Cannot talk to Retailer of Your Warehouse on Chargebacks? Show Pictures and Avoid Chargebacks

this this is another interesting dynamic
again I mean thank you okay thank you for taking the time towards this video
this is another you know interesting dynamic that we run into when we talk
about load proof and and and we you know work with a lot of these small
organizations like they have you know 50 people hundred people revenue new 20
million dollars 50 million two hundred seventy billion dollars like that and
and you know this was a very very interesting scenario we we you know
these people were very interested in load proof but they were like oh
we ship to this retailer and they don’t even talk to us and they are like but
they just automatically detect you know from our invoice and and we’re like we
don’t know what to do right so so what what what we saw this I mean somebody in
that organization liked your product so much right somebody thought hey this is
a beautiful product they looked at all your passion they looked at your you
know love and they looked at your you know the care with which you make this
amazing product the beauty of the product right somebody in that
organization fell in love with the product and they said I mean it’s
usually a buyer right so they said hey you know this is a great product
beautiful product and it would be great to be in our store and you know it’d be
awesome to sell such a beautiful product to customers of ours you know through
our store so you know my point is that you know and these guys have been
getting you know chargebacks from this retailer and and they didn’t know what
to do how to do and and we don’t don’t get bought down by that situation
instead you know what you do is you take pictures you take pictures and show to
people right show it to people because you know you can see the website you can
see how beautiful the product is and this this entrepreneur basically started
as a you know carpenter when he was in -10th grade eleventh grade he started as a carpenter
and he started building some you know good products and then eventually he
started building this amazing bathroom fixtures and and he’s he’s selling it
through this retailer and I know he’s like he left off very sad voice middle
saying that I have no idea what to do and you know this is what is happening
and we’re just you know automatically the invoices are being directed and we
are losing money right so no it’s a beautiful product when you look at the
website it’s a very very well done you can see the love you can see the you
know care that goes with making this amazing product so with your pictures
you know show that show that how well obviously right I mean you know when
you’re making such a nice product you want to make sure know that gets
delivered to the customer in the nicest way possible as well so that means you
know there is a lot of attention care goes into packing and they know
beautiful packing they start with this nicely in a pallet and then they nicely
shrink wrap it, they add more packing material for the corners and then they
you know fully cover this thing put up you know even wooden board and then you
know nicely pack everything and then they load it on the truck and and not
only that there are also pillars that kept between these pallets so these
pallets don’t you know you know shake and fall down right so show that love show that show that care not only you’re building a great product but also you’re
packing it nicely you’re packing it beautifully you’re
packing it with a lot of care so you’re you’re you know intentions are the best
to make sure the product gets delivered to the customer and when the
customer opens this whole thing and looks at the product you know they’re in
love with the product I mean obviously somebody on the retailer side saw that so show that
show that when you show that right when you show that page guys look at how well
we do our job now this is how much care that goes into not only making the
product but also packing that product so it gets delivered
you know flawlessly to the customer when you show that the other side is also a
person that’s looking at it oh my god you know these guys put so much care and
so much you know nice packaging in so much they do everything perfectly how
come it’s arriving damage to our organization how is that happening you
know I gotta dig into this I need to understand something is going wrong so
there is no point and just you know blindly giving chargebacks with these
guys you know we got to work together so change that conversation right so you
are being told hey this is your chargeback, this is your chargeback right, but this is your job this
but change that conversation from you know instead of just giving charge back see
look at the love that we are putting in this product look at the care that we
put in the packaging that product right look at that
you know packaging all that is done such a nice manner so all this is you know
futile at the end of the day if if the customer gets a damaged product right
nobody wins so nobody wins everybody lost in this thing so change that
conversation from just taking charge backs to hey help me partner right how
can we partner to get this product delivered in an awesome manner so we
evolved the customer end of the day not only not only we as a product vendor
when the deal when the customer you as a you know retailer that selling this
product also win in the long run right so change that conversation from hey
just pay this charge backs to hey how can we make this partnership better how
can we work together so at that be not the very very important thing to have to
show right pictures over thousand words and videos don’t lie right so so you
know when you take these pictures when you take these videos and show to people
hey look at how well we have done it right people see oh my god these do such
a great job and and you can do that only with pictures and and that’s why you
know LoadProof provides another great tool to take pictures of all the work you do
right the pallets that you’re building the packaging the loading the you know
stacking this nicely in the inside the truck so that’s why it’s important to
take those pictures and show people show this hey and and when a chargeback comes
you can tell them hey we did your job right
it’s not fair for us to pay for these charge backs because it’s not our fault
and look at the care and the love and the amount of effort that goes into to make sure that this gets delivered absolutely perfectly flawlessly to the
customer that product right so so you know change that conversation change
that conversation and and you know move that forward as a partnership so so you
know but you have that conversation right it’s not a chargeback it’s more
about delivering a great product and great customer experience you know both
from a store perspective as well as a product perspective so change that
conversation that’s when that’s when you know that’s why it’s important to take
pictures in you know when you show that people see it people see it and you know
pictures don’t lie it’s it’s videos don’t lie pictures over thousand
so people believe you and they work with you better and you’re able to you know
get out of this chargeback situation and you know make it easy for your customers

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