Angadi theru-Sneha visits the showroom for an AD shoot | Mahesh kisses Anjali | Anjali scolds Mahesh

What Ganesa…? I heard that your wife
begot the child. I couldn’t able to
come to the hospital. How is she, now? Dear…! What child…?
Why did you come very soon? – Why sir…?
– Show your child. Look at my child, sir. What dear…? What sir…? – Child…?
– Baby looks like him, isn’t it? Look…! Baby looks like him. Looking short, the hands and
the legs bent. Sir, I prayed that my child
should born like him only. What do you mean, dear? I have roamed in the streets… I joined with him and
living with dignity… If I beget the child
with normal hands and legs… …People will say that I begot
somebody’s child. But now nobody would say like that. People will say that he is
Short Ganesan’s child only. My darling…! My darling…! Look at my child, sir. My darling…! My darling. What Kani…?
Did you send your sister to Madhavaram? She enjoyed with the girls
for the past four days. She was wearing salwar
which you bought her. I was not willing to send her… What to do…? She has to go for the job. But she asked me about you only. What did you say…? I am asking you…
Tell me what you said. I just smiled. What, buddy? What happened? Is that supervisor dead? Did Sofia accept your love? What man? Lizard…? I mean Sneha… – Is the marriage of Sneha…?
– I will kill you. Sneha is coming to our shop
for the Ad shooting. – Really…?
– Yes…! – Take it…!
– Put the set inside the frame. – Madam, please move.
– “Take the clothes which you want… – Take it…
– Shall we go for take…? – Take it…!
– Shut up. Buddy, Sneha… Hold it. – How are you dear?
– I am fine. – How are you…?
– I am fine. – Do the Ads well like
the previous Ads. – Sure…! – Greetings!
– Ok…! Sir, shall we go for the take? Sneha’s sari is not good. What? Is not Sneha’s
sari looking good? Fine blend, sir! – I selected that sari from your shop.
– You don’t know about my shop well. Customers will expect that
the sari should be in bright colour. Look the set colour. You are wearing this colour shirt
for your complexion. She is wearing that colour sari
for her complexion. Director, do what I say. I have 40 years experience. Ok I will do it, sir. Smile please, sir. Select a bright colour. Is it, ok? Sir, is it ok? Now, she looks bright. Then shall we go for take? Let’s see the monitor once. “Take it…” “Take the clothes you want…” “Take it…” “Take the clothes in the offer price.” – What sir…?
– Shall we go for take? Oh gosh! Dance moments aren’t good. Why is she closing everything? Ask her to spread out her sari
and dance like Saroja Devi. “Take it…” Sir, you are giving
new ideas like a director. Why don’t you direct our next ad shoots? Did you hear what he said? He is asking me to direct
our next ad film. – Oh gosh! Sir…!
– Don’t worry director. You only direct it. Would I spoil others life? “Take it…!” “Take the clothes in the offer price…!” “Take new designs of…” Who is he? Why did you say cut?
You damn it! – Sir…!
– Who is that mad…? Her ornament has fallen down. Ok give it to her. Take it, madam. “Take the clothes as your wish…” “Take it in Senthil Murugan shop.” “Take it…!” – “Take it…!
– Brother…” – Brother…!
– She will scold me… Please only one time…
Tell him… – Brother…!
– What Durai…? I am the guy who gave the ornament… – Ok, send him.
– She has said. Madam, I am your fan.
I am working in this shop. Oh gosh…!
You are smiling… I will give the whole Tamil Nadu
as a present for this smile. Oh gosh! She is smiling.
See, how she is smiling. I brought this album to show you. Move away and stand. Don’t push! This is you first film’s still. – Your life story has come in daily, right?
– Yes…! I collected this from that. Look, how you are smiling
in your childhood days. This is the still when you gave
the stylish pose in Sharjah ground. You are looking very beautiful,
Suhasini madam. – Suhasini…?
– Your real name is Suhasini, right? – Yes…! – If others call you
as Suba, you would like that. I know that. – Brother, shall I take this album?
– Take it! It is all yours! – Madam, a small request.
– Tell me! My friends are waiting to get
the autograph from you. Please… – Call them!
– Come buddy! Madam, this is my friend Lingu. This is my friend Kani. This is Sofi,
we are best friends. “Take it…!” “Take the clothes which you like.” – Come…!
– Why…? – Come…!
– For what? – I am telling you to come…! – I won’t!
– “Take the clothes in the offer price. – I won’t!
– “Take the new designs of clothes. “Take the colourful
and variety of clothes…” “Take the clothes for your wish…” “Take it in Senthil Murugan stores.” You have ogled at Sneha… Sneha is looking beautiful…
That’s why. You could talk with her as well, right…? Why did you call me? Why I have to talk with
other girls when you are here? – What…?
– Would I ogle at Sneha… …when a beautiful girl
like you is with me? Don’t lie! – She is looking more beautiful than me.
– That is what I meant. You shouldn’t tell that. Ok, I won’t tell. Girls are always… What…? Nothing…! – What…?
– No…! – Why are you wiping…?
– That is…! – What…?
– No…! – What…?
– That is…! Come and take the things you like. Shirt, pant and the dolls
which you asked… We have hanger too. – Hey, Mari!
– Sir…! – Switch on the lights.
– Ok, sir! Take the things what you like. – Take that pink one.
– Ok, sir. – Soban…!
– Sir…! – Take that yellow one.
– Ok, sir! – Take that red one!
– Go and see what they are taking… Correct that wig and bring here. – Enough! Let’s go, sir.
– Ok…! – Mari, switch off the lights.
– Ok, sir! – Mari…!
– Sir…! Shooting is going on.
The guys will roam here. We wouldn’t be able to find out,
even they steal the saris. – Ask the security to stand here.
– Ok, sir! – We are caught…!
– Don’t yell… – We are caught…!
– Please don’t shout. Please don’t cry Kani. Lingu, look there is no sound. Yes…! Oh gosh…! – We got caught.
– Don’t shout… Come let’s go to the back door. – It’s all because of you.
– Don’t cry! – Don’t stand before my eyes.
– Don’t cry! – I am going to lose my dignity.
– Don’t cry, please. We caught well. – It’s all because of you.
– Please, Kani… We should have to beg,
if we lose our job. Please, don’t cry Kani. Get lost! Go…!
Get lost…! Go…! Get lost.

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