Caribbean Princess Ship Tour

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the link in the description below hey cruisers welcome to our tour of
Caribbean princess we will show you most public areas of
Caribbean Princess starting from Deck five and working our way up first up on
the plaza deck is the island dining room this is the first of three dining rooms
on board all are similar but the art on the walls and the carpet variations can
help you easily distinguish them on our 10 night sailing to the Panama Canal the
island dining room was used for anytime dining between the hours of 5:15 p.m.
and 9 o’clock p.m. as well as for breakfast lunch and wine-tasting just outside the island dining room is
the lobby bar which is always a popular hangout especially around dinnertime just next door is the International Cafe
it’s open 24 hours a day and offers a variety of food and espresso bar items
which change throughout the day and evening for example in the morning
there’s pastries coffee and teas well during the lunch and dinner hours you’ll
find hot soup a wide range of complementary salads paninis and quality
dessert selections the piazza is often a hub of activity and offers quick access
to many notable areas on the ship as you’ll see during the day this central
spot is bustling with activities for music and cooking demos in the evenings
when the bars are busy and cruisers are heading to dinner it’s a great place to
meet up with friends and catch live music performances the balloon drop or a
captain’s champagne waterfall on formal night adjacent to the International Cafe
you’ll find the onboard art gallery which on our sailing had hours that
varied by day along with an art raffle and a champagne
art auction also on Deck five you’ll find vines wine
bar where the friendly staff serves varieties of wine and scents the vines
bar is one of my favorite spots on board the decor is reminiscent of the wine
cellar and the special events like wine blending and wine tasting are worth
watching for in your princess patter from wine and chocolate tasting to tapas
and wine flights and this as an inviting spot to spend part of your afternoon or
evening the vines shop right next to the vines
bar offers a surprisingly good selection of products it’s definitely worth
checking out if you’re in the market for a gourmet gift or a little shopping the internet cafe in library is a light
and bright place to catch up on emails relax with a both or game of course you
can always browse princesses website for free if you’re itching to research your
next cruise on board while the internet cafe is usually open 24 hours a day the
digital communications manager works limited daytime hours so be sure to
check the princess patter if you need assistance moving up to deck six the poem dining
room is located aft and is the second of three dining rooms on board on our
sailing the poem was used for two traditional dining seedings the first at
5:45 p.m. and the second at 8:00 p.m. windows on both sides of this venue keep
it light and warm and it’s a lovely place to watch the sea as you dine there
are a wide variety of tables and all dining rooms from large rounds for
groups to intimate tables for two the third dining venue on board the choral
dining room is also located on Deck six the decor and layout are quite similar
across the three on our sailing coral was used for a hybrid of early seating
dining and anytime dining the early seating was at 5:30 p.m. and anytime
dining followed from 7:45 p.m. to 9:30 p.m.
coral also hosted breakfast hours from 7:30 to 9:30 a.m. lunch for about noon
to 1:30 and afternoon tea from 3 to 4 p.m. most days of the cruise here’s a
quick look at the club class dining option shops like essence and Calypso Cove are
on deck six and seven for those needing to satisfy onboard shopping needs yes services on deck six is the spot to
head for general hotel related questions the staff is super friendly and
delighted to help next on deck six is the shore excursions desk its laid out
nicely with plenty of room to browse brochures and decide what activities
might appeal to you just next to the shore excursions desk is the future of
Cruise and Princess captain Circle offices next to those is one of our
favorite spots on the ship the crown grill crown grill is the elegant on
board steakhouse and is quite large it offers a combination of booth and table
seating the open kitchen provides a nice peek into the preparation process that
combined with the decor gives the venue an authentic Steakhouse feel on our
sailing crown grill also served as the venue for the complimentary traditional
British pub lunch moving forward you’ll find the church Oh lounge it’s kind of a
cigar bar slash sports bar with rich wood decor and a pool table on the
ceiling this spot is often overlooked by passengers who may miss it’s tucked away
location on their way to the princess theater the theater is of course our next stop
and sits the front of the ship on decks 6 & 7 it’s always showtime here from the
caribbean princess singers dancers and orchestra – vocalist and magicians by de
port and shopping talks are just a few of the events that can be found in this
expensive spot heading all the way aft on deck 7 we’ll find the second stage
venue on board the western themed club fusion you’ll enjoy morning zumba line
dancing trivia and bingo here by day and music comedy and dance parties in the
evening hours also on Dec 7 apt you’ll find the
photography and video gallery where you can browse your photos set up an
appointment with a platinum studio or pick up a GoPro or some extra SD cards
meets the newly renovated Sabatini’s restaurant where you’ll find Italian
cuisine for an upcharge the restaurant has been entirely modernized and with
its open kitchen this was a very popular spot on our cruise just outside Sabatini’s and also on the
promenade deck you’ll find the popular wheelhouse bar watch for live music in
this venue Explorers lounge plays host to a lot of
activities on board on our sailing the champagne art preview and auction were
held here as well as seminars game shows discovery at sea trivia live music and
dancing if you just want to grab a drink enjoy
live piano and maybe catch up with cruise companions cruise bar is a great
choice for those looking for a game of chance
with Lady Luck the Grand Casino is unlikely to disappoint there’s a
convenient bar and lots of opportunities to test your skill and luck now to the top decks for a look at the
public areas and pools the adults-only Terrace pool located on Deck 14 aft
offers perhaps the most dramatic views on the ship and is pretty much the only
public space on the riviera deck the Outrigger bar on Dec 15 also shares
a wake view and is usually one of the more quiet places to grab a drink on
board and now on to steamers the new family-style seafood restaurant
occupying the F end of the buffet restaurant steamers offers dinners
served nightly by waitstaff for a nominal fee on the other side you’ll find the casual
barbecue restaurant planks which offers a classic American style dinner also
served by waitstaff for a nominal fee continuing on the newly refreshed world
fresh marketplace is the onboard buffet with plenty of well-balanced options to
choose from the decor is fun fresh and definitely a welcome update and don’t miss the new drink station if
you’re hanging out poolside the calypso bar is super convenient while we’re
talking about pools here’s a look at calypso reefs two hot tubs and it’s
inviting pool coffee and pones is the new poolside ice cream and coffee
spot where you can grab soft-serve ice cream sandwiches or espresso drinks and
milkshakes Neptune’s reef and pool is a lot like
the Calypso pool area there are two hot tubs and a terrific pool it does however
offer quick access to drinks and snacks at three awesome new venues first is the
renovated slice pizzeria for those looking to satisfy poolside pizza
cravings look no further the myths
has your poolside drink needs covered and the salty dog grill covers non pizza
cravings like hot dogs burgers and the infamous Ernesto burger which you can
learn about in our Caribbean Princess vlogs perhaps one of the most striking
of the recent renovations on Caribbean princess is with the camp Discovery
Youth Center concept let’s first take a look at some of the outside kiddie areas and now we’ll step inside the three to
seven year olds treehouse it’s an inviting outdoor themed area the little
ones should love next is the lodge for bigger kids aged 8
to 12 the team who Lodge believes fun
activities like Wii bowling t-shirt coloring discovery at sea trivia pizza
parties and Animal Planet the beach house for teens aged 13 to 17 offers a
chill beach lounge vibe moving forward on Dec 16 we find the
Tradewinds bar and this is a terrific spot to catch views of both movies under
the stars and the passing scenery it was a popular spot on our crews hearts and
minds the onboard Chapel is a quaint area accentuated by natural light and a
nice option for weddings or vow renewals on the other side of hearts and minds is
the Lotus spa salon and fitness center combined they occupy the forward portion
of the ship the salon offers haircuts styling and even shaves for men the fitness center is large and as some
of the most dramatic views on board there are the requisite free weights and
of course no shortage of cardio equipment Nautilus machines spin equipment and a
group exercise studio are located near the center area hopping up to deck 17 we
find Morgan’s bar pirates view pool and the splash pool and a hot tub mini-golf
is also available here but it’s really more of a putting green now let’s head over to the adults-only
sanctuary designed to be somewhat protected from
the high deck winds the sanctuary is one of Caribbean princesses most beautiful
areas located on sports Dec 17 this pocket of tranquillity has limited space
available at our sailing time passes were $20 for a half day or $40 for a
full day be sure to check into this amenity on day one for gorgeous views
and unbeatable peace and quiet upon Dec 18 is Skywalker’s nightclub
this top of the ship hot spot is ultra-modern and offers panoramic views
in the evenings stargazing here is a must and the colorful meal and dance
floor inspires cruisers to get up and move to the music this is one of my
favorite places on the ship and is a great spot for a pre-dinner drink our
last stop on the tour is the sports court if you’re looking to shoot some
hoops at sea look no further thanks for joining us on this tour of Caribbean
princess and be sure to check out our daily vlogs from this voyage to the
Panama Canal in the description box below subscribe to our Channel and
follow cruisetipstv on Instagram Facebook and Twitter to follow our crews
travels until next time we’ll see you on the high seas hey click me to subscribe

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