AUTOMATIC Fulfilment with ClickFunnels Dropshipping – How to 1 CLICK Fulfil Orders!

So, with Shopify you obviously have a
buttload of options to fulfill your orders on Aliexpress the most common
solution being the oh blur application through Shopify. But what about
ClickFunnels? what happens when you start to see a
whole load of orders comes through that you can’t manage yourself well in this
video I’m gonna give you that exact answer so you can more effectively click
final dropship let’s get stuck straight into the solution and I’ve already spent
the time to draw out this diagram here so you don’t need to painfully sit here
and watch me draw this diagram out so the first solution is what I recommend
in the long term and it’s using a fulfillment software company now I’ll
tell you how it works so you’ve got clickfunnels you’re
receiving the orders so once you receive these orders shipstation is the program
solution here the software which will retrieve the orders from clickfunnels
now click funnels it will push the information over the ship station and
ship station will manage each and every order so what ship station does then is
it connects up to a korea’s company cut such as UPS or FedEx etc and then they
manage completely the packaging prints labels and returns and from there it’s
all speaking towards all three platforms and it connects or again up to the email
system of ship station which will then automate orders shipping and updates to
the customer and then finally back into the clickfunnels ecosystem where you’ll
get the updates of when things are shipped out when customers have received
their orders etc so really it’s a matter of having click funnel manage the front
end which is the buying system the landing page in the one product page and
then connecting up to ship station ship station does manage the rest now ship
station is the one that I recommend because it is super simple it’s a global
solution so their solutions in the US is also solutions in the in Australia here
and it’s super cheap – that’s a great thing I will show you how to connect
this up to clickfunnels in a moment but let’s take a look at their pricing first
their pricing is pretty damn good there’s also another solution that I do
want to show you but with shipstation you’re looking at probably let’s just
say at minimum you’re looking at 500 shipments per month if you’re beyond
that then you’re doing pretty damn well but with 500 shipments a month at 40
bucks that is let’s say 500 okay so let’s bring up the calculator
here and that is essentially $40 a month at 500 orders and that gives you a total
of 8 cents so with every order that you should out you’re simply only paying 8
cents per order for shipstation to completely manage this which is
extremely cheap because you get branded labels packing it slips as well so it’s
a white label service you can get rid of the e packet crap that you see for 8
cents a product now that’s nothing because you can simply very easily
absorb that cost when it’s at 8 cents or you can integrate that into part of the
shipping cost anyway because at 8 cents it’s really not that much now the second
solution that I had was oil Auto lytx completely the same set up native
clickfunnels integration however this platform is not as established as
shipstation and the only thing as well is the
pricing itself so if you look at the pricing you know you’re looking at if
you have 500 orders exactly the same sort of rate as shipstation then you’ve
got roughly 25 cents an order that is significantly higher than ship station
so ship stations great in getting this all done automatically there’s free
trial links in the description box below as always to go check that out now if
you’re curious on how to integrate this all into clickfunnels it’s actually
really simple again there’s native integration i’ll
show you how to do it right now so basically you just need to hit the edit
button in the back end of clickfunnels and from here you can see that this pops
up in the is gonna be a few things that you need
to edit go into shipping and click ship station so from ship station basically
you click ship station CF as integration select your store it’s going to be
manual orders and then the product name is obviously your product name and then
there’s you know need a group number from here you just press update product
and once you update the product that is that is it so with that integration
you’ve got into basically got it integrated now into ship station and
that’s all done from there so as you can see it was pretty damn easy now the
other solution I do want to mention and that I’ve used in the past if you want
to complete control over your inventory and fulfillment and you don’t want to
particularly outsource it to a third party company such as ship station then
the solution here is hiring a virtual assistant this is a good solution if
you’re seeing a significant amount of orders comes through but not a huge
amount to warrant ship station for example so what you’re gonna do instead
instead of ship station and you UPS you’re gonna get a VA a virtual
assistant and you’re gonna hire them and you’re gonna provide them with an Excel
spreadsheet I have one provided to the community already it’s in the mastermind
group which is completely free to join so I’ll link it down below in the
description as well if you want that excel document that is tailored for
virtual assistants and what the what they’re gonna do is they’re going to
come into the click funnels system and ecosystem and on a daily basis weekly
basis look at which orders are coming through and fill out the Excel
spreadsheet and then from there they’re going to manually place these orders on
Aliexpress or wherever wherever you’re sourcing these products and bypass ups
and bypass ship station and from there you’re gonna get it all manually
fulfilled so like I said I’ve used this method in the past and basically used an
Excel spreadsheet and had the VA document all the orders and he or she
would offer for all these orders on Aliexpress manually of course you’ll be
paying for the manual labor here so heads up on that
so you guys hope you enjoyed this video if you did give it a thumbs up otherwise
keep on hustling and I’ll see you in the next video

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