Cousin Sal’s Home Deliveries – Mover and Spotter

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79 Responses

  1. 0rignal c0ntent says:

    1st love you and your channel

  2. WildWartTanner says:

    Kimmel the absolute legend

  3. Janis Elliott says:

    Hahaha yaaaaaaaaass

  4. محمد محمد says:

    why there is no views?

  5. Stowve says:

    Number 6, So yea!

  6. DJ WAXXY Lib Music Promotor says:

    good one

  7. ZenPryse says:

    He barely understood a word he saidxD but still cheered him on

  8. PumpkinEskobarr says:

    White guy paying a latino to tell him You the man….. awkward!

  9. Devon says:

    200 kg bench my ass

  10. sumo fred says:


  11. IGOR FITNESS says:

    very funny video

  12. Cheytac says:

    I think I found my new phone ringtone

  13. Charlie Cantrell says:

    I am iron man

  14. Eric Gonzales says:

    jimmy kimmel. No MONOLOGUE =👎

  15. J0K1C says:

    I always feel really bad for these people…

  16. Hala Alqassimi says:

    Who hates to see this vid but wants to see it!??

  17. Aswathy3356 says:

    How do they set up the weights beforehand without knowing who is coming in? How do they know he works out?

  18. Andrew Davidov says:

    this guy should join the impractical jokers

  19. 4Fatty4 says:

    You're the man!

  20. Jim says:

    Just happens to have a bench press, and the guy just happens to be huge into working out? I think it's set up

  21. Marley Spy says:

    Y O U A R E T H E M A N

  22. Anas Mahboob says:

    Hey Jimmy, we want to see more of cousin Sal, he is really funny.

  23. Waga Booga says:

    Brad castleberry?

  24. Abraham Moskowitz says:


  25. George License says:

    I love these

  26. Andromeda says:

    He takes a quick look at the door for a quick getaway!

  27. Night Shade says:

    You're the man

  28. Angelo Franco says:

    hi Jimmy

  29. Cuishi10 says:

    This poor man! LOLOLOLOL! His face is saying "what the he'll man"????

  30. Jonathan Blanco says:

    You and Ellen have no social skills

  31. Jonathan Blanco says:

    You're not even a funny host, thus why you rely on others skits and ideas. Unlike Conan whose a true natural

  32. Austin Earle says:

    Am I the only one who realized that those were fake weights?

  33. Jason Ash says:

    The weights are as real as my Girlfriend

  34. Total Control 871 says:

    I would have watched him die….and then rob his house.

  35. nj13 nj13 says:

    Jimmy Kimmel rapes his kids

  36. nj13 nj13 says:

    Who gives a s*** about the stupid dumb crap

  37. Finish says:

    NINO is the man

  38. mellovescorgis says:

    Did he say "help me" at 2:05? 😂😂

  39. Chisom Odimmegwa says:

    OHH MY GOD, This is the most cringy video of the year

  40. MrCookieMonster says:

    I figuratively can't watch, too much cringe!

  41. anonymous1432341 says:

    Lol. Sal clearly trains with Castleberry. Lets see how many Jimmy Kimmel fans will get this reference.

  42. A man has no name says:

    Bad hombre

  43. Kalela says:

    I wonder how many times they have to try these before they ran into someone who has never watched Jimmy Kimmel and not familiar with Cousin Sal.

  44. Serge Daher says:

    Isn't it the house the guys have been using in Impractical Jokers?

  45. Chevy Rupleix says:

    This guy is cringing so hard.

  46. James Sunderland says:

    lol omg this is so cringy!

  47. elgranchet 360 says:

    Lmao 😂

  48. Brendan McDonald says:


  49. Brendan McDonald says:

    Make more!

  50. Lindsey R says:

    "you can do it!"

  51. RichardSpeaksTruth says:

    Thats brad castleberry there 😃

  52. Dougie says:

    “The iorn age” HAHA

  53. Scotty Freeman Siri says:

    Imagine if he just sat there and watched him “choke” and started robbing him 😂😂

  54. supersilverhazeroker says:

    there's very obvious camera's all over the place nothing hidden about them they represent nothing like how you would place security cameras if this isn't fake the dude knows it's for a tv show the moment he walked in there.

  55. Favian Samaniego says:

    You’re da man

  56. Kpat says:

    s h a k e s h e a d

  57. AJIN P JOY says:

    U ok?😂

  58. Priya Banerjee says:

    I LOVE the carpet guy the most out of all of these lol

  59. Hair Hacks says:

    How heavy are those?? Probably in 20-30 pounds🤣

  60. Bruce Banner says:


  61. D Ferrise says:

    He probably thought is this guy going to try to sleep with me? AND THEN USE ME AS A SKIN SUIT UNTIL HE MAKES A SKIN PILLOWCASE OUT OF ME

  62. Tac Tickle says:

    “Oh I work out a lot” (benches 205 lol)

  63. Kristina Carlton says:

    That was cute when the guy realized it was a joke

  64. Todd Beaulieu says:

    Fix you captioning!! So frustrating!

  65. Anabel Solis says:

    Lmao!!!! Do u even lift??hope so lol

  66. Афган волк says:

    Hi, I'm Jimmy Kimmel, if you like that click the subscribe button below, and good things will happen for ever. 😂

  67. Miles Weida says:

    Who’s the man?

  68. Amy Fiske says:


  69. Qwerty II says:

    Yᴏᴜ ᴀʀᴇ ᴛʜᴇ ᴍᴀɴ

  70. Ronald Duarte says:

    This guy looked around like “Ya guey por favor”

  71. Velkis Tovar says:

    Ha ha this was hilarious. I dont know what I would've done in this scenario. I'm always too nice to say no to things. I would be there screaming motivational words too.

  72. kiki andrea says:

    It’s been a hard year already !!! And your videos always seem to make me forget a little of what’s going !!! Thank you

  73. StealthAssasin 1Day says:

    Sad the bench buckled under his own weight and not the fake weights…lol

  74. Hope Bernava says:

    Why doesn't cousin Sal have his own show

  75. Race Mentally says:

    Lol loved it!!!

  76. datwavybøilee says:

    1:06 am deaddd 😂

  77. Fassbender F says:

    It's my man,consin sal

  78. QSUS says:

    Looks like they got their weights from Bradley Martyn

  79. Bleach1234 says:

    First dude is so embarrassed

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