Buyers Beware – Shady Banggood Shipping Cost Settings

Hello everyone, I just wanted to let you
know about a rather shady feature of the Bang good shop software that I noticed a
few days ago. I’ve noticed this on a number of articles, so let’s just pick
any one here – let’s say for instance these LED strips over there. Notice they are 4.11 € each so
let’s just add two to my shopping cart. Notice they are flagged as “Free
shipping to Germany” so let’s check out the cart. Total amount is 8.22 €;
that’s fine, let’s check out with PayPal – and suddenly we see a total of 9.28 € – so where did that come from? Let’s check… as you can see now we have a 1.10 € shipping cost and additional 16 cents in insurance costs –
now in my book that’s not free shipping. Let’s check with a different article; for
instance here let’s choose these game joysticks. They
are 6.90 €; there’s only one left so let’s add that to the
cart. Again, this is marked as “Free shipping to Germany”. Let’s check out the
cart. 6.90 € as you can see. A total of 6.90 €, so checkout with PayPal… And again from 6.90 € to 8.14 €,
and again we’ve got 1.10 € in shipping costs and another 14 cents in
insurance costs. Let’s head back to Bang good and see where this comes from.
If we select proceed to checkout here we go to a different page and here we can
see that we’ve got standard shipping enabled. It still says free shipping
here but 1.10 € on the side; that’s because of the tracking number
1.10 €. We have to deselect the shipping insurance and then select “no
tracking” to get rid of that cost. Although the label “your preferred
shipping method” suggests that this is a user preference I’ve noticed that these
settings get silently switched over to some options that produce additional
costs. This might even happen between orders so if you’re splitting your order
because you want to take advantage of mutually exclusive coupon codes, be sure
to check the shipping settings for every single order.

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3 Responses

  1. Sterillium says:

    Very informative. Thanks so much for sharing!

  2. Athrun Zala says:

    great video, you should've chosen GTWR warehouse, there is a big list of shopping methods where you could show us the difference in prices of shipping. Please next time, raise your voice .. we can barely hear you

  3. Robert Cartier says:

    And don't bother wasting your time with the online support chat… they know nothing, have access to nothing in your account (supposedly "for security reasons"), and barely understand English! Their responses are cut & paste, and their translation algorithm was probably purchased from their own site because it, too, is crap!

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