Hey everyone its Izzy and MJ from endless RVing and we are out at Garick RV In West Milford, New Jersey, they have an open house here and I got out of work a little bit early so we are taking some video of some RVs that you may want to see we have some travel trailers and small pop-ups Class A’s fifth wheels and we even have a class and receiving chassis. So And a destination trailer, it’s not a big deal ship the inventory is limited, but they allowed us to look around So check it out stay tuned. There may be something you enjoy We’re going over So here is Jake owes mid-level Fifth-wheel, this is the North Point by Jake. Oh This is a nice size fifth wheel Model number is going to be the 381 alws By Jake oh Let’s take a step inside There’s gonna be your front living plan front living room You can see you walk up. Nice space here fury on television With the 40 inch fury on fireplace that’s going to be good to help heat up on the cold days Yeah Yeah So you have a nice three person couch here with ottoman and then you have You have a recliner over here with the electronic component and recliner with the cupholders and Then you have another couch which is gonna be on the passenger side nice high ceilings Also have the laminate flooring You walk down a couple steps and you’re gonna we in your kitchen Use your control panel Very nice and you have a little workstation here to put your appliances Residential fridge is at a whirlpool Big residential fridge so keep in mind MJ is almost 510 and you can see her This is a bit. This actually might be bigger than one at home whirlpool fridge You have a fury on Microwave also fury on oven and you have your propane gas top three burner Says it’s wired for solar Over here you have your Island Island Dual sinks when you storage three pullout drawers Plenty of cabinet space over the top This is kind of we all you have cabinets over here some cabinets on the sides That’s a lot of lot of wasted space and open this up yes, plenty of drawers cabinet spaces here high storage And then you have your table pull-out table with Seats bay windows here. So this is going to be normally your campsite so you’re gonna have big windows on your Campsite you can see out the window And then I want you see the ceiling up here you have Big vaulted ceilings high ceilings those those are got to be what 10 feet at least if not more Fantastic fan Nice lighting Do you like this one? I do it looks bigger. I think on the outside than it is inside It’s a nice big bathroom. Ah two entries So while this is a big bathroom? This is a almost like residential sized bathroom here So you have a nice size? one piece fiberglass Bathroom with shower And then you have a place to sit over here You also have high ceilings With a skylight that is plenty of room in here and we just step back so you can have an appreciation of this duel hooks Toilet SantaCon built-in that’s gonna be a master rating toilet Secondary door step back and there is your dual mirrored medicine cabinet dual sinks storage and here also Your storage Medicine cabinet Thanks size dual And you have your pocket door Just wrapped. Nice pocket door here gonna slide out. You can clip that And here’s a bedroom so you’re gonna give up a little space in the bedroom But this is this is a pretty big bedroom still you have your second door there So it’s gonna be one bath nice overhead cabinets Is a king sized bed Yeah, you can see a lot of cabinets over here over the rear closet a lot of cabinets And here’s the Here’s the back. You have your window some more cabinet space place to sit very on television and Then you have a nice closet at the back here. I don’t see a washer/dryer hookup in here With a sliding door I’m gonna make our way to the exterior show you some exterior storage. Here’s your second entrance door with screen We’ll make our way to the exterior of this So this is gonna be a six slide Six slide fifth wheel. You have two more ride pin box LEDs underneath the front cap get that nice windshield up on the front there Very nice. You’re gonna have plenty of storage underneath here. You want to put a generator or batteries? You got your more right steps that are coming down both front and rear nice grab handle Here are your tires it’ll be on good year endurance tires. We also have them more I’d see our III thousand suspension Arrant dexter axles You can see the rear Slides they have the slide toppers and then you have the awning that goes over all three You have a carrying hitch here We’re going to put a cargo for bicycles or any other kind of cargo rear ladder and Then three slides on the driver’s side. This is going to be a 50-amp service As your connection 50m service Here your tank dumps Okay gonna be on the driver side Gray, holding low point drains black you got double gray holding tanks here Again slide toppers over each slide There is no outdoor kitchen here which is probably going to be a 10 gallon hot water heater, so here are the numbers on this Got a gross vehicle weight rating of sixteen thousand seven hundred and fifty pounds Axle to both 7,000 pound axles two axles They’re sitting on 16 by 7 inch rims to 5585 16 tire This is definitely dually country So here are all the options on this this is 2019 Jayco the MSRP is ninety, five six hundred and the open house special is sixty four seven nine five saving thirty thousand dollars 2019 Jayco North Point 381 FL WS This is Jay goes mid line Fifth wheel. Okay, here we have did Jayco precept This is Jake owes gas Class a coach is gonna ride on an F 53 chassis powered by Ford v10 The model this one is the precept 34g You’re gonna have a full wall slide on the passenger side With an awning topper with this slide topper and an awning going all the way over the large slide step in two steps You’re gonna step in So you’re going to have your cockpit here Everything is clearly laid out. You have the equalizer Auto leveling system Controls left forward Give a sound stream head unit for your radio and then you’re also gonna have a slide-out desk here With a cigarette lighter as well as 12 volt outlets every cup holders And you have your Flexsteel furniture keep in mind this furniture will spin around Looking overhead you have some cabinets overhead plenty of storage gives you a lot of storage space It’s gonna be both for the driver and passenger side and then you’re gonna have your Your bunk overhead bunk on electronic motorized control that’s going to drop down and give you some sleeping quarters Moving over to the passenger side. You have a dual couch here with cupholders You’re gonna have a television on television Topa at this point because there’s no power going to this coach MJ’s over by the kitchen with solid surface countertops Whoa that big full wall slide you have cabinets overhead You have a high point convection oven Sorry convection microwave oven three burner cooktop by Dometic Some storage underneath you see storage under the sink And as well as pullout drawers, let’s look at the MSRP here MSRP on this unit is going to be $162,000 751 cents that is the MSRP. You could almost guarantee. You will never pay that for this unit over Going toward the driver’s side. You have your booth dinette Directly across you’re gonna have your dual recliners Overhead you’re gonna have Overhead cabinets a Lot of space in there these are deep cabinets This is also gonna be on a slide Nice pantry saw is there along with a fireplace. Is there storage under here? Yeah, so you’re gonna have storage in the deceits anything pullout Nice-size storage into the seats Keep in mind this table is gonna drop down and that’s gonna become another sleeping quarters and you I just read you the MSRP 163 546 Don sale for one twenty two nine nine five its 2019 Jayco precept 34g let’s keep it moving and Walk over babe refrigerator big residential size refrigerator that this is a nice nice thing to have here Then we’re gonna walk over or on the driver side you have a pretty decent-sized bathroom Are you gonna have your two-piece shower? This actually looks almost identical to the one we have in ours Skylight And then you’re gonna have nice size sink with storage good counter space Medicine cabinet Lots of storage, huh? That’s weird get an order Jen star and they stuck it in the bathroom seen that before and Your toilet moving on to the bedroom. Just wash the dryer. Yes. You have a Obviously good combo unit washer/dryer combo unit not a big fan of those if you’re gonna get them get two stackable and then we’re moving to the Bedroom this looks like a king king sized bed lots of cabinets overhead nice rear Window and then you have your dresser a bedroom dresser dual closets As well as three drawers down below You’d be shot of that closet a nice space in here The Abdul air conditioning you have one in the bedroom and there’s going to be another one overhead Let’s take a walk around this So I can’t show you the storage bins they’re a lock you have some nice storage bins here The one over here. It’s gonna be where your propane is This one open not as you’re all locked see the large awning Going over the complete rear slide rear fiberglass cap With the tow hitch, it also has a 7 pin connector I’m gonna Say that’s probably a 5,000 pound capacity Here is your hot water heater That cabinets open Here’s your 50 amp cord. This is nice pass through and that complete like a diesel is got that drivetrain after store egde Like what I can tell you those doors are nose noticeably lighter than there was even knew more But it’s gonna cost you a little bit less – This is gonna ride on 22 inch Michelin tires Alcoa wheels And here’s going to be the one slide on the driver side frame Less windows Just a nice option This has a generator on board See this is open. Yeah, it’s gonna be Onan 5500 generator pretty standard for this gas coaches There’s some storage decides open decent storage a good-sized storage in here This will be Is is not full body paint here? This is gonna be a gel coat With the decals, so just understand that you Paint a little less but The durability of this may be a little less than you want. Okay, so This is not a full body paint. This is gel coat with decals Three to five years is gonna start looking not so pretty but here we have at the Jayco precept 34g You precept 34g Hey guys, if you liked the video don’t forget to hit the subscribe button below and click the notification bell now back to the video so Weighing in just shy of 5,000 pounds. You’re gonna have the jayco jay feather 9×19 h Small travel trailer, this is a SUV towable And let’s see what you get when you come inside oh I’m just hiding just being funny. So let’s go – lets go – there’s actually a lot bigger inside than it looks from the outside So these guys are gonna have like the tent and the front and rear It’s gonna save a lot of room these things are gonna fold in So You have your you could definitely fit two people on here Get your screen This is just a tent material here. I don’t really know how these things set up and break down. I’ve never really dealt with them Definitely not this is not gonna be for cold weather Yeah, right Well, it’s gonna be like being in a tent So you still have some nice cabinets overhead it’s gonna be the passenger side this is ganon like that farmhouse decor No slides in this This is really like if you’re into you know not glamping like us if you’re into you know Just going out with the family You don’t want to be in a tent you want to have cooking facilities with just plenty of them in here Nice that’s a decent sized fridge It’s not too bad. Yeah, and This is it surprisingly a pretty decent size of cooking here You got a dual sink countertops a lot of storage down below two outlets You have a fury on cooktop with oven And you have a microwave. This is gonna run on Y air conditioner. It should be plenty for this you have a radio in here a nice storage And then you have some more storage on the driver’s side a lot of storage actually And then on the dinette on the table some more storage underneath this will break down into a bed Yeah, so I can see at least probably two four six eight you could probably fit ten people in here Too all right eight eight people. I’m J says E Let’s go to the back in there in the bathroom nice. So yeah, this is a Decent sized bathroom. It has its own shower, which is nice and toilet You know an affordable trailer you could fit a lot of people MSRP is twenty nine eight five six. It’s on sale for twenty thousand six ninety five Again that sale price is a starting point. You could certainly get this for you know Probably under the nineteen thousand. Is there more storage in these It’s a lot more storage underneath and then you have another bed in the back so and there’s no large we do see a lot of these at campgrounds and now I’m getting why because it’s a small package you can tow this with an SUV and It’s pretty affordable and it certainly is gonna beat being in a tent Do a quick walk around of this So there’s really not any storage in this Well, they have those extensions that pop at Your hooked up for the pre wire for the fury on on top and then you have your connections here It’s a dump You got your freshwater fill up cable TV city water hookup and hot water heater It’s gonna be the jayco jay feather 19-footer 2019 Keystone Outback This is gonna be the 300 mid living travel trailer by Keystone You’re gonna have your BNL Electric tongue jack up front. You also gonna have your area for usually your dual 30-pound tanks Propane that is a big wind she’ll up front Let’s go down to passenger side Nice Pass through storage big pass through storage here. Take a look. See nice size It’s probably gonna be 8 inches higher so you get a lot through there Slam latch Got your dual outlets and Then you’re gonna have double awnings It’s gonna run the whole length of the coach on the passenger side More ride steps three steps to get in You have your passenger slide is going to hold your outside kitchen In this outside kitchen you have dual outlets You got a pull-out propane burner Dual propane burner by suburban Okay Three drawers as Well as a refrigerator And you also have your overhead storage So let’s move inside This unit has the Arctic barrier claims to be insulated for colder weather Immediately when you come in here met with the control center all your controls And MJ’s waiting here this is actually really nice inside this is a nice trailer What’s that So you have a lot That’s part with a few There’s a fuse box and you have some kind of Sensor here. Is that is that bubbling out that fake push that in? Yeah, okay So here here, this is something that would be a big turn-off for me. Okay, so There’s tiling on here But it’s not real tiling. It’s like a fake tiling but just push on that enjoy Yeah, see this is what I’m talking about when you start getting to build quality so this is a 2019 has probably been sitting out in the in the lot for a while and you’re gonna have to heat hitting it and It’s causing already the glue to give up on this laminate just pushing and out on that And you see these are things you’re gonna start looking for this would be a big turn-off for it interested in this It just probably gave out So a nice overhead Cabinets, so you have it looks like one slide on the driver’s side And then one slide on the passenger’s where you can have your kitchen Okay. I’m pointing toward the passenger side big Jenson television lot of cabinets here and a fireplace So when you have a trailer you’re giving up a little space right so We have that big kitchen with the island, but you gotta give up space somewhere. So you have a dual recliner here It’s more of a couple’s coach here Let’s go into the kitchen. No, you know whatever couples are gay. Yeah It’s a lot of storage space here. And there’s Ellie other than those are not like just a son. Yeah, there’s LED lights in there Is resource For those of you and the endless are being crow out there that no is he you know He’s OCD. No son likes to eat a lot This would hold about these Yes so this is gonna yeah, this is gonna be your Your RV specific trailer if you’re gonna lose some space is will run on propane and electric But you have those big fins in the back. You’re gonna lose space Residential is definitely gonna be bigger you go residential fridge Your microwave so normally on a rear living this would be a couch here But you’re giving that up for the big kitchen big kitchen here. And again, I apologize for the lawnmower that’s going behind us Give a nice island here three burner cooktop and An oven that’s a fury on cooktop and oven seems like everybody’s went to fury on their driver side campsite It’s just two of you and you like to cook this might be good this is definitely targeted toward couples What I like about this if you see there’s a Skylight here, but they framed it out nicely. So there’s some woodwork around it. That looks nice. So Opening up right after you the entry door on the left side. You can have your bathroom It’s okay decent size bathroom two piece shower You have a skylight definitely fit somebody six fours them and they’re a lot of room around the toilet bowl and Then you’re gonna have toward the front. You’ll have your medicine cabinet Okay Sink, it’s a plastic sink. So you see this is what you’re gonna start saving the money Plastic sink. Okay, not stainless steel It’s gonna this is very cheap. Very cheap plastic faucet. That’s not metal. That’s cheap plastic So this is where you’re gonna start saving the money, that’s where the cost cuts are gonna be where you can you see the difference between Places that paid a little more and here’s another little thing you see the cutout here They didn’t you know, put any kind of ring around it just to cut in the wall These are little things you want to look for When you’re in an RV? Not that there’s anything wrong with this just understand why some would call more than others The finish actually doesn’t look too bad in here beside the Delaminating leading backsplash So let’s go into the bedroom. You have a nice door there. I don’t think there’s a slot in this bedroom is there so here’s the front here and actually Yeah, you actually do it’s a nice-sized closet You do have a window also two windows wanted to passenger one on driver Now from the outside it looked like this had a windshield but it actually doesn’t and that’s weird I don’t way to make a look that way. Is this some kind of storage in here? I? Don’t know what this is. This must be just to cover up the storage underneath The big closet And then you have an area here for Mounting a TV so I don’t see an air-conditioning unit in the bedroom there is one air conditioning unit in the Kitchen, so this is one air conditioning unit trailer Understand and really hot weather. It may not get too cold in here 2019 Keystone Outback 300 ml MSRP Fifty four thousand five thirty done self at thirty seven two nine five. It’s good to be out So so passenger side of the unit. Here’s the rear You see the dual windows you got your pre-wired for a rear camera they also have a drop down storage compartment and then your slides on your driver side So it’s gonna be one slide driver side one slide on the passenger side so This is a 2019 and it’s been sitting out here probably for at least a year and I gotta tell you that it’s starting to look a little beat-up Should I’ll clean up a little better There’s no I’m talking about with the laminates and the gel coats. They start to look a little worn out I do like here on the front is kind of textured has kind of like that a bedliner texture And yeah, this actually isn’t this is just painted. It look like a windshield from far. It’s just painted cap or the numbers on here So gross vehicle weight 9,500 pounds Definitely at least three-quarter-ton territory on this I would not total this even attempt to tow this with a fifth wheel with a Half-ton, definitely 3/4 ton territory. Take this back. Here’s your 2019 outback by Keystone

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