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Celestyal Cruises’ 37,773-gross-ton, 1,575-guest Celestyal Olympia is a rare, mid-sized cruise ship that caters to a value-conscious clientele. This handsome vessel boasts a number of classic features that no longer exist on many of the new mega cruise ships. Hull No. 431, the Celestyal Olympia was built by Wartsila’s Helsinki shipyard in 1982 as Royal Caribbean Cruises’ Song of America. Wartsila is now owned by STX Europe. The Song of America was a one-off ship that bridged the gap between Royal Caribbean’s original Song of Norway trio of the early 1970s and the Sovereign of the Seas trio of the late 1980s. In 1999, it was sold to British-based Airtours and renamed Sunbird. Shortly after their purchase, Airtours added a block of suites to the forward superstructure directly above the bridge. In 2003, the ship was sold to Cyprus-based Louis Cruises, who chartered it back to Airtours. In 2005, it was chartered to Thomson Cruises as the Thomson Destiny and in 2012, it became Louis Cruises’ Louis Olympia. In 2014, Louis Cruises rebranded itself as Celestyal Cruises and the ship became the Celestyal Olympia. The Celestyal Cruises blue and gold spiral logo represents the sea, the sun and the wind. The Celestyal Olympia has 10 passenger decks. The outside spaces begin at the top with Zeus Deck (10), where a large forward observation terrace is ideal for cruising into scenic areas. Protected from high winds and sun by a glass screen and a canopy, the Thalassa Bar is located on forward Zeus Deck overlooking the midships pool area. This is the view over the midships pool area from the Thalassa Bar. On certain nights, a gala deck barbecue is held around the pool area on Hera Deck (9). Zeus Deck continues aft via open terraces that overlook the pool area. The Celestyal Olympia has two large pools. This is the forward pool. On either side of the pools, there are sheltered seating areas. A covered bandstand is located between the pools on Hera Deck. Guests can book a massage treatment in a poolside cabana on Hera Deck. The aft pool is at the base of the Helios Bar, which sells fresh-squeezed fruit juices (orange and pomegranate) as well as standard beverages. There are sheltered promenades tucked inside of the lifeboats on Ouranos Deck (8). Apollo Deck (7) begins with an open observation terrace, a feature that has become increasingly rare on today’s cruise ships. Another feature that is rapidly disappearing on modern cruise ships, beautiful teak-lined promenades continue aft on Apollo Deck to the stern. On the Celestyal Olympia, they are stepped down from the forward and aft terraces. There is a large teak-lined terrace overlooking the stern on aft Apollo Deck. On aft Apollo Deck, there is also a net-enclosed basketball and sports court. A distinct component of the Celestyal Olympia is the former Viking Crown Lounge cantilevered around its funnel. This 360-degree observation lounge and bar, once a Royal Caribbean trademark feature, is now called the Horizons Lounge and Bar. The Horizons Lounge and Bar offers a spectacular view over the Celestyal Olympia’s midships pool area. The Leda restaurant is a buffet-style dining venue on aft Hera Deck that is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. In the Leda, there are Greek specialties, such as chicken gyros, in addition to more Continental offerings. The Gym is located on Ouranos Deck and contains a variety of cardio machines and some free weights. The Kid’s Club playroom is located on starboard Apollo Deck. The recently refurbished Eclipse Lounge and Bar is located on the port side of Apollo Deck. The Muses Lounge and Bar is the main showroom aboard the Celestyal Olympia and is located on midships Dionyssos Deck (5). One of the ship’s most popular shows is the Hellenic Voyage Show, featuring live bouzouki music and Greek folkloric dancing. The Muses Lounge was recently refitted with a gold and ash brown color scheme. The Argo Bar and Lounge follows on the starboard side of Dionyssos Deck. The Agora, located on port Dionyssos Deck, is a shop that offers Greek handicrafts and products like wine and olive oil. A photo gallery links the Argo Bar with the Agora. The Casino follows aft of the photo gallery. The Sana Spa is a beauty salon and spa on Dionyssos Deck. The treatment rooms in the Sana Spa are named for flowers. This is the Lily. This is the Sana Spa’s Orchid treatment room. The Sana Spa has a dedicated manicure area. Recently refurbished, the Selene Lounge was originally the Song of America’s Oklahoma Lounge and is located at the aft end of Dionyssos Deck. The Selene Lounge has a bar area built into a bank of cushioned seating. Games, quizzes, lectures and cooking demonstrations (shown) are held in the Selene Lounge throughout the day. At night, it is the setting for karaoke, live music and a DJ. At the far aft end of the Selene Lounge, there is a card room with an arc of tall windows overlooking the stern. The Reception and Shore Excursions desks are located on midships Poseidon Deck (4). Several shops are adjacent to the reception area on Poseidon Deck. A small library is on starboard Poseidon Deck. A boutique occupies the port alcove on Poseidon Deck. The Celestyal Olympia’s main traditional dining venue, the recently refurbished Aegean Restaurant, is on aft Poseidon Deck. Table settings in the Aegean Restaurant include fresh flowers and traditional Greek blue and white linens. Breakfast and lunch are offered buffet-style in the Aegean Restaurant. Multi-course dinners in the Aegean Restaurant include traditional Greek specialties such as a fresh horiatiki or Greek salad. There is also an a la carte menu with items such as lobster and steak for purchase. The Galileo Restaurant continues aft of the Aegean Restaurant on the starboard side of the galley. The Magellan Restaurant is located on the port side of the galley on Poseidon Deck. A pair of Grand Suites with large living rooms top the Celestyal Olympia’s nine accommodations categories. Located on forward Hera Deck, the Grand Suites offer a view over the bow through two large picture windows. Grand Suites have large verandas that are sheltered behind a metal and glass screen. Grand Suite bathrooms have a full-sized tub with shower and double sinks. Seven Suites are also located on Hera Deck. Suites 9003 and 9004 have slightly larger balconies than those that follow. This is a standard Suite balcony. Suite bathrooms also have full tubs with shower and a single sink basin. Twenty-one Junior Suites are located on Apollo Deck and feature a sitting area with a pair of large picture windows. Junior Suite bathrooms have full tubs and a large sink area. Stateroom 7025 on starboard Apollo Deck is a wheelchair-access suite with a wide doorway and extra floor space. Wheelchair-access bathrooms have a shower with an unfolding seat and a large floor area. Most outside staterooms feature a picture window. Modular bathrooms in standard Outside and Interior staterooms have a sink and curtained shower area. Outside staterooms on Athena Deck (2) have a porthole instead of a picture window. Inside staterooms are located on Venus, Dionyssos, Poseidon, Hermes (3) and Athena Deck. Celestyal supplies Olivia brand shampoo, shower gel, moisturizer and soap. Every year, the Celestyal Olympia offers a full season of three- and four-night Iconic cruises from Piraeus to the Greek Islands and Turkey between March and November.

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