AutoDS Finder | How Does it Work? (Find Bulk Profitable Dropshipping Products)

Hi guys, my name is Raz from AutoDS and today we’re gonna talk about the AutoDS Finder, What does it do? and How to correctly use it? To get the AutoDS Finder, you’ll need to go to the left side menu bar and click on the “Finder” tab. Now this feature is here to help save us time and money related with doing market research as the system scans the hottest categories in eBay to locate the best selling items and will then find the item source ID on the supplier site. Then all we’re left with doing is simply upload the items directly to your store and you can spend your time doing other beneficial things to grow your business. So how does it work? Well, first thing,
we’ll need is “Finder Credits”. If we click here, on the Buy AutoDS finder Credits tab you can see that the first package for 1000 Credits is only for $13. Of course the more credits you’ll buy, the less you pay per each individual credit. In this video, I already have the Finder Credits in place Next, we’ll need to select the Source Site. Where do we want our items to come from? So I’m gonna go for Amazon US for this case and finally, we’ll need to select
the type of item we wanna upload. So our finder items are divided in three categories, based on Sales per Month, now, these are sales per month in eBay So the first category is
three sales per month in eBay and will cost us 1 Credit per item. The Second category is
five sales per month in eBay and will cost us 2 Credits per item and the third category is
eight sales per month, and will cost us 4 Credits per item. So I’m gonna upload 2 items from this third category Each one of these 2 items will cost me 4 Credits For a total of 8 Credits. But I think it’s worth it! So whenever we’re ready, we just click on Upload It. Next, the system will take us to the Finder’s
“Bulk Upload” screen Here we need to make sure settings
for our items are correct before we upload them to the store. So, “Source Product Site”, and “Upload destination” are already selected in the previous stage. After that, you’ll have your Breakeven settings Profit and Percentage Profit Settings, Template and Quantity. Now all of these are taken from your default settings in the monitor settings, but of course, you can change this
on each upload according to what you need. If we scroll down some more, you can see your eBay Business Policies, So, Payment Policy, Return Policy, Shipping Policy, you can add a Tag if you need to, and here we have item location. Lastly, on the very bottom of the page are some additional settings for your upload Do we wanna upload Variation Enable the system to upload Out Of Stock items Allow Vero Items Allow Marketplace for Non-Prime Items Add First Upper Letter to the Titles. Duplicate the Main Picture of the item to 12 Make the item a Private Listing on eBay Make a collage for the first 4 pictures of the item And Set Watermark On All Pictures Of course, these are all up to you for now, I’m only gonna leave the first one checked. All we have to do now is simply
Upload the products directly to our store Or schedule the upload. AutoDS has a feature allowing you
to schedule the items for the exact time and date that you want. In this case, I’ll be using the schedule option
to set my items. Let’s select the date, I’m gonna go with the 23rd And time will be, 12 PM. And here we confirm the action, So we have the schedule time and date, Sleep Time in Minutes will be time
the system waits between each upload This process seem more manual. And appears better for eBay. Whenever we’re ready we’ll click on Select. And we confirm. Okay, so our items are now ready for upload. To see your items on the Schedule Uploads Calendar You need to go to the “Uploader” tab
on the left side menu bar After that, click on the “Schedule Uploads Calendar”
on the top of the screen. Please note, that it may take up to 1 hour for your bulk scheduled upload to appear
in the uploads calendar. If we scroll down a little bit, we can see that the items
we scheduled on the 23rd appear as “Pending”. This means they are properly scheduled
and waiting for upload. You can also see if the item is successfully uploaded Failed to be scheduled Or still In progress. If you continue to press the eye icon here. We can even see the actual items waiting, remove them if we need to, Or edit them for titles, pricing, pictures, or anything you might need
before they upload to the store. I hope you have enjoyed this quick tutorial about How to Use the AutoDS Finder Thank you so much for watching!
And Have a wonderful day!

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