If you are wanting to make a little extra
money, start selling online, getting into the wholesale business, or already have an
established business than these pallets are for you!
Stover’s Liquidation is thrilled to offer you HUGE unmanifested Gaylords from Top Online
retailers These are much larger than your standard Gaylords
and these are very, very full and you can see how large they really are.
There are just tons of items in each pallet and a pallet can weigh anywhere from 600-1000
lbs. There is a ton of potential and a lot of places
that you can sell these items, such as Amazon, eBay, local FB groups, flea markets & swap
meets, garage sales, retail stores, craigslist….. pretty much anywhere!
We get in 12 or more of these each and every week with pickups available. So you can come
down, check out these pallets and pick from a few that you see or you can order right
here from this listing. These are not manifested pallets and we do
not know what is in any of these pallets, we do not cherry pick through these and do
not pull any products out. You get these exactly the same way that we
get these pallets. You can see the huge variety of items that
you’ll be getting in each Gaylord. There can be anything from backpacks, name
brand electronics, baby items, cell phones and cell phone accessories, to pet food and
supplies to clothing, purses, mineral supplements, protein shakes, and so much more!
We at Stover’s have personally processed a few of these pallets and manifested the
items that we found Please take a moment and see the PDF on our
website so that you can see exactly what we found and what we are selling the items for!
The good news is that you will not be competing with us, we do not process these pallets and
sell things out of them. We simply do not have the time. But we did
process 6 of these to show you what we found. Okay pause video….. Time to break for a
disclaimer Now that you have been drooling over these
pallets and your brain is racing with places to sell these items and you can see the great
potential in these we do want to make the following disclosure…
We cannot promise anything on the quality or the quantity of the items in these pallets.
We just do not know what is in them. We get them direct and sell them back out to people
like you. We cannot promise you that you will turn a
profit on these pallets as there are many factors such as where you sell, how you sell,
your salesmanship, who you are selling to, etc.
What we can promise is that we have many customers that really love these pallets and are coming
back time and time again, and we move a lot of these.
We do have customers telling us that these are some of the best pallets that they have
purchased! But these pallets are sold to you AS-IS with
no refunds or exchanges just due to the nature of these pallets.
Now, End of disclaimer and back to our regular scheduled video to let your mind race and
you can now commence drooling again… Good news is that you can now buy just one
of these pallets right here right now. Even more good news. You can buy this EXACT
Pallet that you see here in this video and get it shipped right to your door for the
price you see listed. Here is the video of your actual pallet that
you are purchasing. We have reserved this pallet off to the side just for you and it
is ready to ship. You can see that there are just tons of items
in this pallet. We took a little time and dig through this
pallet for you so that you can see just how full it really is!
So take a moment and pick which pallet you want and that will be the exact pallet that
you will receive in a handful of days! Each listing will have a different video that
is created special to just for that listing. See our US Map to determine the shipping time
to you, and YES we can ship this pallet to you anywhere in the Continental US.
Don’t have a loading dock or a fork lift??? No worries… the delivery driver will have
a lift-gate and will lower it down to the ground for you.
So, this is your pallet, you can see just some of the items in your pallet and it’s
ready and waiting for you to add this to your cart and order now.
If you prefer to come down and check out our operation, feel free to come down anytime
and we’ll be happy to show these to you. Want to buy more than one, we’ll get some
shipping quotes together and combine some shipping, so call us and we’ll arrange that
for you. If you have any other questions please feel
free to call us and we’ll be more than happy to help.
Please contact our wholesale experts at 855-543-5159 with any questions and we’ll be happy to
help you and help you own one today! We don’t know the exact quantity of the
items of each Gaylord, however there can be several of the same high end retail item that
quickly makes your money back! Again these are large Gaylords that are filled
with return products from Top Online Retail Stores. You’ll get just about anything and
everything in these pallets!

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  1. kollegs101 says:

    Its just trash, that's why Amazon cannot sell them

  2. kollegs101 says:

    Why are you trying to sell your trash to people. Please tell them this is trash you cannot sell after picking out the good stuff!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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