go on any type of tours of any churches or anything, never tip anybody
in a religious order. Most people in any kind of religious order
they joined it for a reason. They might be trying to change their lives, so if you
give them any money it could be seen as a temptation for them to go back into
some of their old life styles. One thing interesting I did find out about tipping
here in Russia is that many Russians will tip the gravediggers. Here in Russia
there’s a bit of a belief that if you tip the gravedigger that means you won’t see
them again any time soon. So what do you think about
tipping here in Russia? Let me know in the comments below. And make sure to
subscribe to catch more videos about life here in Siberia .So until next time,
peace out Mother Russia!

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