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Hey guys, how’s it going? My name is Jeffrey and welcome back to my channel back again another YouTube video and hope you’re all having a wonderful day now today I want to make this quick little vlog to kind of tell you guys more about the importance of custom content and why it’s important for your e-commerce business and why I should focus more in-depth especially coming in q4 coming in 2019 2020 and onwards now basically what I mean by custom content is taking pictures on your own as opposed to taking pictures from Aliexpress directly and using that as your own content for advertisements and other forms of paid traffic now why it’s important is because basically when you’re trying to source some Aliexpress which most of you are Masumi because most of you are actually beginners out there is You’re essentially using the same for those that other people are else is using as well So you’re taking your pictures essentially from the same suppliers? The same images the same stock images more white backgrounds air down just the same lifestyle photos And that’s not really ideal because everyone has access to the same photos and can really create a brand around it because when it comes to branding Congruence is really key and without congruence especially in terms of pictures you’re not going to be able to create something that has lost social proof a lot of credibility and Identify with your brand because of you know, the different kind of photo styles that you have So it’s a very important to have these unique and custom content. Now. There are a couple of ways to Create these custom content. First of all the first way when I talk we’re gonna talk about is to order the product yourself Essentially you’re going to order product yourself from Aliexpress from your supplier, or as or if you want to and if you can find it For a quicker shipping time, you’re gonna find on Amazon or Ebay stuff like that just to find the content Generate the content easier because of the shipping times. It’s a lot faster So you’re going to gather the product in and you’re gonna take a picture of the video On the video of the ADI product or a picture a lifestyle picture of the product itself Now what that’s gonna do is help you build and create your social media pages fail for example on Instagram As well as that really use those as creatives for your new advertisements if you’re doing paid traffic now This is really important because it’s going to be original and you can actually put a watermark over That photo or video which is going to be going to help you with You know original content and just copyright issues is just going to prevent that from happening Especially since if you’re putting the watermark over that video or picture people won’t be able to steal that picture from you Which means that you have full rights and a full Kind of control over that content before we continue the video I just wanted that you guys know that there will be a free training on the econ sales funnels down below and all I have to do is click the link below in the Description and I’ll take you to directly to the free training now the second way of doing it is to actually reach out to some Influencers, I mean your niche for example if you’re in fashion electronics Fitness or something like that or maybe with health and beauty just send the product So, for example, you’re doing an IPL remover – Hair Remover You’re going to be staying the product – the influencer or you know? Some kind of people that has a 40 it doesn’t have to be necessarily If you want the smaller influencers within your niche that works – but your main purpose here is really to kind of generate unique Content that’s important to get that message across just so you know people don’t kind of charge you You know a lot of money for it, but basically you me sending the the product to these influencers And in return you’re gonna be getting more content and more creatives that you could use essentially for your social media profiles and your paid Advertisements which we talked about just now the difference here is you’re going to be setting the item to the influencers as opposed to yourself And one thing that’s good about this is that you know, you can choose what kind of style they’re going for So for example, you can kind of choose what kind of influencers to work with preferably you want to have an influencer that kind of is a line of your style of the photos that You’re trying to generate and so it’s going to be a lot easier to generate Content and you don’t have to put in the effort to make the video yourself now This is really if you’re trying to build up that social media following you’re trying to build a brand which is what we always try to pre share in this channel because I always want you guys to Create a long-lasting brand and a long-lasting business that you’re proud of you. Not just a run-of-the-mill dropshipping general store Okay so one way to build credibility and social proof as well is going to be setting the product that you trying to promote to an influencer now, the third way of doing it to create custom content is Going to be through outsourcing it to a video Service provider and what I mean is, you know services like econ vids or fiber, you know a lot of work Freelancers like up work from up work and fiber they’re going to essentially help you create the content Creates a lot of social proof because they’re going to be using the product themselves Now this varies depending on the Miche you’re in but for example, you’re doing electronics of health and beauty You can actually wish out the freelancers On 500r on up work and you’d pay them about thirty to forty bucks to help You generate a product demo and stuff like that So if you don’t really want to kind of take the pictures yourself you want something more high definition I would recommend outsourcing it to you know, third party service providers like up work You know freelancers from fiber as well as that become fits They actually make videos for you. I’m not feeling it in any way I just want to cut share this kind of technique for you guys and strategies as well So we talked about three ways in this video of how you can create custom content One of them is going to be through influencers The second one is going to be you know Taking the picture yourself ordering the part of yourself and taking the videos yourself Or you can actually be your own model if you want to if you want to Publicize your face and throat is going to be third-party service providers Which is going to be stuff like econ vids fiber Freelancers or work freelancers now this is going to be free that we’re going to talk about today After staying into the end of the video and make sure to subscribe you know comment down below what you want to see and Brad found to win our Contest and like the video that tells me to enjoy it and I hope you’re liking the lighting as well I actually bought a new ring light for you guys specifically for this channel so give me a thumbs up for that and comment down below if you actually enjoyed the lighting here and this format or if you Want lower kind of hands on over the shorter training for you guys But that’s about it for me today and thanks for watching guys. I’ll see you the next one. Take care

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