All You Need to Know: Outdoor Retailer – Safety | FYI

[music playing] Nothing is more important
than being safe in the outdoors. This is the new Taglit
LED magnetic marker. What’s cool about this
is it is just a really simple magnetic marker. So you can put it on
something like your clothing, for example, and there’s
a bright LED in there. So if you’re out on the
trail, it’s a simple way to keep you visible. Innovation for the outdoors
takes many shapes and sizes, like this nifty little gadget. We have a knife with a
light on there, a firestarter, a compass, all on the outside. We have this button
to lock in the knife so it doesn’t just fall out. Ahh, excellent. A whistle on the back. Oh. [whistles] Yeah, I like that. This is the ExtremeMist
cooling system. When somebody is out
and they’re dehydrating and then they can end
up in heat stroke, this can help with that. I actually helped
with three rescues by keeping people
misted after they were down and out on the trail. You’re going to stay cool. That’s all there is to it. [music playing]

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