Apple, Warby Parker and other retailers are trying to keep stores clean of coronavirus

-The Centers for Disease Control
says novel coronavirus, or COVID-19, likely spreads
from person-to-person through droplets
sent into the air after an infected person
coughs or sneezes. The CDC says, “It may be possible
that a person can get COVID-19 by touching a surface or object
that has the virus on it and then touching
their own mouth, nose, or possibly their eyes, but this is not thought to be
the main way the virus spreads.” “The Washington Post”
visited some retail stores in San Francisco to see
if businesses and customers are taking extra precautions. -Definitely concerned
about coronavirus. Exposing myself to any
unnecessary risk is not something I’m necessarily
looking to do right now, with everyone feeling sick. I went to the Apple store. I had a Genius Bar appointment
for an issue with my AirPods. I purposefully didn’t interact
with any screens or anything of that nature
or shaking anyone’s hand,
very much on purpose. -I had just bought a new phone,
and I was trying to — and an Apple Card,
so I was trying to download it on my Wallet there, and then erase my old phone
and turn it in. When I was there, and we were
touching the different things, I really wasn’t even thinking
about it in the store. I’m not — I’m not that
consciously worried about it. I think I take as much
precautions in washing my hands all the time
or when I’m on and off the bus. I am concerned enough to do the
precautions, but not obsessive. -Apple tells
“The Washington Post” it has significantly increased cleaning at all
its retail stores. In a recent email to its
employees, the company said, “Deep cleaning protocols
are our top priority,” and that they are being
put into place in its stores, offices,
and employee shuttles. -You’ve got to know that if
somebody’s touching my glasses, I’m going to be looking
at their hygiene. I’m a flight attendant, so I take a great deal
of precautions. And basically, it doesn’t
go beyond washing my hands excessively. I’m washing them constantly,
but that is huge. I’m aware of everything —
absolutely everything. And the key is, wash your hands
before you touch your face. -Warby Parker says that
in addition to its regular
cleaning procedures, “We’re taking extra precautions to update
our sanitization policy in accordance
with CDC guidelines, including wiping down
all surfaces and frames regularly
throughout the day, and using the appropriate
cleaning materials for all products,
devices, and surfaces.” In a written statement, Microsoft tells
“The Washington Post,” “We are carefully monitoring
our retail stores, partnering with our
mall operators and closely following
the guidance of global
health authorities. As a precautionary measure,
we are increasing the frequency of cleaning and sanitizing,
including adding employees for ongoing cleaning
throughout the day and adding hand sanitizer
for customer use.” -I was looking for a new iPhone,
the latest model. I think, just because of what’s
been going on, I’m not — you know, I walk
with my hands in my pockets, and on public transit,
I don’t touch anything. And you know, and doorknobs,
I use a Kleenex or a towel. I use hand sanitizer. I have some in my backpack,
I have some in my pocket, I have some at my desk,
I have some at home. So, and you know, disinfecting,
you know, spray and stuff, more than usual. -Verizon did not comment
on its store cleaning policies.

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