Browary Warszawskie Showroom

The remarkable story of Warsaw Brewery became the main narrative idea of the exhibition staged in new Echo Investment’s showroom. Diversity of genuine relics and historic documents was presented using multimedia apps, large-sized prints and traditional exhibits. Touch screen applications enable Visitors and Clients to explore the fascinating past of the Warsaw Wola district and to learn about the founders of the Brewery. From the History Zone, the Client steps into the Sales Zone where a multiple-element set of sales-supporting digital tools has been implemented. The focal point of the Zone is an interactive model of the property consisting of a multitouch table and three-dimensional models placed atop it. Custom-made application illuminates selected elements, such as buildings and property infrastructure: streets, bus and tram stops, education institutions as well as recreation areas. Microsoft Kinect sensor detects when a certain location is pointed at and displays complemental content on the display hanging on the wall. Coupled with the interactive table, sales application allows it to take a closer look at particular buildings of the property. On a wide screen an interactive three-dimensional model is displayed, developed with Unreal Engine. Thanks to the multitouch technology Clients can zoom in and rotate the model. Also, they can explore floor plans and apartment sections. With the application being integrated to the CRM, it is possible to present the most recent data such as prices, square footage and status. Five virtual reality panoramas were created to feature five landmarks of the property. Prospective investors can explore their future neighbourhood during a pleasant virtual stroll via VR goggles. To turn off and on specific modules on the interactive table, activate content on touch screens and VR goggles a custom-built mobile contoller application was developed.

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