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cards Capricorn I bring this reading to you with love and the knowledge that
your spirit guides and your guardian angels love you and care for you and the
reading is handled with care let’s get started all right what’s coming up for
your birthday month good tower reversed could be good in a general reading right
it’s better reversed right in a general reading man help right nice
the Empress awesome good two of Pentacles reversed ten of cups reversed interesting six of cups reversed okay so
Capricorn um yeah so we have for you the Empress up right right so in the month
of January 2020 capricorns there may be a female figure very relevant for you
you’re intrigued by her you’re interested maybe this is a new love
potential for others this could be about motherhood a maternity reproduction
creation harvest you may be feeling very much at the top of your game you may be
feeling very appreciated you don’t have to be a mother you know you could be a
male or a female Capricorn but there’s a sense of maybe getting obedience or
getting more respect maybe there’s a sense of alignment or
you maybe are able to keep certain people or certain things in a line you
know when people say I’m going to keep it in line or keep it in line there’s a
sense of maybe everything has a certain kind of order and structure to it that
you very much prefer and you’re it’s it’s allowing you to express your
dominance in a sense okay now they are saying to me here with the cards that
I’m getting here some capricorns in January 2020 or late December you may be
a bit prone to like what they’re saying a DeLeo streak leo streak okay so it’s
kind of like the stereotypes of a Leo fire sign maybe you know maybe you know
likes attention likes appreciation looking good right the finer things in
life but also you may be a little bit prone to the attitude of you know it’s
got to be my way or the highway or this sense of you know dominance showing your
dominance in a sense or it could just be that you’re doing your best to uphold
your confidence right you’re coming off bigger and better okay if you know how I
mean I try to act that how bigger and better okay so and there is something
here elevation okay let’s just put it like
that elevation and some of you this is going to be maybe material gain or
benefit maybe liking what you’re earning or there’s a sense of a harvest right
creation production could be related to children childbearing family planning
matters of course maybe or just you find your place now some of you there’s a
sense of establishment feeling settled you’ll find your place you’ll find where
you’re meant to sit at the important people’s table you know you find your
seat you get a seat there so there could be this sense of maybe getting I don’t
know maybe getting a political office maybe earning your place or getting
promoted getting good reviews for some of you this is going to be about maybe
you are I see some of you may be lecturing or giving a speech or you’re
being looked toward looked toward by others as like the source as a leader in
some ways as the expert for some of you this is about again female energies
around you certain females being very relevant for you female connections
maybe your mother figure maybe an elderly parent or a grandmother could be
about women’s health female health femininity of course feminizing your
expressions a bit giving some some approaches in your life a bit of a
softer touch okay a soft touch the Empress can also be about again yeah a
luxury material stability gain gains wealth abundance or feeling abundant in
your spirit right abundant wealth in the form of confidence high self esteem
that’s another way this card could play out for some of you you may be the one
that others come to because you have what they need like the nerd nerd
nurturer the giver the one who has the who is the source of the the tools or
the resources or the expertise or whatever that other people need and you
are giving or caring or show showing that way of caring maybe through your
goods or services or biz this or just your talent your skills
your gifts your time your availability your effort your energy okay could be in
all different areas of life you could be in real estate you could be a medical
doctor you could be an electrician you know there’s a sense of being the one
that others look to and being available to them just as a mother you know would
be for her children you know in a typically right a mother the Empress
card because it is a general reading Capricorn I do have to mention sometimes
this is like a portrait so some of you may be memorializing or thinking about
maybe a passed away female figure or loved one somebody who reminds you of
the Empress you know if you would if you want a private mediumship session you
can always reach out to me I can help you connect to and gain clarity
consolation peace from an ancestor or a family member a friend you know or even
a pet yeah I do get something about a portrait you know very very um I want to
say very respectable okay and the name of the game for you Capricorn’s in
January 2020 maybe in fact respect respect could be respect and they say
like plus-sign the spirit guides are showing me plus sign dominance
okay dominance and someone’s showing your authority or being a bit more
forward with yourself or your personality in some ways in January for
whatever reason and it could just be because it you know it’s your birthday
you’re the center of attention you’re in the spotlight that’s also certainly
possible people might be very grateful to you maybe you are a mother who has
children and you know that you you know the children are giving you a lot of
gifts for the hover not only just the holidays but your birthday as well
that’s possible as well right so could play out in various ways very
interesting theme now keep in mind Capricorn there are no hard starts and
stops – energy flows life is very fluid some people actually believe that a new
month starts around the twenty twenty second when the Sun a major major
astrological energy body transitions into a whole new zodiac sign so some of
you will start to feel these energies in the last 10 days of
December 2019 and then Capricorn you’re going to feel these energies in major or
minor or other you know you know subtle or more visibly apparent concrete ways
throughout January 2020 life has a fluidity to it energy has a fluidity to
it it’s gonna play out in different ways for each one of you this could even be
just a helper you know an interesting woman who has an interesting sense of
beauty about her as well who helps you in some ways okay or a supportive or
support figure or a giver to you ten of cups reversed Capricorn in the month of
January this card indicates that you know there could be a breakdown there
could be pessimism or something makes you sad or disappointed there could be a
relationship separation or just maybe you’re not able to fit in with someone
else or come together with someone else in some ways could be emotions emotional
challenges challenges with optimism as well and positivity maybe this is
negative thinking trust issues come up but maybe suspicion
comes up hesitancy comes up I get something very significant here about
trust issues trust mistrust and trust issues that may
lead to this barrier some of you this is maybe challenges with the family
structure divorce or marriage matters custody issues it could be also related
to visa immigration government legal matters possibly where maybe something
doesn’t go your way or there’s a bit of a setback or an obstacle comes up for
some reason you I think you can still work through this though I feel like
there this is not the end of the chapter though like this something more to the
story now whatever that more is I mean you can always get a personal reading
from me you know you never know until you try and you can you know explore
this subject more in a personal reading for some of you this is also about maybe
not feeling fulfilled maybe not feeling like you’ve achieved the dream just yet
or you don’t your dream is you’re not able to locate
it or something like that for others this may be a transition away from one
locality to another some of you this does have to do with something maybe
local versus far away local versus a little bit further away from you or very
very local versus a bit more domestic okay if you know what I mean as I try to
expand out thing yeah okay so um real estate housing matters may be an issue
for some with this ten of cups reversed see how it plays out
this may douse your emotions a bit this may find of feel like a bummer I do get
that disappointment for some capricorns maybe you don’t get what you want maybe
your happily ever after isn’t coming in maybe this month you’re not meeting your
lover or your future wife or your future husband maybe something feels bit down
you know it gets you down and again you can always reach out to me for
predictions and coaching okay check out my real testimonials on my
website now Capricorn you also have the tower card reverse now the tower card
reversed er indicates that in late December through January 2020 this is
the column after the storm for a lot of you as what they say this is about
reflection in a reflection self reflection thinking through things a
little bit more reflection a lot of reflection going on maybe something has
happened or will happen and what happens after that is you have to really think
through what you’ve gone through a perspective maybe you’re battling a
change in perspective some of you so for some of you this may be the calm after
the storm but you have a hard time breaking down what is formed on leaky
foundations within your consciousness maybe there’s a hard time finding a
balance in a connection or a relationship maybe there’s a hard time
with equality and equilibrium and what’s fair in this situation or what’s just
what is justice maybe there’s battle in some ways in your consciousness about
that and there may be an unwillingness to
change or unwillingness to to have a different perspective stubbornness
possibly some of you may be delaying with the tower card reversed you may be
delaying a breakdown or something you are avoiding that you know will maybe or
you Center it could may be you may not sense it but it could possibly come to a
head down the road in the future but this month you may be delaying it or
you’re holding it back in some ways um you may be not prolonging something some
of you may not prolong something that’s possible some of you may not be willing
to release something or let go just yet so see how the tower in Reverse plays
out it’s interesting some of you I do feel like this is like being able to
repair or fix up or save like a technology device so technically the
pizza technology like maybe your new watch is broken and you you are able to
rather than throwing it completely out the window right there holding it
completely out the window you’re able to kind of repair it and kind of find a
different approach or a strategy that allows you to save something okay so
that’s just an example I used with technology may could play out that theme
that phrase given to me by the spirit guides could play out in another way in
your life and no more may be related to relationships or whatever it might be so
again see how this plays out in a reflection self reflection going to be a
key theme here for a lot of you you’re gonna be in your head you’re gonna be
thinking about this deeply or carefully at least maybe not deeply but at least
carefully okay in January late December 2020 yeah some
of you may be not ready to overthrow something or not ready to take on a
personal revolution or whatever kind of revolution some of you this may be just
something that keeps bottling up you know these are energies I just keep
bottling up just like that okay they keep growing in some ways okay
but it’s also about the calm after the storm picking up where we left off
picking up the pieces trying to maybe glue the pieces together and
connection okay so this is about maybe picking up the fragmented pieces and
gluing them together could be related to also insurance insurance policies
related to natural disasters or other conditions so it could be about repair
fixing things up building back up again as well in a general reading because a
card is reversed now you also have Capricorn the two of Pentacles reversed
now the two of Pentacles late December through January does indicate I feel
like they’re saying to me I feel like a lot of capricorns are jumping into or
like like maybe right from January 1 you are jumping into multiple money
dialogues or events or actions like for example like how you know in a fast-food
restaurant you gotta serve this person then you got
to serve that person then you have to serve this I see like these multiple
angles at which you are functioning capricorns to handle money activities or
related to money could be maybe on a contract it could be maybe something
that is I don’t know maybe you are a real estate developer and now you are
getting interest in the apartment that you just built and maybe now your
apartments are open right there it’s a new opening grand opening for your
building and people are showing interest and people are looking and so you have
to handle all these customers right or clients or prospects so I get this sense
of a multi-faceted or dynamic conversations possibly could just be
conversations with different people you know multiple angles related to money
revenue money-making activities professional life some of you may be
undergoing interviews for maybe graduate school multiple schools some of you may
be undergoing um oh like like they’re saying to me maybe like interviews yeah
like interviews maybe you’re the interviewer multiple candidates or
maybe you’re organizing something they say to me yes that’s it you’re
organizing like with multiple parties or some multiple elements and you’re very
there’s set of activity you’re very active in this regard
Capricorn’s in January 2020 and the two of Pentacles in Reverse here says that
you have no time for like like indecision or to be in between you just
have to get things done the ace of Pentacles upright is implied essentially
okay with the two of Pentacles reversed however because it’s a general reading
gotta go with the textbook definitions as well so for some of you you know this
could be about maybe letting go of certain priorities or engagements or
involvement maybe you give up maybe you surrender maybe you back away maybe you
don’t have time for a juggling act in some regard you let go of an obligation
or something simply comes to an end a resolution a conclusion or release okay
some of you the two of Pentacles in Reverse could be maybe quick decisions
maybe they’re not weighed up carefully and maybe there’s a bad choice made at
some point or it’s a choice that maybe doesn’t lead to something fruitful or
fulfilling that’s a possibility and you start to maybe start to see some signs
of that maybe later January through February 2020 something may be a lost
cause potentially or there are obstructions more obstructions and
obstacles in the way then you would have wanted or preferred or thought you would
have some of you the two of Pentacles reverse could indicate instability
destabilization right getting out of equilibrium not being able to strike the
right balance in something inability to weigh up the pros and cons effectively
but some of you may no longer be willing to engage in a dilemma or a decision or
in being in between two things again right you may just make one decision
possibly okay some of you may not be this could be rest relaxation you’re not
willing to juggle something you’re putting it on the sidelines there’s a
reduction of energy and maybe you’re just not also entertaining putting on an
act in anyways you’re kind of pulling back the energy
at some point in January 2020 okay now Capricorn in late December through
January 2020 there is an element of letting go of the past the six of cups
reversed nostalgic energies maybe I oh very interesting they’re
saying to me past life karma being the major like number one message from the
spirit guides past life karma shutting it off letting good go healing it
healing it that’s big that’s the key healing past life karma now you may be
doing that and you don’t know that you’re doing that that was some action
you’re taking some approach you’re taking some decisions you’re taking that
actually what you’re doing is you’re healing some past life karma it could
you may know it you may not know it you may realize it you may not you may
believe in it you may not believe in it you may trust this message you may not
it’s up to you I just have to do my job right and give the message from the
guides and there is definitely something very important in this timeframe of late
December may dismiss latest December 2019 through January 2020 involving new
capricorns that has to do with healing past life karma and healing certain may
be activities that the Spirit is very has become accustomed to or prone to in
some ways or energies that it’s taken on that maybe it’s time to heal them in
some ways or let them go or whatever that whichever way healing will come by
letting go or embracing or accepting or changing or altering editing whatever it
is it’s going to be about healing past life karma that’s major some of you may
be walking away in other ways from the past you may be you’re not letting but
keeping the door open to an ex-lover or an ex-partner or some situation you know
that you’ve been through before that you know that you’ve experienced before
maybe you’re shutting it out you’re not giving it another chance maybe you have
an experience that you know you’ve been through before and it hasn’t ended up
well in the past so this time for whatever reason in late December through
January 2020 capricorns you may not be allowing that another you know another
chance or you may not allow that to play out again um some of you this is maybe
about yeah mercy forgiveness for others this could be about maybe not engaging
someone to ask for mercy or forgiveness but simply walking away and thereby
bringing some peace or resolution to the situation for others this might be about
leaving the homeland your background your culture your roots your changing or
transforming into something new you’re looking into something you knew and you
maybe wanting to mold your past in a way that it ohm into it into a different way
into a different fashion you know you’re you’re wanting to you take your past but
then you mold it you you engage with it in a different way than before possibly
okay something like this coming through but it’s more about molding it it’s
about making that past you have some control capricorns is what the guide
you’re saying to do this to take the past and either through some form of
manipulation you know maybe I don’t know but you’re molding it in a way that it
almost feels like it’s a new that it’s new or it’s like a new past
which kind of doesn’t make sense but it makes sense with the energy that I’m
getting okay that’s the best way I can explain it folks
sometimes these visions are interesting remaining calm cool collected
rationality maybe a connection with an Aquarius Gemini or Libra for some of you
will be relevant and also they say like perspectives
seeing what’s ahead for you searching analyzing feeling like you have to
you’re ready to embark on something new leadership style and also
cerebro logical energies rationality or connections with an air sign may be
relevant for some Capricorn in January 2020 yeah
okay now Capricorn I’m going to give you a message from my own Oracle deck that I
developed using God and Archangel Michael and Archangel Raphael so let’s
see what message they have for you you can definitely purchase your own to your
deck if you want to – on my website so you can read for yourself I use these
actually to get daily weekly and monthly messages for myself personally and they
work out awesome okay so let’s see what you’re going to want you don’t know
Capricorn Oh interesting okay W so angel double letters you you okay so what this
means is that just like how people see angel numbers randomly suddenly
repeatedly you may see randomly the angel double letters you you may be on a
license plate or a document or whatever suddenly you may be called to this and
it’s a reminder that you have to go back to Sonic as video and remember this
message a healthy balance between hey between you and them you must aim for
this a healthy balanced equilibrium so something’s gonna happen in January 2020
capricorns that has to do with this theme and this is a key you have to
focus on this this has to be your target it has to be about gaining acquiring
obtaining a healthy balance achieving this some of you this may have to do
with you know maybe not you know like how people say don’t run others over
with your mouth you know what I mean so maybe you have to watch your words a
little bit speak less maybe speak less of and let others or speak less and less
and more so again it’s gonna be about how you you know what approach you
follow you can always reach out to me of course for coaching and predictions you
never know until you try now I’m going to give you a message for it’s very
interesting from my angel book and it’s very relational message for you for the
beginning of the year Capricorn is very interesting you can learn all the
of the angel double letters in my book it’s just ten bucks on Amazon okay all
of these messages were provided directly from divine beings and interesting okay
grace gracious and cordial acts are highly favored Capricorn this month
someone is not as prepared and adept as you are in handling a task situation or
responsibilities dear one you are lovingly encouraged to graciously
cooperate with him/her or them so someone may not be ready in some ways or
on par with you in some regard or maybe they’re not ready to open up their
feelings or maybe they’re not as open with their feelings as you or whatever
it’s up to you to try to keep the your the focus you know your target on a
healthy balance okay which also it means that there is continual involvement or
cooperation so Capricorn now’s the time to hit that share button below make sure
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birthday and happy new

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