2016 Stage Lighting Show in Showroom from Hi-Ltte

Hi-Ltte Electronics Technology Co., Ltd Contact: Louis Yue [email protected] Hi-Ltte, one of the leading lighting manufacturers from China, is specialized in Beam and LED moving head lights respectively. So far it has agents in Japan, South Korea, UAE, India and Vie Nam and gained high praises throughout China and its agents’ nations. Every year a new lighting show is programmed by our professional lighting engineers. This one, as you are watching, is a lighting show specifically designed for Hi-Ltte in 2016. 160 pieces lights were applied in this show, in which 148 pieces Rambo 330 BSW 16r were used and the rest 12 pieces were Rambo 230 7r. Welcome to visit our factory and share with us the gorgeous lighting show together. Enjoy It! [email protected] Hi-Ltte, Quality Creates Fantasy. Hi-Ltte Electronics Technology Co., Ltd.

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22 Responses

  1. Steves ForcedAccount says:

    Simply incredible.

  2. Patrick Allinger says:

    first song?

  3. พิณพัง พิณ says:


  4. Tschosef says:

    sehr schön 😉

  5. Duy Nguyen says:

    i know this is all timecode but DAMN!!!.. SO SICK.. awesome job LD guy.. what dmx console are you using?.. MA?

  6. Yue Louis says:

    If you were interested in their lights, contact Louis at [email protected]

  7. Nikolai Rump says:

    Incredible! Love this show. Fantastic!
    What's the name of this audio track?

  8. RAMAZAN BAHAR says:

    inanılmaz !!! muhteşem olmuş devamını bekliyoruz.

  9. ergou yan says:


  10. BigWelshMark says:

    Absolutely amazing, one of the best I've seen – fantastic guys – well done. I hope you get lots of enquiries 🙂

  11. Радик Муртазин says:

    красота !

  12. Kilian Sarti says:


  13. BLuph844 says:

    Thanks for taking me to that special place. No StrEss, woRRies, or issUes. Pure enjoyment

  14. Pablo Regino says:

    Some uplifting trance will fuken do!

  15. Luis Gimenez says:

    Beyond incredible

  16. Dante Ison says:

    How was this programmed?

  17. greghttp says:

    Perfect !

  18. Classic Mail says:

    1:50 that's a fantastic illusion, because the lights have been giving your eyes the image of 3D space, for a split second it gives the impression that the 2D projection has depth. Very clever!

  19. light show梁发勇 says:

    good show

  20. Jordan Adania says:

    OH MY GOD!

  21. Bill White says:

    That's absolutely stunning! Wow.

  22. WarriorLuz says:

    hermoso sigues asi v_v

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