– [Shawn] Oh, look at that. – I would’ve never guessed. – [Connie] Look at that bun! – Is it big? – [Connie] It’s beautiful! – [Shawn] It’s cool looking, yeah. – Wait, I wanna see. Oh, it’s bigger than I thought. – (gasps) Oh, the princess
cannot see herself yet! – [Connie] Oh, she can’t see herself? – I sorry! – Oh my goodness, you were so
close to turning into a frog! (laughing) Let me tell you the rules, princess. – Okay. – So, if you see yourself
before your transformation is over, you will turn into a frog. – Oh, I sowwies. – So, it’s very important
– Okay. – that you don’t see
yourself until the very end. – Okay. – Alright, princess? – I sowwies. (laughing) – [Shawn] That was close. – That was so close! – [Connie] Wow! – [Shawn] I don’t want a
frog for a daughter, sorry. (laughs) (upbeat rock music) – Hey! It’s We Are the Davises! Smile! So, Kayla’s not awake yet, or are you? (Shawn laughing) We’re on our way to have a
very late, late breakfast. Tyler ditched us to go play at the kid’s club called The Edge. – I think we actually get
to show it to you now, – Actually… – ‘Cause it’s open house
there I think, right? – Ooh, is it open house right now? – I think so, yeah. I think it’s until noon or
12:30, something like that. – So maybe, yeah, let’s go pick up Tyler, and we’ll get to show you, we did already kinda give
you a sneak peak of that. So, we’ll go see what he’s up to and then we’re gonna go get some food, which is really probably
lunch time at this point. But we really needed to
sleep in this morning. – Yes we did. – So while we’re on our
way to go pick up Tyler, let’s flash back to last
night when we went to, what did we call it? The Art of Animation Dinner? – What? I don’t know. It’s Animator’s Palate. – [Parents] Animator’s Palate. – We’ll show you that and then
we’ll see you in just a sec. We are at the Animator’s Studio. It’s a formal evening. Hi! We came dressed fancy tonight. There’s going to be
animation on all the walls. They’re gonna show all the
major Disney characters and how they drew them. So, hopefully we can capture that. – And for a special treat,
I’m gonna break dance right here in the middle of the floor. No, I’m not gonna do that. Not really. (laughing) – I was gonna turn the camera around so he could do it but… – Uh, yeah… – I guess you’re chickening out. – Alright, let’s do it baby! (techno music) Hey, that’s break dancing, baby. That’s it right there. – [Connie] I need a head spin. – Nah, I can’t do that. I don’t wanna mess up my hair. – We’re not very close
to one of the walls. Last time we were here
we were right next to one of the walls where you could
see the picture being drawn. You can look behind. I’ll try to do a close up in a second. – I took your purse. – [Connie] You took my purse? – It’s pretty. – [Connie] I feel like
we need a family picture, we got so purty. We look so purty. – I wanna paint something
but the paint is dry, I can’t get the brush outta the thing. (grunting) How am I supposed to be artistic? – [Kayla] You can color! – [Shawn] Oh, I got Crayon. – [Connie] Only certain
people can pull it out? – Oh, it’s Excalibur. Okay, I get it, yeah. – [Connie] Yeah, yeah, yeah. (laughing) – [Shawn] Tyler, dude. – [Kayla] He just pulled
the whole rock out. – [Shawn] Sweet! No, you do not need that! This big, burly. (whimsical strings music) – [Connie] You kinda
look like a little fairy. (laughing) – [Shawn] She looks like a princess. – [Connie] A little princess. – Tomorrow I wanna dress
up like a princess. They have like, a little
dress up station thing-y where they’ll do your
makeup and your hair, and they’ll put you in a princess dress. – [Connie] Yeah! – And I wanna do that because
I’m still a little kid! – [Connie] I bet you we should have booked reservations for that. – [Shawn] I wanna do that too! – Do it tonight! (laughs) It’s only for three to twelve year old. – [Connie] It might be all booked up. We’ll have to check. – Ahh! – [Connie] What about Tyler? – There was a kid that
walked in with a mohawk and glitter all through his hair. – [Connie] Really? – Probably from that station. – [Connie] Oh. – So I bet he could get a mohawk. – We should have Tyler try it too then. I wonder if we can get that. So everybody’s just enjoying
theirselves tonight. It’s gonna be so much fun, I’m excited. – We’re all dressed up so fancy schmancy. – I know! We need to get a picture. – A picture? We’re on video, we don’t need a picture. We got real life motion. Okay, we need a picture. – Hello! – [Parents] Hello! – How are you? – Video bomber! – How are you? – We’re getting ready
to do a family picture. – Oh, I’m sorry. – You can help us. – You want me in it? – Um, you can be in it too if you want. – [Shawn] You’re part of the family now. – However you want it! – Kayla, look! – Do we bend? – I don’t know! – Tyler, get down a little bit. (laughing) – Hey! – So there’s our picture. – [Shawn] Alright. – Now we gotta order dinner,
so we’ll be back in a sec. (uplifting music) – Dude, unlimited ice cream here. We’re officially in Italy. We are not doing an
excursion today, though, we’re gonna stay on the
ship and play some games, and see what kind of
activities are going on on the ship today. So, it is not gonna be
as crowded as normal. Tomorrow we will venture
out and see Italy, though. – We’re gonna go to Rome tomorrow, baby. – Yay! – Colosseum. – Yeah, yep. – I’m excited to see the Colosseum. – So you can see some of the
kids are still on the ship and they’re playing on
the slides and everything. And the swimming pool’s open. (lively music) – [Shawn] He’s hiding. – [Connie] Hello, Tyler. What are you playing? – [Shawn] Time to eat, boy. – [Connie] Yeah, you
wanna go get some food? – [Shawn] Why don’t you
show, why don’t you do a little tour right now of what
you do while you’re in here, because we don’t get to come in here with the camera all the time. – [Connie] Yeah, what were you playing? Show us. – I was just playing Guitar Hero. – [Connie] Okay, let’s see it. We kinda didn’t show you last time because people we’re playing it. (hard rock music) – Alright, it’s off to lunch. (gasping) Those looked good. – Those are Rice Krispie Treats. – Oh, did you see the Rice Krispie Treats? – Yes. (gasps) – What? We were looking everywhere last night for Rice Krispie Treats. – They aren’t the same as
your Mickey ones, though. They’re like these little rectangles with chocolate and a
strawberry on top or something. – Oh. This is where we have our
buffet lunches and breakfasts. So you guys can see what
kinda food that we have here. (light music) – I got cake! – Look at all the food Kayla got! Can’t wait for the dessert. The ship’s not very crowded right now, it’s perfect timing to show
you guys some of the stuff because most of the people are at port, and they’re visiting Italy. And many of them are going to
see the Leaning Tower of Pisa, which we were planned to go see, but the tour ended up
being about ten hours long, and we really wanted to just really experience some of the ship. So we bypassed that tour
today so that we could see some of the fun stuff that
Disney offered on the ship. – There’s only like
one purple towel out of all the yellow ones and
look, I’m special! (laughs) – [Connie] The towel! The pink one! Oh, he’s got the green one. – I got yellow. – Yeah, I’m gonna be yellow too. So everybody’s got their grub on. So after we eat we’re gonna go check out and see if we can find some
other items on the ship that we can keep for souvenirs. They did say that the shops tend to be closed when we’re at port, so we’ll see if we can
find anything or not. But anyways, yeah. So we’re gonna go check out some other stuff in just a second. We wanna eat first though, so yeah, bye. I would like to present Kayla Davis with the Princess Experience at
the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique. – Yay! Let’s go become princesses! – Tyler’s already in
there getting sized up for his captain’s outfit. – Let’s become, we’ll
all become princesses! – Alright so, let’s go. – [Shawn] After this Disney’s gonna create a new character called Princess Kayla. – [Boutique Cast Member] Oh, then perfect! (jazzy music) – Oh my gosh, this is so cool. – So Kayla’s gonna get fitted for two different princess outfits. And Tyler’s being fitted right now to be a captain of the ship. So do you have your captain’s outfit on? – Yes. – [Connie] Let’s see what it looks like. – [Boutique Cast Member]
Should we take it off? Ta-da! – [Connie] Wow! – Give her a salute! There you go. – [Connie] Nice. Oh, yeah. (Kayla laughing) You look fancy. The love boat. (laughing) – [Boutique Cast Member]
Alright, fancy pants. – [Connie] Let’s get you done up. – [Boutique Cast Member] Now
do you want your hair spiked, do you want it smoothed down
so we can put a hat on top, or should we put a mohawk in the middle? – [Kayla] Mohawk. – Mohawk. – [Boutique Cast Member]
You want a mohawk? – Yes. – [Connie] I knew he was gonna pick that. But you still get the hat. – [Boutique Cast Member]
You still get the hat, yep. – [Connie] Now Kayla’s gonna
go try on her outfit right now. – [Kayla] Yay! – So excited! This is the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique. And on the Disney ship you can do this. If you wanna become a princess, you book it at the
Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique. And they will set you up so that you can pick out any princess dress you want. And then they will decorate you, and your hair, and do your makeup so that you get to be
that princess for the day. So it’s a really, really fun
experience for the girls. And then if you are a boy they will dress you up to be a captain. – Yeah, so you can be
a captain or a knight. Very handsome. – Or a knight. Yeah. So it’s not just for the
girls, it’s for boys too. Right now he’s getting a mohawk. So that is his choice of hairstyle. (whimsical music) Who would you guys want to be? Rapunzel or Jasmine? – This is like itchier, this bit too. – Okay. – So, I don’t know. – So I think… – Jasmine. – She’s chosen Jasmine. – Jasmine. She’s always been my
favorite Disney princess. – Jasmine wears her hair
up anyways, doesn’t she? – Yes. – We’re gotta get you to the next step. They gotta do your hair and your makeup. – There’s glitter everywhere. Okay, anyways, let’s go back. – [Connie] Your hair definitely
matches that dress, though. (laughing) – Great royal captain, I make you. May your ship be strong
and your steering be true. Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo! (gasps) – [Connie] Tyler? Did you wish for your hair to be blue? – What? (laughing) – [Connie] Just kidding. – [Boutique Cast Member]
Wow, look at that! – [Shawn] Dang. – [Boutique Cast Member]
Alright, now stay right there. Don’t move just yet. – [Shawn] Woah! Look at him, he’s rocking the gear. I didn’t even see that. – [Connie] Uh huh. – [Boutique Cast Member]
So, do we wanna pop the collar like we did earlier? – What? – Yeah, you’ll like John
Travolta, dude, do it. – [Connie] They don’t let them do that here on the Mickey ship. – Now you get your own little
buddy to turn around with. He gets to go home with you. And then you do get a hat,
but don’t put it on now because then you’ll squish your mohawk. So, captains wear them underneath
their armpits like this. Very official, okay? – Uh, that’s the right one. – [Shawn] That’s the starboard one. – Yeah, so put it underneath
your starboard side. – Starburst. – Hold onto the bell. Alright, are you ready to see? – I’m flying. (laughing) – Alright, now close your eyes, and when I say boo you can open them. Bibbidi Bobbidi… pizza. (laughing) Bibbidi Bobbidi… boo! – Wow. – [Boutique Cast Member] Ta-da! – [Shawn] You’re rockin’ that mohawk, bro. Check that out. – I’m so brave. (laughing) – [Shawn] “I’m so brave.” – [Boutique Cast Member]
Let’s see those muscles. Oh, wow. Definitely have tickets
to the gun show here. – [Shawn] Yeah. He lifts weights. – Now, when you are ready for all of that Flounder Burst to
go swim back to the fish, a little bit of shampoo for
ya will do ya worlds of good. If you ever like you’re not brave enough or you just want some more
Bravery Dust just because, you can come on in and get some more. Except for tomorrow
because we have to hide all of our wands from the stinky pirates. – Okay. – ‘Cause they make really bad wishes. Trust me, if you come up here
to see the pirates tomorrow, you’ll smell my sister before you see her. She hasn’t had a bath since she was born. It’s disgusting. And we’re two hundred and twenty nine. Where’s the, there it is. Turn this way. – Wait, what? She still hasn’t had a
bath for like, 225 years? – Yep. She hasn’t had a bath in a long time. When was the last time you had a bath? – [Shawn] 44 years ago? – Forever. – Forever! – I’ll tell my sister you’re coming then. – [Shawn] He’s definitely got
the smell of a pirate now. Trust me, as a dad, I know this. – Well, little boys do, yes. – [Shawn] Yes. – (laughs) Alright. – [Shawn] Oh, I dig the hair, bro. Can I wear the hat? – [Tyler] No.
– [Shawn] No? – Fine. – [Connie] Ooh, I wanna pose with him. – Well, Captain Tyler, thank you for becoming part of the crew. – [Shawn] Well, thank you
so much for hooking him up with the captain’s package there. – Oh, we got one of our Mickey’s! – Meow! – [Shawn] Now we can play our games. – [Boutique Cast Member]
Did you just say meow? – I feel so famous! – Yeah. (laughing) (whimsical music) – [Connie] I forgot to tell you, – I saw Goofy. – [Connie] We’re meeting
Goofy tonight at 6:30. – Really? Yay! – [Connie] Right before the show. – We saw him in the hallway earlier. – [Connie] We have a personal
meeting with him though. – Yay! So we had a personal meeting with Minnie, now we’re doing Goofy,
I saw Daisy earlier, and I saw Mickey earlier. – [Connie] Yes. – So… – [Shawn] What do you wanna do with Goofy? – I don’t know. – [Shawn] You gotta think about that. – I don’t know. – [Shawn] I mean you get
like one on one time. – [Connie] I think you should do a royal princess dance with Goofy. (laughing) – [Boutique Cast Member]
Aww, that would be good. – [Connie] Do you think
Goofy would do that? – He would love to. He’s kind clumsy, though. Tell me which princess comes from China. – Mulan? – Mulan, yes. Do you remember the name of her dragon? – Uh, Mushu? – Yes. – [Connie] Wow. – How ’bout her cricket? The one that gives her good luck. – I don’t know. Uh, I don’t know him. I don’t know. – [Shawn] Jiminy, duh. (laughing) – [Connie] That’s the only
thing I could think of. – It’s Cri-Kee. – That’s it! Cricket. – [Boutique Cast Member]
Cri-Kee the cricket. – Cri…Kee? – [Boutique Cast Member] Mmhmm. – Cri-Kee? Oh. – [Shawn] Wow, look at that. – I would’ve never guessed. – [Connie] Look at that bun! – Is it big? – [Connie] It’s beautiful! – [Boutique Cast Member] So beautiful! – [Shawn] It’s cool looking, yeah. – Wait, I wanna see. Oh, it’s bigger than I thought. – (gasping) Oh, the princess
cannot see herself yet! – Oh, I sorry! – [Connie] Oh, she can’t see herself? – Oh my goodness you were so
close to turning into a frog. (laughing) I need to tell you the rules, princess. – Okay. So, if you see yourself before
the transformation is over, you will turn into a frog. – Oh, I sowwies. – This is very important. – Okay. – That you don’t see
yourself until the very end. – Okay, okay. – Alright? – I sowwies. (laughing) – [Shawn] That was close. – [Boutique Cast Member]
That was so close. – [Shawn] I don’t want a
frog for a daughter, sorry. (upbeat music) ♫ A collision ♫ A decision’s whirlin’ in my heart ♫ In my vision ♫ A rescission has never been this hard ♫ I’m goin’ down, down, down ♫ Like a waterfall ♫ You’re keepin’ us miles apart ♫ You got me down, down, down ♫ Like a waterfall ♫ You know just how to restrain a heart. ♫ The question of obsession ♫ Has never been this close ♫ It don’t matter if I’d rather ♫ Just lock myself indoors ♫ I know just how to restrain a heart – So what we’re gonna do
right now, princess, is you’re gonna hold this magic
mirror in front of your face. Like this. So we’re gonna protect your face, okay? Open your eyes for a second. So I’m gonna use my magic wand. I’m gonna get lots of pixie dust. But for that I’m gonna need
you to make a big wish. – Okay. – The bigger the wish, the
more pixie dust I’m gonna get. – Okay. – Alright, close your eyes at all times. Keep them closed. Here we go. Bibiddi Bobiddi Boo. A beautiful princess, I make you. May all of your dreams
and wishes come true. Bibiddi Bobbidi… Boo! (gasps) Princess, I think
you make a really big wish! Did you also ask for sparkly hands? (laughing) Alright, princess. You’re almost ready, but don’t
turn around just yet, okay? I still have a couple
of presents to give you. Alright, I’m gonna take this off. Ta-da! Don’t go anywhere, alright? – [Shawn] Wow! – [Connie] Goofy is gonna
be so excited to meet you. – [Shawn] I feel like I should be bowing. (laughing) – [Connie] He’s bowing. – And do you remember that it was Cinderella’s idea that
we have this boutique so other princess’ dreams come true? So here’s for you a Cinderella’s carriage so you remember that dreams do come true. – [Kayla] Yay! – [Boutique Cast Member]
Alright, princess? Shall we put it on? – [Kayla] Yes. – And I have something else for you. So, you’re gonna need your very own Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique sash. – Okay. – So everybody in your kingdom knows that you’re truly their
princess and that you have your very own fairy
godmother in training, right? Alright, may I have your arm? Thank you, princess. And we’re gonna make
sure it looks just right. Okay princess, are you ready
to see yourself in the mirror? And you don’t turn into a frog, right? – Yes. – So, you’re gonna close your eyes. – Okay. – And when I say boo,
you will open your eyes. – Okay. – Are you ready?
– Yes. – Here we go. Bibbidi Bobbidi… Boo! – Oh my god! – Do you like it, princess? (laughing) Look how sparkly you look! – Oh my gosh, there’s so much glitter! – [Boutique Cast Member]
It’s pixie dust, not glitter. – Okay. – [Boutique Cast Member]
So, let me show you your surprise in the back, princess. – Oh! – It’s Mickey Mouse. And if you put it upside down, it can also be Cinderella’s
carriage, right? So it’s two in one. Alright princess, now. I think you practice
a little bit of magic, – Okay. – so I’m gonna give you
your very own wand, okay? Let’s have a look. Bibiddi Bobbidi Boo! – Yay! – [Boutique Cast Member] This
is all for you, princess, your very own Jasmine wand. – That’s just for doing magic, not for smacking your brother. – [Boutique Cast Member] Oh yeah, yeah. – Just sayin’. – I wasn’t thinking about
it, but thanks for the idea. (laughing) – Otherwise he would magically disappear in the middle of the night. – Okay. – Because you’re an
extra special princess, you’re gonna need a second
crown, Jasmine’s crown. Are you ready? Now this one is easy
to put on and put off, so if later you wanna take
it off, that’s easy, alright? – Okay. – Your very own Bibiddi
Bobiddi Boutique bag. – Yay! – Because you’re gonna
have lots of presents. So you’re gonna have a necklace
case to protect it, alright? – Okay. – So you can wear it on
first day of school, right? So I’m gonna give you some star dust so you can paint your mommy’s
toes, or the king’s toes, anyone’s toes with this one, alright? We’re also gonna give you the diamonds so you can share it or
wear later on, okay? – [Connie] Ooh, I want those! – Yeah! (laughs) – [Boutique Cast Member]
So, what do you think? Shall we also give you your makeup palate so you can try and paint
just like Rapunzel? – Sure. – Sure? Just don’t paint the walls
with this one, alright? – Yeah, I wouldn’t. I wasn’t thinking about that. – Okay, so I also have a special shampoo. It’s made out of jellyfish, a
friendly jellyfish, alright? – Okay. – This is a kind of shampoo
Ariel wears all the time, okay? – Okay. – So we’re gonna put this one. I’m also gonna give you
some makeup remover, because princesses never go
to bed with makeup on, right? – Yes. – [Connie] No. – Alright, so I’m gonna
put it all over here. And let me ask you a question. It’s an important question. Do you wanna carry it with you or shall we ask help from the king? – Uh. – [Boutique Cast Member]
Either way is fine. – You can carry it. – The king? King given permission to carry it. – I feel so honored. I don’t even know what to say. – [Boutique Cast Member]
And before you go, princess, I’m gonna need to see your princess wave. Do you know how to do it? Just like this. So two short and a long one. There you go. Now do it, two short and a long one. There you go! Exactly, you’re a natural! – [Connie] The princess lady! – [Boutique Cast Member]
Ladies and gentlemen, lords and ladies, I present
you our newest Disney princess. – Yay! (applause) – Alright, there you go, princess. Have lots of fun. And you can come back any other day for more pixie dust, okay? – [Kayla] Yay! – Except tomorrow when
pirates take over everything. – Okay. – We fairy godmothers fly away, okay? – Okay. – [Boutique Cast Member]
Alright, there you go, princess. – Yay. – Well, we have to say a
special thank you to Denise. She did such an awesome job transferring Kayla into a princess. So thank you so much. – It was my honor, and she’s
such a beautiful princess. I hope you come back any other
time for pixie dust, okay? – Alright, well. – Thank you! (upbeat music) – So now you guys know what it’s like to do the Disney Princess
Experience or Prince. Captain. – Captain. – So there you have it there. What do you guys think? They look amazing, right? So next time when you
guys ever get a chance to do a Disney Cruise, pick
the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique. Okay we get to meet Goofy, here he comes! I’m so excited! – [Kayla] Oh my gosh! (playful salsa music) – We’re on our way to go see Tangled the theater production,
and we’re super excited! – You’re taking forever! – And we’re taking forever! But we’re trying to hurry up and get there because the seating’s almost out, and Kayla’s making me run. I’m in heels, and I’m gonna die. – We don’t need popcorn. – The shops are open! – [Kayla] We don’t need popcorn! – But the shops are open. – [Kayla] We don’t need popcorn! – Okay, no popcorn, no popcorn. Kayla’s running. Look at that cute little
barrette on the back of her head. Where are you going, girl? Hi, Ty! The show’s about to start. Shawn is so awesome, he went
out to get us some popcorn. Look at how cute our kids are. – What? Me? – Look at cute Tyler and cute Kayla. – Me? – I’m kind of regretting my mohawk. – Look at my nails. – Why are you regretting? – Because I need more bravery dust. – It looks like I can stick
my finger in the front. – [Connie] Aw, he’s
missing some fairy dust, he feels like he needs
a little more magic. (lively music) – We just finished watching Tangled. – That was such a cool show. Like, I’m not a big musical guy myself, but I thought that was
awesome, it was so much fun. – I didn’t want it to end! – I know, it was fun! It was really good. – What’d you guys think? – Well, it was Disney,
so what do you expect? – It was fun. – It was fun? – Yeah, it was cool, right? – So, if you guys wanna see the show you have to get on the cruise. – You have to do it. – Go on the Disney Magic and
you will get to see the show. – Yeah! It’s totally worth it. – And the kids are gonna
go and play right now. Shawn and I have a reservation
for a special dinner tonight. – Date night. – Mwah! – We hope you guys enjoyed this video. Like, subscribe, share this
video with your friends and family, comment down
below what other videos you guys wanna see, and until next time… – [All] Bye! (upbeat music)

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