hello my name is Paula Roper Bacchas and
I am a real estate agent here in Jamaica where is my clients to buy sell rent
lease residential and commercial properties island-wide and it would be
my pleasure to assist you today so on today’s episode I will be discussing my
my Paula Roper Bacchas’s tips and tricks to make your house showroom ready number
one in my tips and tricks are always follow my 3D’s in real estate home
selling my 3D’s are declutter depersonalized
and deep clean your house in order to get it on the market and get it sold
quickly we’re going to remove everything that is not needed or does not serve a
purpose in the whole grand scheme of selling your house so we’re going to
also remove all personal effects so make sure to remove your family photos any
religious or political pictures or statements that might be in your house
because that might turn off prospective purchasers so we’re also going to give
your house a deep-clean we’re going to make sure we get into those corners
those crevices and corners and make sure your house sparkles and shines so that
when persons step into your house they’ll immediately fall in love with it and
make an offer to purchase number two we’re going to repair we’re going to
renovate and we’re going to paint all needed areas the key word here is needed
we’re not going to do anything that is not pertinent or not needed for the sale
of your house we’re going to focus only on what is needed
key word here is needed so we’re going to go through and we’re going to make
sure that any obvious signs of disrepair are corrected anything that might turn
off our prospective purchasers is corrected so we’re going to if we have a
leaking faucet we’re going to fix that if we have cracks on the floor we’re
going to remove those tiles and replace them with new tiles that are
perfect they’re not cracked or broken if we have any areas that are dirty on the
wall we’re going to paint those areas to make sure that the house is nice and
fresh and appealing for when prospective purchasers come to your house they’ll
immediately fall in love and make a purchase so number three we’re going to
clean out and remove all dated curtains drapes blinds
whatever window coverings that you have in your house we’re going to make sure
that they pop so if they are dirty we’re going to wash them if they’re outdated
and turn off or might turn off prospective purchasers we’re gonna take
them down and replace them with nice neutral curtains or drapes that makes
your house pop and make it appealing so that people will you guess it fall in
love and make an offer to purchase your house so number four we’re going to
remove all smelly carpets and rugs especially if you have pets in your home
you might have become a little nose blind to the smells that might be in
your house because you’ve lived there for such a long time and it’s now normal to
you but someone who is not familiar with your house
once they step in and start to traverse your house on that smelly carpets
they’re going to know and they’re going to have
they’re going to smell it sorry they’re going to smell it and you need to step
back assess the situation and see if your carpet or your rugs need to be
thrown out or replaced so you need to just come to this experience with an
open mind so that you can really take a look at your house and see what areas
need improving because I would hate for you to lose a sale because of smelly
dirty worn carpet or rugs it doesn’t make any sense and a fun fact I would
love to tell you today Jamaicans we hate carpets we don’t like it every time I
bring a purchaser to a house where there is carpet I immediately get a feeling or
sometimes they tell me oh we do not like carpet I’ve never brought a Jamaican to
a house that there was carpet and that they were excited about it never in all
my years in real estate have I ever brought a person to a house
with carpet and they were excited about it and yes I do have houses for sale with
carpets in them and I have spoken to the owners about removing them unfortunately
at this time it is not in the budget and we just have to make do but they do know
that this is a negative for the sale of their house so we’re going to move on to
number five hide all unsightly cords and wires from
view and they see cords or extension wires stretched all about your
house this is a big no-no this turns them off immensely please if you do have
a lot of extension wires in your house either buy the furniture that allows you
to hide the cords in them so that they’re not
visible or please unplug these items during the showing so that it won’t be a
negative for prospective purchasers when they view your house number six install
new light bulbs into your house and keep them on during the showing
okay so persons do not want to feel like they’re stepping into a cave when they
come to view your house they want to feel like they’re stepping into a nice bright
location that is nice and lit please open the windows turn on all the lights
make sure you have a good flow of breeze or air coming through your house to make
the person who is viewing your house feel invited feel nice feel welcomed by
your home and invited to your home and this will increase your chances of
selling and for top dollar you guessed it so on to number seven we’re going to
talk about removing everything from your countertops especially in your kitchen
and your bathrooms so let’s start off with the kitchen if you’re a chef if you
cook a lot and you have a lot of appliances you have toaster ovens you
have toasters you have juice extractors you have blenders you have coffee makers all of these things on your counters in your home when persons come to view this is not good this is not good for your sale sometimes it shows the prospective
purchaser that you don’t have ample storage for all of these items so we
want to take these away especially during showing when we’re not
showing your property and you need to let’s say toast some bread you can take
out your toaster oven once you’re finish put it away especially when we’re in the
process of showing your home to prospective purchasers we want to make
your house look as appealing as possible so let’s move to the bathroom when we
enter your bathroom we don’t need to see your
shampoo your body washes your soap your rag we don’t need to see it we need it
to be streamlined we need to only see what is going to be
there the bathtub the toilet and the sink that’s all we
need to see if you want to add a nice little portrait on the wall of a
landscape or something that is not your family members you need to add if you
want to decorate your bathroom and add a nice painting or a photograph of a
landscape that is fine but during this time when your house is showroom ready
we will like to just see the basics in the bathroom we don’t want to see any
clutter we don’t want to see any personal effects we want it to be clean
and streamlined number eight we if you want to decorate your house and make
your house appealing staging so you can stage without having to bring in a
professional home stager you can stage your home by simply having everything
nice and clean and organized and you can add some nice paintings of flowers on
the wall of landscapes please don’t add any personal family photos we want the
purchaser to be able to visualize themselves actually living in your house
so we don’t want them to be looking at your graduation photo or in your wedding
picture and wondering if they know you or what your life is like or any of that
we just want them to focus on the house itself and purchasing it that’s all we
want our prospective purchasers to do when they enter your home we don’t want
them to get distracted by any of your personal stuff so we want to take that
away and we just want to make your house nice and appealing that’s all
number nine and last is to arrange your furnitures or your furnishings so that
prospective purchasers can easily navigate themselves through your house
we don’t want to be we don’t want prospective purchasers to have to be
stepping sideways or moving aside or scooting through a little hole or our
Smalling up themselves to get into areas of your house we want these areas to be
nice and accessible so we want to take away all the unused items or furnishings
from your house to make your house open up and easy to just walk inside and view
we don’t want to have to have to have a plan on how someone has to navigate your
house we want it to be easily accessible and the person can easily view the house
and make sure that it is something that you want to purchase so thank you so
much for watching my episode I really do appreciate it it was great seeing you
again so I would like you to invite I would I would like to invite you to give
me a thumbs up if you learned anything at all or if you found this video
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thank you for watching and see you next time bye

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