Welcome to the beautiful world of Aquascaping! Guys, today we’re gonna present you with a very-very special episode! The first episode of 2019. No. It’s 2020. You gotta get used to this. Today we’re gonna show you the Green Aqua Gallery as it is. Without any narration, without any sounds. So we’re gonna present you the 2-year-old premises, of Green Aqua, which is actually an 11-year-old company. Sit back and enjoy! I have to go now! To show you the Gallery… Alright, so I hope that you guys liked this video! If you did, please do not forget to subscribe. If you didn’t do so yet. Hit that like button if you like the Green Aqua channel. Stay with us for 2020 as well. A lot of quality content is about to come. Happy New Year again. See you next week! Bye! …And it stopped!

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49 Responses

  1. Bruno Campos says:

    Fantastic 👌🏻🤐

  2. DONALD YAMAHA says:

    One day our channel in 1million #green aqua #aquascaping lover

  3. Broxxi says:

    I love these scapes😍💪👍

  4. AM GT says:

    Truly Amazing!! Congrats gentlemen!!

  5. Siddharudha T.N says:

    Wow. All tanks are looking awesome.
    Can you please make one vedio on what are all the water parameters we need to check and maintain for algae free tanks?

  6. Alexey Z says:

    Magnificently !!!

  7. P Shinneman says:

    Man! I wish I a place like that near were I live. …shit

  8. Seong Kian Chng says:

    Love the effort you put into all your high quality videos! I have a video idea (more so like a request) for you guys this new year. Could you share your experiences of moving large fully scaped tanks (120p and above) around. I remember an old video in your channel mentioning that a large tank was damaged and leaked in your showroom because of a bad move.

    I need to move a 120cm fuily scaped aquarium across my room due to some upcoming renovation works. Would draining as much water as I can and pushing on the cabinet with the aquarium on top work or is it a recipe for a broken aquarium? (The cabinet and aquarium slides around the room floor quite easily when the aquarium is totally empty)

  9. reformed reformed says:

    tanks are fresh as fuck man
    even the ones with sand in it
    fucking awesome shit
    thanks for sharing all this crazy shit

  10. reformed reformed says:

    i want you to wear green clothing please you have so much green plants and shit you know?
    wear some green socks or somehing

  11. Marcel Marcel says:

    Without words, beautiful video, I felt in paradise watching, my best wishes to you.

  12. Sandeep Kumar Padhi says:


  13. Frank Dworeck says:

    Truly amazing! 👏

  14. Drinking Water says:

    more vid like this please!! extremely great

  15. Shaun Ruthes says:

    Road trip… 🥰🥰🥰🥰👌👍

  16. MICHAEL says:

    Tank #6 is just WOW! 8:08

  17. Анна Герман says:

    My favorite is 6-th! Amazing!

  18. john norris says:

    are these plants available in the usa. do you have a store in usa? i am ready to start a business … my friend told me these plants may not be allowed in usa do you know? would you like a usa outlet?

  19. cristian chan says:

    its amazing…. truly amazing…. really…

    Thank you God… and you all Green Aqua team…

    the reinickii mini tank….!!! please stop made me admire this… lovely…

  20. DP says:

    Where is the talking betta tank?

  21. afwa fauza says:

    How much cost to visit this place?

  22. Ramah ;-; says:

    I know I know I should've subscribed months ago but I finally did today. Thanks for all the inspiration…

  23. metal head says:

    is that ok..with heater ? thx..

  24. Zsolt Magyari says:

    Az üzletbe beszéltek magyarul is?

  25. たゆのアクアライフCh says:


  26. ハマーちゃんねる says:

    Aquarium Berry good👍😊🇯🇵

  27. AVSJ says:

    may i know the green color look like tetra fish is what name for that ? @3:40

  28. Scarlet Red says:

    Every aquarium is amazing and the people behind this video are equally amazing…
    Can you suggest at least 4 "easy plants" for freshwater? I have 2.5 gal. and 5 gal. aquariums, LED lights, heaters and sponge filters. The pet stores nearby have some drift woods and some white gravels. I know everything is cheap but I can only afford this. I want to give my aquariums some overhaul.

  29. Andres Sanchez Fernandez says:

    Me gustaria ver los videos con subtitulos en español gracias.espectacular galeria felicidades.

  30. Ragnarok says:

    I wanna move in! 🙁

  31. Esmeond says:

    This is more epic than Game of Thrones!

  32. Nefon Br says:

    All the tank timestamps
    1:25 Tank#1
    2:56 Tank#2
    4:09 Plant Holder
    4:42 Tank #3
    6:11 Tank #4
    7:19 Tank #5
    8:06 Tank #6
    10:08 Tank #7
    11:34 Tank #8
    12:49 Tank #11 ( I too am wondering how the numbers work)
    13:37 Tank #10
    13:49 Tank #9
    14:35 Tank #15

  33. Mateusz Salawa Aquascaping says:

    Beautiful place! Stunning aquascapes 😍!

  34. Benoit Dubeau says:

    Breathtaking and inspiring! Good job guys keep it up 🙂

  35. Sz. Sándor says:

    This video in the Green Aqua life is the man who arrived top of the Everest. Respect.

  36. Ace speed says:

    All of it are my favorites

  37. martin says:


  38. Heavy Metal Magnet says:

    Very very cool @Green Aqua … this video is beautiful, thank you for your hard work and sharing your master skill with all of us to enjoy and be inspired.

  39. Amir huget says:

    Hi, i noticed sme tanks on t5 fixtures in the awesome. How high should i hang my fixture from the water surface to give my plants ample strong lights.?

  40. Flojoegamer21 says:

    So relaxing

  41. Dyan Arsya says:

    Masyaallah. 👍👍👍👍👍

  42. Viktor Mille says:

    Videos and editing is great. But your choice of music is awful. Just awful. I rather listened with sound off. Just go with some ambience, maybe even some rainforest/water flowing ambient sounds. Something totally relaxing. You completely break the spell of the video with the music choices.

  43. Gianh trần says:

    awesome, from Viet Nam with luv

  44. Issa Iss says:

    Tank 2(‘-‘) klass

  45. swapnil More says:

    Thanx green aqua for taking us in the "Beautiful world of aquascaping"
    I m big fan of green aqua .

  46. Joshua says:

    Many thanks for this video 👍

  47. Pendis Hehe says:

    what is the duration of light every day?

  48. Danielle Andrade says:

    It’s hard not to like any of the tanks they all looked amazing

  49. عالم الأسماك says:

    شكرآ لك على الأداء الرائع
    متابعك من المانيا

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