Cruise Ship Remains Held Off California Coast As Coronavirus Fears Deepen Nationwide | TODAY

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14 Responses

  1. Nathalie Lopez says:

    How does the only have four likes

  2. Joe Puentes says:

    Sink the ship

  3. Beth Louise says:

    So glad you recovered, Tom!!💙

  4. Beast Man says:

    Never Seen The Flue Do That !!!! Now U Look Stupid !!!!! Its not Going To Work Out !!!!

  5. Aksam Rafiz says:

    Blow up the ship at night

  6. 白川千秋 says:

    Is this cruise ship the PRINCESS made by MITSUBISHI Heavy Industries in Japan?
    Google マップでの「プラド美術館」のクチコミを共有します

  7. ShakespeareCafe says:

    Corona Cruise Line
    You go on vacation

    And end up in quarantine isolation

    Bon Voyage

  8. Russian Métropolitan says:

    Don’t let them into our country

  9. Russian Métropolitan says:

    Mike pence doing a great job

  10. Gabby Ramos says:

    All this tax money and still there’s no money for tests…

  11. Jonathan Palacios says:

    Does this look dumb to you Elon Musk?!? Elon is sick hearted.

  12. Mike will says:

    “The quarantine on the ship ended up being an unprecedented failure,” said Eiji Kusumi, a doctor specializing in infectious diseases at Navitas Clinic in Tokyo. “We should learn from this lesson that a quarantine on a ship is impossible, and we should not repeat this in the future.”

  13. Gloria Steadman says:

    Not everybody will be so lucky to have it mild.

  14. Michael Goodliffe says:

    Shouldn't go on a cruise, all vacations on cruise ships should be cancelled for the duration.

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