$164,865 Per Month With Personalized Products for Shopify Dropshipping 2019/2020 (Case Study)

(Shopify Dropshipping Personalized Products) In this video I’m gonna show you how this store and this strategy is making people more than $100,000 per month drop shipping personalized products and why personalized products is going to be the next trend and Shopify Shopify drop shipping and what to do to take advantage of it? Let’s find out Hey, what is up its Raphael here and in this video, I’m going to teach you a strategy and show you a store That’s making 100 thousand dollars every single month with personalized love products I’m also going to show you other types of personal niches and what you can do to personalize your product and make a ton of money drop shipping things that are more value to People not just whatever random product you can find on Aliexpress but before we start as always make sure to schedule a call with that first link in the Description talk to somebody either me or somebody in my team talk to somebody One-on-one. Talk about your struggles Don’t just watch a video a webinar Actually talk to somebody that can help you analyze what you’ve been doing wrong and how to fix it and the exact things you need to do to actually be successful and drop shipping make sure to click that first link in the description and if you want an Exclusive list of 10 winning dropshipping products that I prepare for our mentoring program You can go ahead and comment secrets secrets down below subscribe hit that notification bell I will be checking and I will pick one person in every single video to get that Exclusive list comments secrets subscribe hit that notification bell and this is the store right here. Make it mine Oh, this is the first one that I want to show you and you can see it has this explosion box You probably seen it on face down. So you’re probably seen it running around and this one in particular right here. Is this beautiful? Tower of pictures just absolutely beautiful and if we go into how much they actually Make on sale source here. We can click analyze store and we’ll see exactly how much they’re making I’m also going to show you this store called bright bytes, which if you click shop for dogs It has personalized dog toys personalized chew toys and every think personal to your dog So this one right here? You can personalize it custom toys for your dog Placemats collars coats every single thing customized to your particular dog. I think this niche is very very untapped Not that many people are advertising in it. And I think it has a huge huge potential it also differentiates You massively from the competition. So back to the first one They’re making about in a year eighty two thousand to one hundred and sixty four thousand dollars per month. Absolutely Crushing it and they’re doing it by selling these little making mind customizable hexagons loft nodes So essentially how this works and you can see the Facebook ad right here We pull it up if you want to pull up Facebook Ads just from the product page You can use this tool called trending products You can get it in the description down below if you look at the ad right here and we pull it up you can pull it up and it Has this beautiful love note right there with all the beautiful pictures all customized to one single person It’s not some random product. You’re selling on Aliexpress that everybody can go in South. No. It’s very custom it creates a very high sense of value of your product and people are willing to pay a lot more money for this particular one so you can see right here a famous novel ode one of the most genuine heartwarming gifts You can ever give absolutely good copywriting right there And you might be thinking this Particular product is very hard to compete against it’s hard to source and it is a little bit complicated to source It is harder than regular products but all you have to do is either go to an Aliexpress supplier that directly focuses on custom products and Products like this one or go to a local supplier what you can also do if you want to start out even easier is go to somebody like principal and then you can start off with products that are easier to personalize for example hoodies backpacks tank tops stickers phone cases bean backs They have such a white selection on your like socks throw pillows dresses What you can do is for example how to store where you’re doing different dresses or skirts even swimwear on outside the season but for example You can have the hoodies which you can use for now into winter or any other sort of thing in great jewelry Which is a which one one of my students instead about 60,000 a month with engraved jewelry and customized jewelry it is a huge huge niche that you should definitely check into and if you’re thinking about what Products you should sell to differentiate yourself from the competition This is the way it’s not reinventing the wheel. It’s not finding a new product creating a new patent It’s fighting an existing product and then having people Customize that product towards stem so you have a lot to choose for on here in this particular store as well The pride bites is also crushing it if you go on sale source and click analyze store We can see exactly how much they’re making they have everything customized. That’s a little toy baskets floor mats Absolutely everything but a lease it’s not it’s hard to is that as easy to source? What you can do is start off easy with print fold There’s also other services like print if I if you check them out and there’s also another service called BC fulfillment which also does the exact same types of products that you can customize and people can actually go and put in Their picture or put in the exact name or something for them for themselves. That is Customized to them and then you can just add it into the the product yourself when you’re fulfilling it So mizu fulfillment prints ePHI is also a pretty good one. I like printful because it’s the easiest one I was teaching my girlfriend how to Set it up and how to do it and print it print full was actually the best one to set it up This is the next sort of store that we’re building that we’re trying to scale up is customized product specifically customized canvases Which is also something that you can get into and grape jewelry is massive as to students crushing of that niche So if you’re thinking about something different something that not everybody’s talking about personalization. It’s definitely a big one So pride bites as we look here and about Its says nine years to the company wasn’t started in nine years That’s probably just domain they’re making thirty one thousand two sixty two thousand per month So it’s also a solid need multiple five-figure months almost experiments You didn’t f initely make a hundred thousand a month with something like this other stats that I want to talk about pros two custom personalized products and also cons to custom personalized products because There’s a pro’s why you should do it. And there’s also the cons I talk about both of them. I’m honest I’m not biased the pros to it. The global market is expected to be 30 1.6 billion By 2021 it’s growing every single day every single company and brand. It’s Customizing the products making it seem like there’s more value and more connection to the person We have a huge ego as humans When we hear our name when we see our name on things when we see our face on things it’s massive for us more and more products are pumping up every day and Everything seems to be customizable is adding your name Adding your face your picture whatever it is and boom you have a customized product and also it differentiates you from the competition It’s not saturated it because it’s not to that person alone It’s to basically try to sell it to everybody or have some custom products you’re trying to sell to that one person also the cons pori wanna make sure to schedule a call with the first link in the Description with either me or somebody my team let somebody help you one-on-one actually, see why have you been doing wrong in your business so you can do what’s right in your business and put in place of Strategy to take your business to the next level take your Shopify store to the next level Click that first link in the description go on schedule a call and I’ll see you on the call extremely tight Margins specifically for Facebook and Google if you’re doing for example things from printful the margins are quite tough It’s not it’s good to sell product. That’s two dollars and sell for like 20 bucks from Aliexpress Whereas here you’re selling product that calls you 20 you’re selling it for maybe thirty five forty dollars So the margins are harder It is harder to scale and it is harder to make more profit from what you’re making on your sales Harder to source and scale production you will have to get more team members more steps involved What you can do is if you’re also doing for example And like a company turned yellow, which I’ll show you right now. Turn yellow is they do personalized Simpson or personalized yellow Characters as you can see here if I show you some examples for example This is people that submit their own picture and then they get turned yellow turn into a character like this one Like for example, they turn in this one and boom they get turned yellow and then you can see the process right here Which says choose your picture style choose a number of people place your order we sketch your picture We send the picture to you something like this. It’s custom to them So when they upload the picture you have to make a specific design for each person You can find somebody like that on Fiverr. Did you go in fiber comm you just type in create a custom character Create Simpsons character or yellow character. It’s gonna pop it up So you can just type in create Simpson cartoon and then it says I would draw you as yellow cartoon style I’ll draw you as a yellow portrait from photo I’ll make a yellow character and only cost like five fifteen dollars, which is pretty cheap But you have to do this per order that you get so it is harder to scale production You will have to have a full-time designer Basically getting the image putting it back getting the image putting it back again And again again, there’s also the cost involved you will have to pay $5 Maybe $3 if they do you a deal on every single order you get so it is harder to scale That’s why I want to talk about the cons as well And it’s also harder to change product it one successful If you’re targeting just this product that say it’s like you’re turning people into Simpsons cartoon characters You’re just doing that one product It is harder to just change your entire brand into selling something else like in Greece, Julie so what I recommend is start off with a niche store that sells Multiple kinds of customized products and one product does not work Then you can change off to the other one because if one doesn’t work you put in all your effort into that one you created The store only for that one, then you’re kind of left not doing anything. So now I highly recommend you do that Should you sell them it requires a higher budget longer testing period and ability to hire a team So if you’re on a tight budget, you just want to test some products see what works and then get more sales I highly don’t recommend you do custom products it is a Long-term deal because you’re betting on one particular product that people will love it with their face with their name on it But it’s also more long-term you’re able to differentiate yourself from anybody else if you test the product and it doesn’t work Remember, it is harder to change to another one So you will have to have a higher budget for testing higher budget for hiring designers Higher budget to make up for the profit margin they will have that’s less with custom products and so on If you’re in the business for the long term not necessarily to be profitable in the next couple weeks or months Definitely go for it. It is a business that you will have to spend a lot of time testing and seeing Oh did does this one custom there’s this one custom work or so on and so on And then long-term you can reap the rewards if that’s your plan. Go ahead and do it and also it requires a higher Level of skill with paid ads. It’s not just putting up an ad with a cool product cool video and then it works No, it actually requires higher level of skill videos like that one that we saw from making mine. They pull it up here This isn’t an easy video to make right. This isn’t just a video that you can pay a fiber designer Just yeah do this this and this and it looks beautiful. No, you need to order the product to your home You need to actually do it. You need to have a good camera. So it looks really good So it does require better skills in video making it also requires better skills and paid ads because it is a product That isn’t trendy is it like exploding right now? It’s your custom product You will have you will need better skills in doing it If we look at a page, like turn yellow the ads right here, you can see they have multiple different designs They put different designs how they get from people this one a particular caught my eye Because it’s a lot of reviews from real people that they have so at all these people they turn them yellow people yellow people Yellow, so it’s not an easy video to make right You need all the designs done first And then right there the best gift of the year take a picture upload your photo place your order and they get turned yellow I think it’s an amazing concept and it’s a great sort of niche to get into it is more long-term like I said You will need a higher budget and to hire a team If you’re willing to do that then obviously Try to get into it If you want to go ahead and watch The other types of ads you have a lot of ads on your same picture different a different ad copy different thumbnails They are testing a lot of different ads really really really well, so Burning sure you sell customized products if your for a long term and you’re willing to sort of wait a little bit I’m sorry profitable definitely go for it. If you want to know another new method that makes this store one in six hundred Thousand dollars per month click the video right there six hundred thousand with a brand new method This video will blow your mind. Check it out right there subscribe to the channel click that first link to schedule a call with Me or my team talk to somebody 101 subscribe the notification belt and I will see you on the next one

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