$117,000 In One Month Dropshipping in 2020 | How To Track Shopify Profit

(soft intro) – Yo, what is going on everybody? Welcome back to the channel. It’s your man Mohamed
Camara and you already know what it is man. In this video I do want to
cover some results, okay. So, more results. In the past month we did
over $100k on the month, and I wanted, you know,
basically breakdown for all those who are curious on if
I make 100,000 in a month drop shipping, then how much
do I actually walk away with? How much is actually profit? We’re gonna cover all of
those details right here. Show you how much ad spend, how much I spent on products and what not. And if you stay ’til the end of the video, I’m actually gonna give
you a handout that’s gonna help you track your daily, you know, profit and loss. So it’ll track all your product costs, it’ll track all your ad spend, and it’ll give you clarity
on what was your actual profit or loss that day. So before we do dive
into the actual results and get into the laptop here, I do wanna mention that
the giveaway winner for the last video was
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winner, and you’ll win a 30 minute phone call from myself which people have been
getting a lot of value from. That’s absolutely free, all you need to do is comment down below. Let’s get right into the results. I wanna show you exactly
what’s been going on with my store in the
past month and basically give you a breakdown on
how much you’re actually gonna make if you do a six figure month for your drop shipment store. So, this is my little Ecom
tracking sheet right here and this is something
that I’ve basically built, I built this on my own. The way it works is you
just put in the revenue, you put in the visitors, the orders for every single day, so all the white boxes is
where you’re gonna make any edits to and add any of your costs. So I do this every morning,
I wake up around 7:00, but I get to reporting at
around 9:30 in the morning, and that’s when I would just
sit down for about five minutes every single day, this is what I do. Just sit down and report on the numbers on yesterday’s performance, fulfill orders and things like that. But it only takes five minutes,
and this is gonna give you full clarity on where your
money is actually going and if you’re actually
making a profit with your drop shipment store. So just one of the other
things that I’m not seeing, you know, being taught on
YouTube, you know this is very, very important. You don’t just want to be
throwing money down the drain. So let me show you how
to actually use this, and how I’ve been using
it in the past month to get me better clarity
on my profit and loss. As you can see, I’ll come in and just report on yesterday’s numbers. So this particular day
we did $4k in revenue, 5000 visitors, 125 orders, and this would automatically populate. So you would put in your ad spend, you would put in your
cost of goods sold here, and you guys know where to
find these numbers, right, so you could get this number
from your Shopify store. All three of these numbers
are gonna come from your Shopify store in the Analytics tab. You can get this number right from your ad spend dashboard. So if you go to Facebook for example, they will show you exactly
how much ad spend you had on the previous day. If you are advertising on
multiple platforms like I am, then you’re gonna have to
add up all of those costs. You wanna get the whole picture. So I’m doing Pinterest, Google Ads and I’m doing Facebook right now so I add up all three of those cost on a daily basis and insert that here but if you’re just using Facebook that’s completely fine, just input that but then, cost of goods
sold you wanna enter here your gonna get this from AliExpress or CJ or CJ if your using CJ wherever your supplier is just figure out how much
you spent on that day for product cost and
insert that number here and what’s that gonna do it’s gonna auto-populate these grey boxes so it’ll shoe you your AOV which is you average order value it’s gonna show you your conversion rate show you your cost per purchase it’s gonna show you
your ad spend percentage and it’s also gonna show you your cost of goods sold percentage, OK if you wanted to add any other cost like lets say you have some software that you wanna try on your store you have an app that you wanna try and it cost like $20 a month and you’ll just enter that $20 on the day that they charge you and it’ll basically give you a run down of everything that’s
going on, on your store as far as spending money wise you know, money in and money out cause that’s really what
it’s all about, right so if we scroll down here we can see that it adds up
to about 117k for the month and for those of you who are like oh how do we know these
results are actually real well I’m gonna reference
this back to my store right here, which is, as you can see is the same timeframe okay, so January, the
whole month of January I’ll refresh this, if that
makes it any better for you guys but just wanna show you
that this is actually, these are real results
and it makes no sense to put in fake results here cause I’d just be lying to myself, OK so that’s gonna give you
your breakdown right here the profit and loss column the profit and loss column right here is where you wanna really pay attention to as long as this is green and I set it up I a way so that lets say on this day I
didn’t do $4000 in revenue lets say I just did $2000 in revenue this is gonna turn red now so at a glance I can see
which days I’m profitable which days I’m not profitable and this sheet that I’ve created has been so helpful given me a lot of clarity on just seeing what does
a good day look like in my business and what does a bad day look like that’s the difference between people who are just tryna pump out cash and people who are tryna
build a long term business so if your watching this channel if you down with the money team make sure you subscribe once again I’m gonna give you a copy
of this handout right here so I made a copy if you check the link
in the description below you’ll see a copy to this make sure you open that link don’t edit it, OK it’s gonna edit it for everybody else so just come to file and then you wanna go to make a copy and that’s where you’ll be able to save it to your own Google Drive and just pop this open every morning for about five minutes
while you have your coffee or tea or whatever your morning routine is and just punch in these numbers your gonna actually have
some fun doing it too when you see some profit come in but I do want ya’ll to keep in mind that at first, if your just starting
your Dropshipping store don’t expect to have
profit on the first day, OK It’s gonna be red for about the first week or two weeks but then after you get some good data and you know who you
wanna target with your ads then this is gonna start to turn green and you obviously know your doing something right at that point so, let me show you how
to use it for yourself real quick, cause I do have just the
month of January open if you need to make a
new month for example you can just go to duplicate down here by right clicking this,
you can duplicate that and then just make a new sheet make sure the dates lineup so in this column you can edit the date so lets say you wanna start
it for the month of March you can just set it to March 1st and you can drag this down so that, it goes all the way down here and now make sure the dates line up too so March 1st lands on a Sunday so you wanna make sure, you wanna grab Sunday
through Saturday, right and you can just copy you paste that up top here and then just drag this down too and it’ll repeat that, that sequence so the dates line up too and your not confusing yourself that’s just a little technical thing for you in the future when start actually implementing this but, just track these things everyday it’s gonna give you a lot of clarity it’s gonna help you out a lot this is something I been
wanting to get to you guys for a long time now but I do owe ya’ll an apology I haven’t posted in over a month because I been so busy
working on the next moves for my Ecommerce Store If you take a look here kinda look at the journey
of what’s been happening there’s been days where
I profited over $1200 in a single day, $1600 here But then there’s other days where it drops to about $52 because I’m breaking even and the reason this happens is because like right here for example Chinese New Year hit and shipments where gonna slow down so I anticipated that and I started to cut down ad spend so this is also gonna tell a story and its gonna give you, a story behind how your business has been
performing in the long run now I gotta change this back to four but yet after making $117,000 in January we had to drive about
159,000 visitors to the store we had to get over 3,500
orders to make $100k which is not that much
if you think about it we averaged around a 2.2% conversion rate which is actually lower than we had in the pervious month but not complaining there we spent a total of $43,000 on advertising and, we spent another
$40,000 on cost of goods sold and out of that we took
home $30,000 in profit Now, I know this might seem like a small, 30,000 might seem very small
compared to the 117,000 but 30,000 is also a lot
compared to making $500 a week from your nine to five job that your going and spending
eight hours a day on I just wanted to put that in perceptive its not all about the revenue, no but it is about the bottom line and that’s why you need to
pay close close attention to this column right here you wanna make sure that
at the end of the month no matter if you had some good days if you had some bad days that when it all averages out that you are in the green, OK just wanted to drop this
checklist for you guys check that out in the link below if you want more information and you wanna know how to actually get your store profitable for those of you who been asking me and blowing up my dm’s talking about how can you get mentorship and coaching from me the link is right below this video I’ll leave the link to Ecomm bootcamp in the description below if you wanna go ahead and join and take your store and take
your game to the next level and join the money team we have over 700 students
in there right now approaching 1000 the community is poppin,
its just crazy all right bottom line just wanted to put
this out there for you guys check that out if you enjoyed this video make sure you like, comment, subscribe really appreciate ya’ll getting
this channel to 26k subs lets get this to 100k
now, that’s the new goal gonna keep continuing to
update the content here gonna keep putting out some videos that you guys are looking for so make sure you comment down below too whatever you wanna see next and you know I got you but until then, til the next video I’ll see ya’ll its ya
man Mohamed Camara, peace

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