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hi This is Ken Mingis and
this is the mingis on tech one minute talk I’m with Sharon Gaudin who’s been
doing a lot of work around retail IT lately and I want to find out what the
retailer should be focused on is they’re trying to figure out how to get
technology more involved with what they’re doing great thanks can I was at
the National Retail Federation Big Show conference in New York last week and one
of the main topics that a lot of retailers and big vendors were talking
about was what technology retailers really need to be focused on and it came
down mainly to three things they have to be on the cloud if you’re not on the
cloud already you’re behind okay so make sure that you really so are your
retailers that are not on the cloud yet they really haven’t embraced in any way
none of the big retailers that I talked to that just seems to be a must have
okay but they’re also looking at virtual reality I spoke with Virgin Atlantic who
you might not really think of as a retailer but they’re selling seats on
their Airlines and specifically with what they call their upper class seats
they’re using a virtual reality system so you can what pick out where your seat
is going to be your good just see what it would be like flying upper class oh
and they would take it up sale it’s an obsolete to the upper class they would
take it to large corporations or two conferences and use the goggles and a
headset that are Microsoft built to show people what the experience would be like
so I also talked with Neiman Marcus and they’re looking at virtual reality in
terms of maybe having a store in your home so you have goggles or something
and then you can wander around wander around a Neiman Marcus to without even
leaving the couch right you could see the clothing you might be able to see
your form wearing the clothing they’re still ya know I can I tweak that
although I said 8-10 inches long so Neiman Marcus didn’t really want to talk
specifics about what they’re doing but they said they’re definitely working on
virtual reality and then something else that vendors talked about including
Microsoft was artificial intelligence and using that to help people who are
being online find the perfect pair of jeans of the perfect jacket or so we’re
looking at cloud virtual reality and AI basically is the kinds of things
retailers need to be focused on exactly okay great thanks a lot I appreciate
thank you that’s a wrap

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