ChatBot for Customer Service

Luke decided to go on spontaneous
holidays. He visits and starts a chat. Oh it looks like he’s
going to talk with the chatbot. Let’s see how it works.
Luke says that he like to go on holidays next Tuesday
so the chatbot shows him a couple of last-minute offers. Luke is browsing
destinations and books the desired one. The chatbot also asked whether Luke
would like to rent a vehicle but Luke wants to get details to his email. So how
did our chatbot do with this interaction? It closed one deal and still
has the opportunity to close another one. Attaboy and Luke seems to agree.
But what’s the magic behind chatbots? This is a chatbot scenario. It’s built from
interactions you can create and edit by yourself. The whole interaction is built
on the drag-and-drop mechanism so you can create your chatbot even if you
don’t have any programming skills. And there it is.
All you have to do is save your new interaction and your chat bot will adapt
its logic to the new scenario. Well done!

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