6 Tips To Boost Your Video SEO

People watch over a billion hours of
video per day on YouTube. So how do you make sure your video marketing content
gets a share that watch time? By optimizing it for YouTube and Google
search. Let’s go over six things you should be doing
to get your videos noticed. Let’s start with titles. If you want your videos to succeed then you
need to boost your click-through rate and the easiest way to do that is by
writing titles that are compelling to your audience. You can do that by looking
at the video titles that are already ranking well and following a similar
formula. Avoid falling into the clickbait trap because YouTube punishes videos with clickbait titles. So don’t mislead your audience or use offensive language. Make sure you spend some time on it because if nobody clicks on your title then no one’s gonna see your content. Number two – thumbnails. Your video thumbnails need to be just as compelling as your titles. Spend some time creating
a custom thumbnail that’s visually appealing, speaks to what your video will
cover, and catches people’s attention. If your video includes someone famous or
some beautiful action shots you should use an image from the video
for your thumbnail. Clickbait rules apply to thumbnails too so don’t mislead your audience Number three – descriptions. Keywords no longer matter for YouTube descriptions but descriptions do still matter for two reasons. First of all, the first 125 characters of
your description appear in the search results. Use that to grab people’s
attention with the beginning of your description. Second of all YouTube still
uses the description to learn about the context of the video. Make sure you’re
writing a long and accurate description to provide as much context as possible. Number four – custom transcripts. We’ve talked about this in our video about creating captions but having an accurate transcription of your video can really boost its SEO ranking. Google can’t index a video but it can index the text of what is being said in the video. So create custom captions for your videos that Google will then index as a transcription. Number five – watch time. YouTube cares a lot about keeping people on their platform so if you can increase your watch time,
YouTube will reward you with higher rankings. We have a ton of videos about video production so make sure you check those out to learn how to keep your audience engaged and your content relevant. Just like I did there plug
your existing content and work on optimizing your channel to encourage
your viewers to watch more of your videos. Use YouTube cards and end screens
to your advantage. Number six – engagement. This one’s pretty obvious if
people are watching and liking and sharing and commenting on your videos
and subscribing to your channel then YouTube and Google are gonna give them priority. To help get people engaged you need to be engaging. You should sound
like you’re talking to a real person in your video and don’t be afraid to ask
questions or include a CTA. Then make sure you’re following up with your
audience in the comments below. If you haven’t already put all of your efforts
into getting people to click on, keep watching, and engaging with your content. For even more marketing tips hit that subscribe button.

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