BrandsSync: the Brandsdistribution Dropshipping App for Shopify

Hello, it’s Marianna from Brandsdistribution. Do you already know Shopify? Well Shopify is the easiest and most versatile
e-commerce platform to create an online store and resell online, even if you have very few
IT skills. Brandsdistribution has developed BrandsSync,
the app that allows you to resell fashion brands in dropshipping on your Shopify store. In fact, you can automatically import over
100 among the best fashion brands, in a very easy and quick way. The set up is really simple. If you already have a Shopify store you just
have to: Buy the Brandsdistribution dropshipping subscription. Download the Brandsdistribution BrandsSync
app. Automatically import Brandsdistribution products
at the prices of your choice. And that’s it! We think about all the rest! Thanks to BrandsSync, prices and stock will be automatically updated and your orders will be transmitted to Brandsdistribution that will prepare and ship your orders directly to your final customers without the need of worrying about stock availability but with high profit margins. Connect Brandsdistribution catalog to your Shopify store and start today your online fashion business!

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5 Responses

  1. ERAOFLIFE says:

    Its real original brands? Becouse if not, who sail Can get in prison.

  2. Mike Mun says:

    Never buy on this company

  3. Mike Mun says:

    first do you look bet review On this company

  4. Led Remix says:

    Thanks Marianna! i will follow your channel from now on!

  5. Matis Sergej says:

    Biggest Scam company in the world. They offer discount coupon codes to registered users to leave positive reviews on forums and ratings sites such as trustpilot. Don't get fooled by their fancy website and professional videos. That is how they get you!!!

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