Airbnb Passive Income For Wholesalers ($15k/mth – NO MORE 9-5!)

– How long have you been doing wholesaling? – Two years. – Okay, and how many deals do you do a year? – I close like 15 to 20. – You’re doing 15 to 20 deals a year? Has
this been valuable for you, Tee? – Yeah! What? Yes! What? Yes, absolutely ’cause
this right here was the main issue I was having, was like watching the videos and they were
like not telling me the verbiage or what I needed to put into the contract. How does
the contract look? You, understand? So I’m thinking like, you know how do I go about
getting, yeah high-five, virtual high-five, yes! Yes, very very valuable. This is what
I was missing in my key point. This is my key challenge. – Hey guys, it’s Jim G. from Jim G’s Coaching
Club. And in this Airbnb Passive Income for Wholesalers video cheat sheet you’re going
to see how you too can make money with Airbnb without owning property. You’re also gonna
see when looking at Airbnb versus wholesaling, like Tee did, how much easier, less stressful,
more predictable and more profitable than wholesaling this Airbnb passive income strategy
or what some like to call, the rental arbitrage strategy really is. The tips you’re gonna
get by being a fly on the wall in this conversation I’m having with Tee, you’ll be able to implement
almost right away and possibly become the next Airbnb success story like me and many
of my Airbnb coaching and mentoring students. And at the end you’re gonna see a very valuable
resource that I share that will be huge for you if you’re interested in starting or growing
your own Airbnb passive income rental arbitrage business. So now, I’m gonna let you see and
listen in on this. But before I let it roll I’m gonna ask if you appreciate the information
that I share here, please like and share the video, and comment below, I’d love to hear
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it also allows me to help others obtain financial independence, financial freedom like I’ve
been blessed with through creative real estate investing, and in this case, Airbnb. So, God
bless you and here we go. Tell me about your real estate business. Tell me what you do. – I do wholesaling. – All right so you do wholesaling. So my question
to you is how long have you been doing wholesaling? – 2 years. – Okay, and how many deals do you do a year? – I close like 15 to 20. – You’re doing 15 to 20 deals a year? – Yeah. – Are you really? Okay, so. – Yeah, I really have like people under me
in the streets and stuff like that so. – Okay, so you rolling, so you rolling all
right. – I’m trying, I’m trying. – And when I say you’re rolling like basically
if you’re doing 15 deals a year you got activity, right? You got activity. Like you don’t just
do 15 deals a year just twiddling your thumbs. Like you have enough activity where you could
actually scale it if you really understood how to do that. Right, you may like, but I
can tell you if you got all this other stuff going on like, I mean. – Yes, my so half my brain is like . – We can talk, like we can talk. Because,
I’m gonna show you some stuff with Airbnb. And I’m gonna show you my portfolio. I’m gonna
show you how to lock in these properties. How to find them. How to lock them in. And
then from there really it’s gonna be a matter of you just going ahead and implementing.
However, I say all that to say this: I keep the processes simple so that it’s easily duplicatable.
So, I’m gonna share my screen with you is that all right? – Okay, yes. – All right, all right, so. Looks like Airbnb
is moving a little bit slow this morning so let us see what’s going on. We’re start though
with here. What it’s showing here is that, I wanna just show you a couple just a little
bit of one of my portfolios. All right? – Great. – So, what it’s showing is that we have 27
listings. And what I’m gonna show here is a format. – Yeah but I’m really into passive income
so this is something that I’m looking into. – So what this is showing right now is that
so far for this year in July, well we’re at the end of July so through seven months I’ve
generated 97, 98 thousand dollars with Airbnb. – Wow, wow. – Okay, and so far of that 98 thousand, so
for July, so now its moving pretty good, so for July its showing that I’ve generated $16,141
is what I’ve earned for July. In June, we actually, I only earned $14,243, and I say
only because in May I did another $16,157. And in June it should have been more, it should
have been probably more like 16 or 17, maybe even $18,000 but one of the things I did is
I had to take a, I had to make some adjustment, and in order to make those adjustments I had
to take a step back so I could take two or three steps forward. And so the process, so
it cost me a little bit to do that, and now we’re back on track but before I made that
I was working probably more like 10 hours a day, I mean not a day, 10 hours a week just
with this portfolio alone. Now I probably work, now maybe I work an half and hour a
day. – Cool. – Right, so but in order to make that jump
I had to take some steps back right? So it cost me a little bit to do that but again
we’re back on track, July we generated for July 16 thousand and then in August we’re
already going in to August with 98 hundred dollars. So, we’re already ahead of the game
in August. So that’s one thing. The other is from a cashflow perspective it works out
pretty good too because the money that’s coming in what its showing so far is that of that
98 thousand dollars they’ve already deposited nearly 81 thousand in my account. And the
way they do that, it happens everyday. Didn’t show yesterday but it’s showing the day before
yesterday they deposited $373, day before that $476, couple days before that two deposits
went in for about $500. Day before that close to $500. Day before that a couple hundred. – Right. – Day before that a few hundred. And then
what it’s showing is that I got some money being deposited over the next few days, and
that is, you got $200 and then on the second there’s a bunch of payouts coming on the second
which total six, fourteen, twenty, nineteen, twenty-five, twenty-five, twenty-seven, So
about $2700. Right? And then another another thousand, $1100 after that. So it’s coming
in everyday. – Right, right. – Right, and that’s regardless if I’m sitting
here talking to you Tee or if I’m in Puerto Rico hanging out or if I’m in you know, if
I’m sleep or just you know working on something else. – Right. – Right, so it is pretty passive. It’s set
up to be pretty, pretty passive if you do it properly. – Right. – Right, and so here’s the template. And its
just copy and paste. Right, it’s just copy and paste. And, and guess what? You know,
if you need, here’s the other thing, Tee. The beauty of setting up, setting up and being
able to say, “Oh yeah I spend 30 minutes a day “or two hours a week working “and I got
you know all this, “this, this passive income coming in “from my real estate portfolio,
“that’s where I make my money, “from my real estate portfolio.” But the beauty of doing
it is so that I can continue to do the things I’m passionate about. I love helping people.
I love talking about real estate. I love doing deals. And, and the other thing I do is I
also have a homeless ministry, I didn’t even mention that. But I have a homeless ministry
that I started six years ago and that was one of the things I was pretty passionate
about, too. The Lord really stirred my heart to do it. I did it for four years straight.
I wasn’t even doing real estate, I was just feeding into these guys and mentoring them. – Wow! – You know, and so, so this is all part of
just being able to do the things that the Lord is really giving you the heart for, right? – No, I completely, I completely understand.
I give free credit classes to the women at the abuse center. Like, this is crazy. I give
free, I feel like people should understand what’s going on. Like I go there and I repair
their credit for free because you know these women feel trapped. They feel trapped, like
there’s no place to go, I can’t do nothing, I’m stuck here. You’re not stuck, lets get
you together. Yes. Go ahead, keep going, keep going. – So, in this, what you’re gonna see is that,
and a lot of people know that I do the homeless ministry so I put that in, but this is the
key to any of the leases. I don’t care if it’s their lease or it’s one that you’re gonna
use here. I always like to forward my leases first. Number one, it just makes it easy for
a lot of landlords. ‘Cause most of the landlords that I deal with I got significantly more
experience than they do but I don’t tell them that, right, going in. Well, when I say that
I don’t tell them that. When they see this they recognize that I do have experience,
right? So they see that I got 47 units but they don’t really understand. Like, I used
to have over 300 units in my portfolio. They don’t understand the history. And I don’t
get into all that. I don’t really get into that. In fact, I try to avoid talking about
it. Because I don’t want to scare people off. But in any case, I also As we start moving
forward and I know that there that potentially, you know, that we are going to be working
together I’ll say, “Hey, I got a lease “Give me your email address, “I’ll send you some
other documents “that might help in this process.” And I don’t even tell them about the lease.
But I forward it to them so then they go, “Oh man, “This is better than the one I use.”
And then they don’t mind using it because it protects them. It’s the same lease that
I use for my own stuff but also better than the one they use and they can copy it and
use it going forward on their own stuff. Right, so I send them this but it has the language
in it that I need and that you’re gonna need. And if it’s their own lease don’t sweat it.
You just need to amend the lease before you lock it in to make sure it has that at least
this in there. It doesn’t say now I have in here that the property will not be used for
church services and there will be absolutely no homeless ministry activity. And I do that
because if I put that in there it’s only because I may have had a conversation with someone
about my homeless ministry and I don’t want them to think that I’m gonna be using their
property for that. – Right. – We have our own properties for that that
we do. So they don’t have to be concerned. But you wanna at least have that in there
for two reasons. There’s two reason’s you wanna have that. One is so that they know
you’re gonna be there. You’re not gonna be there everyday. They don’t know how often
you’re gonna be there. But they know that you will be there. Not just taking their property
so that you can lease it out to people that are coming through. You’re gonna be in control
of that place at all times. And then two, it’s not saying anything about you leasing
or having tenants. You’re not leasing or having any tenants. What you’re doing is you have
some guests that come and go from out of town for business purposes and you’re gonna host
them. Just like if you were in your own home. You’re hosting them. So you don’t have any
tenants coming in back and forth. – I needed that. All right. – You needed that, right? – I needed it – You know when you get to a certain point
it’s about the little silver bullets. It’s not about the big, big picture. The big picture,
you miss those little key pieces. And that’s what makes the difference, all the difference
in the world. And that’s where the lifetime experience comes in. There’s a lot of little
key pieces and a lot of big things that you understand that you doing. But when you add
these little key pieces it takes you to a whole ‘nother level. So you’re gonna get that
and so that’s the key. – I’m already thinking ’bout how I wanna take
my contract. ‘Cause basically, you know, I’m military. So I wanna have accommodate a lot
of military families for graduation I’m already thinking! – I know you are. So in any case, you’re gonna
get this as well. So you’re gonna see how a lot of this stuff fits together and how
it works naturally in the business that you’re already in. Right? You set these things up
passively and how, you know, when things don’t necessarily work out you can always flip it
to someone else if it’s not, you know. Or, if it doesn’t fit, it still makes sense but
maybe not from this side. Maybe a different side. – Yeah, no, definitely. Awesome. I see, I
see. – You see? – I see it. – You see the light. – I see it. I’m thinking about everything
I can think about. I’ll get this started. ‘Cause I built my business credit up as well.
So I’m thinking about how I’m gonna use my business card. ‘Cause I don’t Whatever has
to do with business, I don’t have a personal guarantee to it at all. So basically I wanna
use my business card for whatever I need to purchase and for this side as well. So, I
see it. I’m thinking, I’m thinking. I’m thinking, yes. That sounds like a plan. – So tell me. Has this been valuable for you,
Tee? – Yes. You, what? What? Yes! Absolutely. ‘Cause
this right here was the main the main issue I was having. I was watching videos and they
were not telling me the verbiage or what I need to put into the contract, how the contract
looks, you understand? So I’m thinking, like, you know, how do I go about getting this.
Yes. High-five. Virtual high-five. Yes. Yes, very valuable. This is what I was missing.
My key points. – So let me ask you this. If you were yourself
talking to yourself. Right, you’ve already gone through this thing. Right now, we’re
here, right where we are. Let’s rewind two or three days ago. And you were yourself considering,
“Hey, do I do this, or not?” What would you say to yourself? What would you say to others
that would be considering working with me and at least getting some Airbnb training? – No, this was definitely worth it. Like I
said, a couple months ago I was kind of like, “Eh, maybe this isn’t for me.” And then I
seen your gig. And I was like, “Okay, I’m gonna give it a try.” I’m very happy. I’m
absolutely ecstatic that I actually clicked on it. This is very, very, way worth way,
way worth it. I would, looking back on myself, I’m applauding my past self, ’cause you did
good, girl. I’m happy you clicked on it. So yes, I am so happy. My past me got one for
the win. – So, what I would say is, we’ll wrap up.
I just wanted to Again, I’m doing this. I don’t have to do this. I do it ’cause I’m
passionate. It’s not about the money, it’s not about that. It’s more so that you guys
can you guys can take what I’ve been blessed with and be able to take it to the next level
for yourself as well. And then hopefully be able to pass on as well to your families and
to others that are that you care about as you allow that stuff to grow through yourself
as well. – You do have other gigs on there right now? – Yeah, I have other gigs on there. – I wanna I’m going. – But I can send you some other stuff, too.
But that’s fine, you can do that. If you ever decide that you ever want to become a formal
student, let me know and I can, just because of who you are and what you’re doing already
I’ll work something special out for you. – Awesome, thank you. – All right, cool. – I’m there. Count me in. Once I get my mind
all worked up and I’m excited. I’m excited. I’ve been doing property for a long I am excited.
Let’s go. – I mean, you know what. Here’s the thing.
You can, you know. It’s funny. One of the things that someone told me before was that,
you know, if you were learning how If you wanted to learn how to to spot counterfeit
money you don’t go and study counterfeit money. You go and study real money. Because you’ll
know what it smells like, you’ll know what it feels like, you’ll know what it sounds
like. And then when a counterfeit comes you’ll know how to spot it right away. Right? It’s
the same thing. You know real estate to a certain degree ’cause you’re in it. You got
enough going on. You’ve seen enough of the not so good stuff but you’ve also made some
money in it. You know about business. So when something’s real you can spot it. When something’s
not real you’ll spot it right away, too. And that’s where you’re at now. Now you’re at,
like “Oh my gosh! “I really came across the real deal. “This is for real!” I know you
get it. I get it, you get it. I’m the same way. I got mentors, too. Not necessarily in
real estate, anymore. But I have business mentors that are just way, they’re way. They’re
in a different stratosphere. But I recognize it when I see it. And they’re not cheap. They’re
real. But it’s worth it to me, right? Because there’s only so many people that can help
you get to the next level that are genuine, right? There’s some people that, there’s a
lot of stuff out there. You know there’s a lot of stuff out there. And so we get it.
When we see the real deal we get it. And that’s where you are right now. So I’m looking forward
to, at some point in the near future, hopefully sooner rather than later, working with you
some more. But even if we don’t, right, even if we don’t, I appreciate what we’ve had so
far and I want you to at least take this. Take this, what I just gave you, and do something
with it. You put the same energy into this that you put into everything else? Mark my
words. Within the first week, Within the first week, let me change that. Within the first
day, I’m gonna tell you that. Within the first day, two days, max. If it doesn’t happen in
the first day, I’ll be shocked. Like if you just take this after we finish the template
and you start doing what I told you to do. Send it out. Within the first day, right?
And I can only say this because I worked with many, many people. Right? Many people all
over the world. Within the first day, you’re gonna start getting responses. And then you’re
gonna be back to me, going, “Jim, what do I do next.” You might not be saying that,
because you have a little bit more experience than a lot of other people. But even my guys
that have more experience, they go, “OK. How do I approach this?” So then we can talk about
some other things after that but implement, right? Remember how I was shaking my head?
When we first started? – Yes – You know why, now, right? – Yes, I completely know why. – So you get it, now. So implement, focus
on the simple things first, get that going, and then we’ll move into the steps. Okay? – Okay, okay. All right, then. All right.
I got the rest of the day to work on this, too. So I am All right, all right. – All right. So God bless you. I’ll send you
the stuff back out to you. I’ll send the stuff out to you right away, okay? – Yeah. And if you send me that completed
gig thing I’ll definitely fill it out. – Yeah, the only thing, the audio takes a
little bit of time to render so I’ll send the other stuff out to you right away but
the audio will be follow-up. – Thank you. – You’re welcome. – All right! Bye. – Bye. – [Jim] Hey, guys. It’s Jim G. from Jim G.’s
Coaching Club and I want to thank you again for making it to the end of the video. As
I mentioned when we started I want to share with you some free bonuses that you can use
and implement immediately to get you started making money with Airbnb without owning property
and possibly becoming the next Airbnb success story. The bonuses are my Airbnb Getting Started
cheat sheet and as an additional bonus for your dedication I am giving you my proven
landlord contact template. Which was blurred out in the video. And as icing on the cake
when you’ve completed it send me a copy and I will personally review it for you and let
you know if you should make any changes for optimal results. Now I hope you understand
how important that piece is. ‘Cause I only normally do that for my Airbnb Accelerator
students. However, as you know my passion is helping as many people as possible achieve
their dream of financial independence and financial freedom with creative real estate.
So all you need to do now is follow my steps and implement. Remember, I got your back.
So, with that said, if this was all valuable to you you can help me by liking and sharing
this video and commenting below. I love to hear from you. And don’t forget, please, please,
subscribe to my channel for additional creative real estate coaching and more Airbnb passive
income video cheat sheets. Once again, God bless you.

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