Costco Grocery Shopping: How to Order ONLINE & Get it Delivered FREE with INSTACART!

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29 Responses

  1. Ajoyclynn says:

    Pretty please start at 9 PM

  2. Ashley Travers says:

    Comments aren’t disabled

  3. Maria Rojas says:

    Do you need a Costco membership card to order through instacart ?

  4. Lindsay Jense says:

    This sounds so awesome! I need to try this out!

  5. Heather Gardner says:

    This is amazing

  6. Teresa Galvez says:

    Missed your videos so much!!!

  7. Amanda Olsen says:

    Do you find that the prices on the food are more?

  8. itsra1ning says:

    You forgot to conceal your house address 😱

  9. KellLifts says:

    you are so pretty 😍

  10. Michelle Shaw says:

    Thank you. Great info but each individual item I put in my cart was so much higher than our membership price about three dollars more per item. Is there a way to enter our membership number? tfs

  11. N George says:

    Your address is still showing, you commented 20 minutes ago so I wanted to make sure you caught it

  12. Michael Leahy says:

    Just be aware, online Costco prices may be higher than in store ones. It was my experience when using the Costco app, for products I knew the prices in my local store. If this no longer is the case, then I am in!!

  13. Eileen J says:

    Hone, I hate to break it you , but it's not really free, when you spend an extra dollar per item, and another dollar per item when including the tip amount. So a no go for me.

  14. Oso Crazy Deals says:

    This is the way to go if you have Instacart in your area. Also, it keeps you having to shop with kids causing chaos.

  15. Andrea Kwait says:

    It's so sadif your able to go to the store than do it. Dont abuse it because your lazy if you have a disability than its fine

  16. Christie Tomlinson says:

    I need to try this!

  17. The Melea Show says:

    I personally don't use Instacart every time I shop. But it sure is helpful when you are in a time crunch!

  18. jaygamerman says:

    Not for me I like shopping and find new stuff and deals I don't like fees , I do few online but with free shipping

  19. Steve Okamoto says:

    Even when shopping with something like Google Express, the online price is typically higher than in the store. For example, trash bags online are $16.99 vs $14.99 at the store. Dish soap 9.29/7.99. Laundry pods 20.99/17.99. So buyer beware – they tack on a couple $$ for the online convenience.

  20. Mona Sullivan says:

    Do I have to be a Costco member to shop there online through Instacart?

  21. Lauren Zieff says:

    Aren’t prices more expensive than shopping in store?

  22. Chris M says:

    The price of half and half is $1.50 more than I paid in the store the other day. Not a good deal at all!

  23. Dana Simons says:

    Can you please tell me how to submit a online shopping trip to Ibotta????????

  24. Karly A says:

    Hi Melea, thanks for another great tip! Also, did you know that those ICE drinks have green tea extract? Just FYI in case that may matter to you 😉😁

  25. Ric Hellen says:

    Hi dear can yo help us do the product review and we send theitems to you ,, and most of our women swimwear is oon sale for about 50 % off. thank you and it issummer time

  26. redcinos says:

    I didn't know this could be done.

  27. levimissy11 says:

    So the closes club store is 60 miles one way. Does any one know what kind of products u can order from Costco and Sam's

  28. Anna Marie Escolano says:

    Malia, we tried insta cart and signed up for it. But we noticed that prices were higher per item compared to when you grab it in store. Somehow, if you total it up, it is not really a save up. Just try comparing it per item wise and you will know what I mean as we already tried it. I think this is helpful if you don’t really mind paying some more.

  29. Me T says:

    Do we need costco membership for this order

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