Allied Irish Bank + IBM Z: Backing Customer Ambition

(upbeat music) – Our purpose is to back our
customers dreams and ambitions. Whether that’s starting your
business or buying a house, that means more than being
a transactional partner, let’s be there to back there
to back their ambition. And the Z platform is an
integral part of that commitment to our customers. The vast majority of
payments that are made in the Irish marketplace either start here or travel through here. We’re running what’s considered to be critical national infrastructure. So we have, as a pillar
bank, a major role not just to our customers in particular, but to the Irish economy at large. So we’re very much intertwined with the successful day-to-day
operation, 24/7, 365, of the Irish state. The Z platform is by far in a way, the most modern pieces of infrastructure. From our perspective
it’s absolutely pivotal to the successful operation of AIB in terms of performance
that’s unparalleled. – We may have a very front-end
in terms of mobile banking but the AIB platform behind the scenes, which the customer doesn’t see, that’s what powers my
online banking experience. It has to be performing all of the time, that’s what my customers want to see and that’s what we’re
getting out of this platform. – It’s always been about a
platform that has been able to scale, to have a level of robustness that stands up to our internal
demands, customer demands, and regulatory demands. – CMA, Competition and Markets Authority, mandated all banks to actually
open up their banking systems and sharing of that data
into an open environment. So there’s been three
or four major milestones and out of the CMA 9 which
is nine of the top banks in the UK and Ireland, we’re
now in the top two position of having that on the
dates so that agility it has actually enabled
us and empowered us to deliver those key banking milestones from an open-minded perspective to date. – It’s a mind-set, I think
it’s really important we see it as a modern innovation platform.

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