Amazon Dropshipping: Is it worth trying?

Often entrepreneurs look for suppliers on
popular trading platforms like AliExpress or Amazon. But is it really possible to benefit from
Amazon dropshipping? Keep watching to learn more. Hello, everyone! I’m Olesia from AliDropship company. Today we are going to talk about dropshipping
on Amazon. If you’ve never heard of the dropshipping
business model, you can learn more here. First of all, let’s clear up the terms. Often by saying “dropshipping,” people
actually mean opening a store on Amazon to dropship goods through it. Another option is to start an independent
dropshipping store and dropship products from Amazon. Let’s examine them one by one. Opening a store on Amazon
The idea here is to use Amazon as a dropshipping channel. At first glance, it seems logical. You don’t have to build your own website. Plus, you can easily reach an incredible amount
of potential buyers. And since it’s Amazon, nobody questions
your trustability. But the problem is that Amazon prohibits dropshipping. Amazon has several requirements. First, you’re not allowed to buy goods from
third parties and then ask them to send the order to buyers. Second, you’re not allowed to send packages
with invoices, stickers, labels, and other stuff from a different seller. If they don’t have your store’s name on
it, it’s forbidden. There’s actually a loophole that makes Amazon
dropshipping possible. Instead of selling a product, you can send
it as a “gift.” In this case, the packing slip is hidden in
a separate envelope. Because, you know, it’s not polite to tell
how much you paid for a gift. But this way, you can hide the original seller’s
identity. Unfortunately, you can’t use it with products
on Amazon Global Store and some other goods. What’s worse, you can only learn about this
option at checkout. So it’s not a good idea to simply hope this
strategy will work every time. Fulfillment by Amazon service
Another option is to use Fulfillment by Amazon service. It allows sellers to outsource package and
delivery tasks to the platform. But, on the other hand, in this case, you
must buy products in advance. With no guarantee you’ll be able to sell
them! And only after that, you can send them to
Amazon.With no guarantee you’ll be able to sell them! Moreover, you’ll have to take responsibility
for refunds, calculating taxes, etc. And you’ll have to pay all the fees to Amazon. As you can see, dropshipping on Amazon doesn’t
look like dropshipping at all because you have none of the benefits this model offers. But what about dropshipping from Amazon? Obviously, nobody can stop you from buying
goods on Amazon and then sending them to other people. But it takes more than that to succeed in
dropshipping. First of all, you need to buy products at
low costs so that your mark-up price doesn’t scare customers away. Unfortunately, items on Amazon aren’t that
cheap. For example, nearly identical products may
cost six dollars on AliExpress and almost 28 (!) dollars on Amazon. The second thing you need is good delivery
options. But not all products on Amazon can be shipped
worldwide. Even AmazonGlobal allows delivery to only
a bit over 100 countries. Besides, there are only 30 million products
on AmazonGlobal. On AliExpress, there are more than 100 million. Lastly, if possible, you want to use your
own brand. AliExpress sellers have no problem with placing
your promo materials in the package. On Amazon, you’re only allowed to use your
own name. And it’s totally impossible if the seller
uses Fulfillment by Amazon. The loophole with sending products as “gifts”
won’t work either because Amazon provides its own gift wrap, bags, and boxes. As you can see, Amazon dropshipping isn’t
that simple. That’s why many people look for suppliers
on AliExpress. You can learn more about AliExpress dropshipping
from another one of our videos. Just follow the link. To make things even easier and automate most
of your work, you can use the AliDropship solution. It’s a plugin that turns any free WordPress
website into a dropshipping store. But let’s go back to Amazon. You can still make use of this platform if
you dropship from other sources like AliExpress. As I mentioned, products on Amazon are quite
expensive. But people buy them anyway. So, you can calculate the average price people
are ready to pay for products similar to yours. And you can offer a better price! Amazon is a great place to find out what’s
hot and trendy these days. Simply scan it for what people buy most often
and find the same or similar goods on other sources. And finally, you can use Amazon as a source
of additional materials for your product pages. Find the same product and borrow a couple
of pictures. If there are watermarks, use a photo editor
to remove them. If you want to start dropshipping but have
no idea what products to choose, here’s what you need! Use our Niche Research service to find what
suits both your interests and the demand on the market. You can also order a ready-to-go store from
our team so you will not need to set up a new store yourself. Follow the links in the description to learn
more about it! If you liked this video, leave a comment and
subscribe to our channel to see more. Or visit our site to read about other topics
related to dropshipping. Hope to see you soon! Bye!

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8 Responses

  1. Mark Lyons says:

    Constructive criticism: Seriously Olicia you talk way too fast which is causing you to slur parts of your sentences/syntax. I had to back-up way too many times to comprehend what you had said which was frustrating. I was close to bailing several times. Apart from this the content was useful. Hope this helps 😉

  2. John William Cole says:

    Sorry this young lady speaks so quickly – and badly its almost impossible to follow – I start to watch and am interested for sure – but I have to close the video – its just racing along and I can't follow – cant understand either she is coached to speak clearly or find another presenter – the info is worthwhile – its just too painful.

  3. tomazs2000 says:

    Amazon is a high risk business, I lost there more than $30.000 in stock and my best friend more than $45.000. "Big Fishes" are so powerfull with their attourneys and Amazon can suspend your account with the whole stock you invested at night and switch off a support or any option to appeal if you are not successful in a first try.

  4. calvin crane says:

    Alidropship strategy is global content monopoly (SEO and dropshipping platform sales is the goal) and I think at the cost of quality. I had to unsubscribe to the mailing list. This unfortunately is as many have said not ideal. I think dialing back the volume and shooting for quality. I bought the plugin to do google merchant feed but there is no way to block certain products.There is no investment budget left it seems for the products as it's all spent on content. I am faced with a ban on merchant centre now due to the feed. Support was not useful all they could say was delete the product or put it into a separate category which is a hack.

  5. Ultimate Tik Tok says:

    It was really confusing information. Is the Dropshipping from Amazon is good or bad? Mostly said disadvantages though.

  6. Erin Pak says:

    All can do the dropship, but should not deliver products from China because the delivery time is way longer. ePacket takes about 2 to 6 weeks to deliver. Customers will ask for the tracking information for sure, and Amazon automatically calculate the seller health score and show you the red flag if the delivery takes too long. If you are trying to do a dropship on Amazon USA, you can do it with domestic online stores such as Costco, Walmart, Walgreen, etc etc. I hope Alidropship expands to different online stores instead of only AliExpress to track products' prices and sell on my website 🙂

  7. GNS Ecomm Services says:

    "Orders "option NOT AVAILABLE on Alipdropship plugin as they mentioned on their tutorila how to process order in alidropship plugin video. Find the screenshot for evidence :!AsfiXTctKQChkHEt2PChvpUP6pkA?e=Z2Su15

  8. AliDropship says:

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