Annoying customers after closing time – In and Out

Hi – are you guys open? No, sorry. We just closed man totally totally. But are you open though? No… Oh Can you be? yeah no, look we’re closed for that evening. Sorry about that, but we do open tomorrow at 9:00 a.m so… ah, ah see, it’s just that I’m here now. So… yeah. Sorry. It’s just not gonna work tonight man. I do apologize Are you sure that I can’t just nip on in quickly. I mean, I know exactly what I want. I can – I can even see it Look, it’s right over there. I’ll just I’ll just nip in – get it. Take it to the thing. Buy it. out. In. Buy. Out. Yeah. No, really I just not it’s not possible In. Buy. Out. Sorry, man. In. Buy. Out. if you just come back tomorrow, In. Buy. Out. In. Buy. Out. so… Okay. Yeah fine fine Oh awesome Thank you, man, really appreciate it thanks in and out. Yeah, it’s right up here okay Here they are Just try them on just quickly Hang on. Sorry, sorry, just one one one sec. I’m just gonna try these ones on as well. Just black Ooooo actually… Hello, hmm Hey, yeah, do you guys have a mirror? no…. No, ah It’s a bit annoying. It’s just that when I try on clothes and stuff. I like to Have a mirror just so I can you know check see what it looks like. See if it you know, if I vibe with it That’s smooth innt it? bearings. just give it a quick – weeeeee Weeeeeeeeee Oh sh*t. too smooth if anything. Ah Sorry, have you found the item that you were looking for. Sorry The specific item that you came in looking for – have you – have you got that? Oh, no. I’m just browsing. But thank you What Sorry, ah, what are you doing? Okay, dude, look, I know you’re trying to be helpful, but I am fine Just having a look. So I’ll just… you said you knew exactly what you wanted. What when? just before over by the door. Oh Yes. Yes. No, I’ve actually changed my mind. So I am just gonna have a look around no, dude. We are closed so I’m gonna – Look dude. I get it. Okay, you’re clearly Desperate for the sale, but it’s really not helpful. But what I’m gonna need you to do is back off loser Loser. Loser. Loser. Loser Whoa, whoa. Whoa, what are you doing? I told you We’re closed what no you can’t just lock the doors while I’m still in here Hey What who are you? I’m Ben. I’m a customer But we’re closed Customers can’t be in a store when the store is closed what is happening? No, that doesn’t make any sense at all So if you’re not a customer That must mean you’re a robber. Is that a sword? Do you want to know what Playtech does with robbers? Yeah, actually, I think I’ll probably I’ll probably just leave actually I’ll just take all this off and I’ll just leave. No No, it’s much too late for that no no no no, please please dont Fair thee well Ben Oh god Fair Thee well Ben Hey hey hey NO! Good Bye NOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Nooooooo! Acting That was great There he is. There it is That car is too loud Audio is fun. Audio is fun Take a tiny step to your right Ben Whoops – other right My left? is this getting in the way, yeah So is that good?

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100 Responses

  1. ScionX2 says:

    That has got to be one of the funniest skits yet! I watched it 3 times back to back just laughing my ass off! XD Awesome work guys!

  2. Fadli Yuuki says:

    can't wait to see Alan snap on Rowan

  3. TheOneTrue_Mantra says:

    anyone else reminded of salad fingers for a bit there?

  4. Killu4real Lionheart says:

    Skip lol

  5. Nice Guy Jake says:

    2:24 That's season 10 of fortnite in the background. When did y'all record this?

  6. {L } says:

    i can see the mirror

  7. Chappy says:

    good lolol

  8. Brown Turd says:

    My wife makes me late to stores all the time

  9. Volcan4698 says:

    This happens all to much i work at a gas station i can shut the pump canopy lights off and flip the sign on the door to close as well as shut the lights off in the store and i still get customers coming to the door like "what why you closed wtf" tbh i find it funny how they dont notice the signs of a closed store

  10. Nize Mee says:

    That is quality! Alan snapping like that is terrifying! 😳😂

  11. Julian Zimianitis says:

    I got to GameStop like three minutes before closing time to pick up an order, and they had already closed. I was so annoyed.

  12. Stuff ostuff says:

    your videos always make my day, the best short and funny.

  13. zenyattattoo o says:

    if the ending was closing shutter and muttering Manners Maketh Man i wouldof subscribed

  14. Matthew Jaeger Sanico says:

    Thats what you get for calling him Loser Ben..hahha

  15. Sig 226/2022 says:

    In other words don’t be a douche leave before the store closes. Employees have lives also in the world does not revolve around you.

  16. Jack Tolman says:

    Hella funny… I watch all your stuff. Great videos.

  17. Bueno Loco says:

    Just NO!!!! But in the end the answer is YES YES YES!!!! Muhahahaa!

  18. Snickerssi says:

    Ben's face expressions are so epic 😀 The way he constantly grins and takes the expression to the next level

  19. Nie Li says:

    Don't know why Alan is best for the "CRAZY" Roles…is it the accent?

    Is it scarier to be murdered by a guy with an accent?

    Most be it.

  20. XxAverageJoexX says:


  21. homerman76 says:

    Anyone else getting the vibe that the return of White Shirt Alan is even closer now 😛

  22. Vice Rick says:

    This, this sums up my filling about this whole situation.

  23. Jukerlaw says:

    IN. BUY. OUT!

  24. Dorian Valentine says:

    Waow i thinking he will call the cops but no !!! He will cut him in pieces !! xD

  25. Vijay Anand says:

    In, buy, out

  26. MrScorpionov says:

    i wonder where rowan is in all of this?

  27. Leroy Carter says:

    Lmao when Alan just zones out 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 and his other side rises up

  28. The EliteProxy says:

    I just realized this but, Allan is really good at playing a "snapped" role, Adam at a terrified role, Rowan at a jerk role, and Ben at a bastard role. They are all so friggn talented. They deserve more attention

  29. Guts says:

    He deserves it yeahhhhh

  30. szymon majchrzak says:

    What's called the song he sang at the end?

  31. JunkManuel says:

    Question, where is the body of the real Rowan?

  32. sonicheadfuck says:

    Hahahahaha! The "Oh no, no it's much too late for that" line almost killed me. It actually hurts. 🙂

  33. Lex Tuomr says:

    You gotta make short film/movie with this group! 😀

  34. drozd1329 says:

    White shirt returns

  35. Tuscani J says:

    “Sorry, our registers are on a timer and close down automatically, I can’t process anymore orders.”

  36. King Amen-Tut-Ankh says:

    As someone in the situation a lot I just tel them nope the register closes at the set time we close .

  37. Key Man says:

    This is perfect xD

  38. DarthDavid 227 says:

    In-buy-out my ass 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡 customers always get more than they came for


  39. john hilt says:


  40. Seedzification says:

    Typical former british colonies, rather take out the weapons than call the cops.

  41. lemuellala2 says:

    Alan when he snaps VS Boss Rowan

    Make it happen!!!

  42. Vincent Lee says:

    Nope, i give zero tolerance to customers who behave this way lol. If it is closed, too bad. They are welcome to break in though

  43. IronVigilance says:

    I see you guys havent banned Ben from the store yet

  44. Martok the Unbidden says:

    LOL! Good one!

  45. NDN KEN says:

    So I've watched about ten of your videos so far and this is the one that made me suscribe,

  46. John Patrick says:

    Finally, he wins…

  47. Stormy Effects says:

    Just walk away

  48. koblarb says:

    This is why you shouldn't skip too much of npc dialogue. He snapped.

  49. William Barnes says:

    This is an instance where you lock they're ass inside for a sleep over

  50. Arthur Vargahem says:

    Greg's programming is going off board again

  51. H.U.N.K U.S.S. says:

    You guys do resident evil stuff??? I'd love to see some vids on that LMFAO and love your channel guys

  52. Error inscript says:

    Pretty epic ending tbh.

  53. Forrest Boone says:

    I wish i could thumbs up this twice

  54. Rhino boy says:

    Anyone been keeping an Alan kill count? Whats he up to now?

  55. Tonpei Study account says:

    In Buy out….

  56. Karlandra says:

    You speak to my soul!! And I worked at Dick Smiths for 5 and a half years!

  57. Darion Peters says:

    151 people… Were that last minute customer.

  58. Megan Kropilak says:

    I know everybody has said it, but Alan snapping is the greatest thing in these videos!

  59. Crazy Dude says:

    Finally bens dead!!! The most annoying customer award goes to Ben

  60. Moist nugget says:

    Ben's acting is so good I want to kill him myself lol (that's a compliment)

  61. Mavakor says:

    That’s why the shirts are red.

  62. Joseph Espinoza says:

    Don't forget to nod if you understand

  63. Victor Kings says:

    at 2:14 I kinda zoom in with my eyes towards alan's face…And it looks like he's hovering towards ben XD

  64. Sora Guardian of light says:

    I just discovered this channel and I love it I work in retail and I love RPGs so the stuff you all do with playtech and epic npcman is hilarious I would love to see a video that adam Alan and ellie just get revenge on Rowan but they go really overboard with it but I love this channel keep making great content

  65. Josef Nejezchleba says:

    Do you know, what song they used in final credits? I love that guitar riff!


    "Its much to late for that." Hahahaha

  67. #theofficial_ kami says:

    Im ben. A customer.

  68. Ben Dol says:

    "No… It's much too late fo thut"

  69. Firdaus B Nasri says:

    Alan:You can fool me you can paid with monopoly money
    You can become pain in the ass…but if you call me loser
    Im gonna kill you. Be grateful im not use golf club

  70. Roger Skagerström says:

    Ohh I wish I could draw a sword sometimes :O

  71. Vade Nummela says:

    Even more annoying is the staff that shout at you from the registers when youre walking into the open entryway of a department store at like 9:54 like: "we are closed its 10pm go home"
    If youre closed, closed the entry into the store you fucks….

  72. TheShamansQuestion says:

    3:01 phwoar that dolly zoom!

  73. Jamin Walker says:

    what shoes is Allen wearing?

  74. Paulo Vulas says:

    In, buy, out!

  75. RazorBaller says:

    Lol funny

  76. ZakAshChan says:

    I have physically blocked a customer's pathway before now. It was 20 minutes past closing time, they were still browsing. I had lost my patience watching them walking up and down the aisles. So I run to the aisle they are in, outstretch my arms, and in a matter-of-fact voice declare,
    "The tills are behind you."
    "Yeah, I just nee-"
    "The store is now closed and has been closed for the past 20 minutes. The tills are behind you."
    "I just need one thi-"
    "Wrong way. Behind. You."
    "Look, I just need one thing-"
    "Sunday Trading Law means the store is now closed. Further browsing is prohibited. Get out. Now. Pay or leave."
    "You're so f*cking rude! I just need one thing!"
    "I'm not the one who is swearing. The store is now closed. Either pay for the things you already have, or get out. The store is closed."
    The customer attempts to barge past me. I block him.
    "I said the store is closed. Get out."
    … My view was, I am paid to be nice up until 15 minutes after closing time. After that, I shall be as rude as I wish to anyone forcing me to work longer than necessary.

  77. Michael JAcobs says:

    The gazing death stare when he says “we’re closed” when he snapped killed me

  78. . says:

    What happened to playtech why is it now just a desk an a few other bits in a small room ??

  79. Sequince says:

    Watched them all, and this is my favourite episode. 🙂 SO glad Alan came out on top for once!

  80. Borslaw says:

    That was funny

  81. Lias Denis says:


  82. Tech insaan says:

    Part 2 plz

  83. djushberz says:

    I actually feel happy for Alan

  84. Michael Clemons says:

    I love it when Allen snaps. You can almost hear his last nerve pop.

  85. Mr Pumpkink says:

    Is a bit scp 3008 old ikea but with a gaming shop and face employees

  86. ended - random story/animations says:

    Anime Mental breakdown
    Kazuma (konosuba)
    Kyouma (steins gate)
    Subaru (rezero)
    Kaneki (tokyo ghoul)
    Alan (Viva La Dirt League) 3:03

  87. Галя says:

    I was kinda expecting, that while this guy was roaming around a whole crowd of new customers would come in.

  88. Patrick Quanz says:

    I think i would do the same … lock that guy in and deal with the issue

  89. Kuro Yuki says:

    Never thought I'd laugh at Alan murdering a customer

  90. José M Solís says:

    So, I guess this is the second person that Alan has killed… at least that we know of…

  91. Terri Campbell says:

    No, no it's much too late for that O.O


  92. Sophieperky says:

    Working in retail now, I feel this so much ;;;

  93. Chick Flick says:

    He genuinely scares me when he turns 😂😂😂😂😂😂 he’s so good this was actually my favorite skit

  94. Terri Campbell says:

    Hey! Who are you!?

  95. Zakaria alsaydi says:

    He went from headphones to the hat
    In buy out 😂😂

  96. Jonathan Thomas says:

    This is hilarious

  97. Cliché Name says:

    Fucking accurate representation of what I want to do when I get a customer like this at close. I work at a furniture store, we opened about several months ago and at the start of the day we put a fancy garbage can outside the door so customers don't leave garbage in the vases. At night we bring that garbage can inside, today some smug fuck head with a flat cap walked up to me as I was bringing said garbage can in and asks "are you guys closing?", to which I respond "yeah, but we open tomorrow morning at 10"..

    This asshole replies, "well I'm going in to have a look around" and fucking speed walks in. Now keep in mind I worked 10 fucking hours, 2 being overtime and I'm tired as fuck.. Worst thing is, I'm not allowed to stop customers from entering if they get in when we're closed. And as a warehouse associate, I can't leave untill the customers have all left.
    So I was fucking stuck at work for an extra 45 minutes. I was so close to kicking the shit out of this short fucker with my steel toe boots, frankly I'm thinking about quitting.

  98. TriEdgedPrism says:

    Seriously fuck whoever is doing that. Just be aware that if you're that person, everyone hates you in your back, 100% guarantee.

  99. Adarsh says:

    Instead of Corsair section, he should've gone to the Apple section looking for a mac for gaming…

  100. Tweetythis says:

    This is hilarious because this is so true 😂😂😂

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