10 Things To Do BEFORE You Start A Print On Demand Store… (Beginner Mistakes to AVOID)

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  1. Wholesale Ted says:

    Hey everyone, I hope you are having a great day wherever you are tuning in from in the world 🌞

  2. Takeshi Young says:

    There are ways of making multiple color options look more appealing, we have more than 10 options on our store. But worth testing the conversion rates with fewer colors.

  3. Victor Valentine says:

    This answered a ton of questions for me. Thanks!

  4. FrankieBabesNYC says:

    After introducing myself as "Frankie" people will call me "Freddie" or refer to me as "Michael". 😎

  5. Chin Checkin says:

    Dearest Sarah, could you please do a video on royalty free images and sourcing, or changing them for making your own print on demand designs? Please and thank you!

  6. Lisa Sparkle says:

    This is so so helpful. I am already doing most of this! I have a little store I’m nearly ready to promote, but I keep going back and forth with descriptions. It seems superfluous to write the same thing, especially if it’s just a few words, no? I’m really not sure what to do. Thanks for these videos, love from NYC <3

  7. Seditia Rose says:

    Thank you for answering my question Sarah.

  8. Eric Wen says:

    I am from China, is anybody want to work with me for POD project?

  9. Anu Singh says:

    Hey, can you please help me? Are fanarts available on Pinterest etc copywrited?

  10. Billy Gs says:

    Nice Video. I have some short questions. When a phrase or word gets trademarked after I created a product, do I have to remove the product then? Who can check all their products and designs for trademarks all the time? And the stock material on Canva (at least the pro versions, not the free) seem not be usable for print on demand. Just if you use the extended licence for $100 for each picture or graphic. Am I correct?

  11. Mahmoud Barakat says:

    As a non-U.S. citizen do I need LLC to drop ship in America?

  12. BILL HAYER says:


  13. Sam Palumbo says:

    Hi Sarah. Thank you for the information. One question, are you recommending for the lifestyle photo, adding those to your store or just for ads ?

  14. zaw htet says:

    Thank you for providing great vale tips as usual

  15. Michael Graf says:

    Hearing someone from NZ saying "Textildruck" is no off my bucket list 😀

  16. YOur Product says:

    Hi Sarah, Really informative video, thanks! One question though, how does making the same design with different illustration and font mean taking inspiration? isn't it just copying?

  17. Christerthelifter says:

    Just got to say, having customers in my store, and having 0 sales is so awesome. Really doesnt make me wanna stop droppshipping at all….

  18. Edgar D 11 says:

    If the Trademark is "DEAD", can we used them?

  19. Ganesh Anvekar says:

    Hey Sarah pick up review form AliExpress and place it in our dropshipping store is illegal or not?
    By the way love your videos.😍😍😍😍

  20. Frère Jacques says:

    Hello do you know a good website to get unlimited good Tshirt design ? And is it better to have our own store or create one on marketplace such as spreadshirt ou redbubble ?

  21. JamesRicho says:

    Hi Sarah, what is the best way to send my store for your review??

  22. Gaetano Tarantino says:

    Regarding number 3: can't printify or printful use my PayPal rather than a credit or debit card to charge me the cost of the item?

  23. Rebekah Taylor says:

    Hi Sarah! Thanks for all the amazing tips! As an Australian, should I set up Etsy / Ebay stores as US stores/currency?

  24. decentradical says:

    You made me paranoid about getting appendicitis and lose my marketing budget.

  25. shady teh says:

    This video came out just nice when i'm about to start my pod journey,thank you!<3

  26. BN Jewelry & Artwork says:

    Great video

  27. EmpAtheist says:

    I just started my store and discovered #3 myself and panicked. So I am ramping up my advertising slowly to grow my bank balance.

  28. RuftUp Designs says:

    I get stuck in a rut with the colour options, I can't help myself, I know my wife loves Purple, and my eldest daughter a mint green is her go-to colour, I know & I love Red tees before I know it there's a selection of 10 colours before me… I have to make that conscious effort to get out of that trap, As I go through the colours if it looks good I give it as an option, again, this can be lots of colours. Then I'm battling on which ones to take away. I get the Paralysis by Analysis thing but I want to be able to provide my customer with their fav colour instead of the stable blacks, greys. navy blue top 3 types. My minds at war with itself. I'm sure I'm not the only one.

  29. crystal lauster says:

    Now this was very helpful. THANK YOU

  30. Marcie Norton says:

    If we want to sell our products to the Print On Demand companies, where do we find the contact phone number to talk to them? We have white do-it-yourself time capsules.

  31. soum says:

    Domainer swag is roasted repetitively. Give him a break! 😂


    You're so awesome. Always going above and beyond, thank you!

  33. Eunoia Vision says:

    Aren't 6 and 7 basically the same idea?

  34. GO Invest says:

    Awesome video and keep making more informational videos Wholesale Ted.Check out my channel guys.I educate and show you ways to earn money

  35. Maeling DePeza says:

    Sarah! You’re awesome! 👍🏼👍🏼

  36. dinoworld112 says:

    What even is a rabbit dad 0_o

  37. Abrie Brits says:

    Greetings, Sarah! Thank you for all the great content.
    I recently finished The Dropship Club course and learned soooo much!
    If you can take a look at my store and maybe do a review or give some pointers I would highly appreciate it!
    Haven't made a sale yet, but still staying positive and testing products.

    Thank you very much

  38. heavy metal garden says:

    Your avatar so cute

  39. Youssef Nejjari says:

    I aleready creat one and i want help to choose a best way to promote
    thank you

  40. Mohssin 007 says:

    Informative videos !!

  41. gaurav goyal says:

    Hey Sarah . Thanks for the amazing lesson
    Very informative video. If I may ask what is the best way to buy licensed for commercial use tshirt design?
    it will help me a lot.

  42. Tomas Pasie says:

    The dog in the thumbnail (on the shirt) looks like my dog 😂😂

  43. Tyler Reese says:

    Thank you for the knowledge you share.
    I have a question. Is it still possible to consider a shop from aliexpress that doesn't provide a tracking number?

  44. Godric Grai says:

    I have content on my Instagram other than just the gear I am trying to sell. When I post my shirt/sticker/whatever posts in the same hashtags as my normal posts, my shirt posts are getting removed from the hashtag. Same tags as normal posts, but cutting my engagement by 70-80 percent. Is there anything I can do to fix this? All of my posts that don’t include the shirt, even though it’s the same niche, go through just fine, just not the shirts.

  45. tadm123 says:

    Sara please do a video of the best credit cards to have for a business owner 🙂

  46. Gerinja says:

    I don't know why would you, but… will you marry me?

  47. Steven Kephart says:

    Thank you for this video. It is highly informative and well done and answers some questions I asked on your last video like this. I've learned a lot from you and appreciate all the time you put into these videos for our benefit.

    I did have a couple questions. First; do you have to pay the monthly fee for Placeit the whole time a shirt design is active? Or do you just need to pay for a month when you are uploading new designs? Second; does it matter that the shirt worn in the mockup isn't the same shirt type you are selling in your store? As an example; I wouldn't want any returns based on "item not as described" because the shirt they received looked to use a thinner material or had a slightly different stitching than what was in the mockup.

    You said simple phrases can't be copyrighted and showed a great tool to check if they are trademarked. But you didn't mention song lyrics, book quotes, or other copyrighted material that would need to be avoided. I've been doing a lot of research on this lately (mostly photo related) and find the subject doesn't have a black and white answer. It seems copyright infringement is case by case and depends on the judges subjective interpretation of the law. I did however find a neat tool in my searching that allows you to filter picture searches based on usage rights. In Google, if you select tools a drop-down appears that allows you to filter commercial or non-commercial use.

  48. Ira Hayes Terrones says:

    This is some great information. I didn't know about Print On Demand until I watched your channel. I opened a store and now I'm learning all about the mistakes I'm making in the process, but this is how I will learn. Thank you sooo very much for this crucial information. Much love and success my friend!

  49. Affilistuff says:

    So do I need to check the trademark for the country I live in or the country I'm selling to?

  50. Cutlass Quartermane says:

    I love your accent

  51. PAULETTE BRYAN says:

    Very helpful. Thanks.

  52. Ryan Stead says:

    Hey, Can you please do a store review for my store?? steadysoutdoors.com I need honest opinions, please.
    Thank you,

  53. Palatine of facts says:

    mean comment so you will reply

  54. tyna7997799 says:

    Sarah, are you psychic? How did you know what we all needed to learn this week?

  55. Pieter Blignaut says:

    Hey Sara!
    Your videos are awesome!!
    I do have a few qeustions, can one plug in multiple of printers, meaning like having printful and printify on the same store etc? Hey if really bin wondering about it?and what do you suggest I should use printful or printify I wanna sell in the US and later to the other big 4 which one would you use?

  56. A Yang says:

    Total bullshit

  57. Ari Biz says:

    Hello Sarah, I love your videos 😊 Thank you 👍 I would like to print on demand milestone blankets for babies but I don't find any supplier 😞 do you know a supplier for that ? Thank you 🤩

  58. متلج _ MtLeg says:

    more more and more of print on demand, i like this video, go on like this

  59. Plump Cosplay says:

    I pay $37 a month for placeit.. hmm

  60. Peter Schmitt says:

    Hello , Great Video AGAIN! Have to say though that 8 out of these 10 point should be common sense for anyone looking into starting your own print on demand business… In any case even if you know 8 out of 10 points of the info in this video already… the other 2points are well worth this lesson.

  61. Claudio Henrique says:

    You are the best, thanks!

  62. Gilly's Online says:

    I want to start the POD business, but not all of the products will be made in Europe (I am from the Netherlands), So If I have to order it from the US, the shipping time will be much longer and the shipping price much higher

  63. Trevor Phillips says:

    Don't someone makes a print on demand that have all these things built in? Instead of having to use alike 5 different services?
    Also 1 where it costs you nothing. And they just every month or weekly, when they pay you. To take out the item cost and fee out of your pay.
    Something almost similar to FBA. Where they take care of everything, and they take all costs of before they pay you.

  64. Akoben Renaissance says:


  65. AliWall says:

    Thanks to this video you got new subscriber. This will really help me make my Etsy store. 👍

  66. The friendly Cat says:

    Hi Sarah another great vid lots of useful info
    I have one question I’m using Printful on my store and in there designs there have emojis are they not copyright ?

  67. GUTZ sama says:

    I get using lifestyle photos for ads cuz they look nicer than the mockups but are mockups fine to use on the actual website where the customer will buy the item from?

  68. GUTZ sama says:

    also thanks for the affiliate link for PlaceIt, I was paying $29 for months now its only gonna be $15, appreciate ya x

  69. Hamza Aàrab says:

    i love you

  70. Jay Yoder says:

    I could hear you talk all day haha

  71. Bullet Ignacio says:

    is this applicable with teespring right? especially the credit card thing. 🙂

  72. Igor Batinic says:

    Can you make a video about etsy.I am particularly interested in how sellers living outside of the US should adjust their sales taxes and whether they should do it at all.Thanks and you are awesome…i learned so much from you….

  73. Riku Forsman says:

    "Well maybe not this one…" shows the mockup photo making me most money through social media ads at the moment :'D

  74. Adalberto Torrero says:

    7:36 My Question! Thanks.

  75. Aliaa Refaat says:

    Amazing video, Sarah you rock!

  76. Cip Rodriguez says:

    Is there a print on demand that is geared to profits for charity?

  77. jake vanderbilt says:

    Sorry but I don't see how offering too many t shirt colours would overwhelm people. Giving people the opportunity to choose their favorite colour shirt rather than only having a couple of options should boost sales, no?

  78. Jonathan Fortune says:

    Hey Sarah,
    Very glad to having found your channel. Thank you so much for your advice!
    My question is: would you recommend Shopify Themes like boostertheme.com?

  79. Ireland Coin Rings says:

    I just love your voice…….There I said it….

  80. Ashley Yoonie says:

    As far as phrases and quotes being trademarked is it the same for say a single word? Say i want to put “happy” on a t-shit do i have to see if it’s trademarked or not. Sorry if that seems like a stupid question

  81. Plants, Fish, and Birds says:

    Greetings. Thank you for the helpful information. I am trying to start e-commerce store. Smileydecalz.com. I am not drop shipping. I carry my inventory in a fulfillment service. Sometimes I feel Like I don’t know what am doing so I try to learn from experienced people like you and others. I am commenting in your posts because you inspired me to start. I watched most of your videos. I just had a frustrating problem that made me very upset. I just created instagram account for my website and few days later I discovered that a competitor instagram account is posting pictures from my website without permission from me. This made me very upset. These pictures costed around $200 USD and this guy is using it for his own personal benefit just like that. Very frustrating. Please advise what is the best thing to do.

  82. Ganesh Anvekar says:

    I'm living outside the USA I want to dropship to USA, should I pay any custom duty,Import tax to us government?

  83. Ganesh Anvekar says:

    Will the customer have to pay customs/duties/taxes with ePacket shipping?

  84. Floral Intents says:

    can you make a video about print on demand apps but with woocommerce. i appricate your patience and hard work for teaching us 🙂

  85. Audiohead says:

    if anyone is looking to buy a successfull POD store. let me know.


  86. Demetrius says:

    I learned that I need to get pattern designs integrated into my store ASAP!!! Not now…RIGHT NOW!!!!!

  87. karl mears says:

    +UCC8wczy7734jKPhiR2UkS9A hay, im starting a watch brand and do you know if there any site like placeit but does for other kind of product, oh a like the videos i used your online store wix tutoral to build my site

  88. Randall Lee says:

    thank you

  89. HolziWolziWooo says:

    So helpful, thanks 🙂

  90. Lara Wang says:

    so Printify is not used for Amazon?

  91. PhantomBroken says:

    Ted I need some help since I want to start my own drop-shipping site but don't have a credit card or a debit card since I guess I'm "too young". I feel stuck so I will love it if you reply and help my problem.

  92. Cowaska says:

    Hey Sarah, greetings from France !
    I wanted to know how many designs/products should I start with when it is my first POD store? 😀
    And if you say more than 2-3 where can I have them without using my arm to pay designers?
    (I know I could go on Fiverr and ask to a designer but I might prefere using Shutterstock as the design is already created)
    Thanks a lot for your videos! <3

  93. JFC Joy Fried Chicken says:

    I clicked the link to get the free book. I got the second offer to join "The Ecomm Clubhouse". I would have joined if there had been the option to use PayPal. With PayPal it is easy to cancel my subscription if I find out that the club is not what it is advertised to be. With PayPal it would be easy for me to unsubscribe and maybe that is why it is not an option. Maybe you don't have enough confidence in your product to include a PayPal option. Without the PayPal option I really can't trust you. After all, you were wrong about Pugs and Coffee.

  94. Mark Williamson says:

    Sarah…I was wondering if you can link multiple suppliers to a shopify page. For example if I want some products from Printify and others from Printful, do I need 2 Shopify stores or can I use both through the same single store?

  95. Youman291 says:

    Question. So that means if i take the same pattern design from a certain country world cup jersey from 20+ years ago, I would be infringing on copyrights?

  96. Morgan Blackpowder says:

    Cheers for random Steampunk Reference, thanks Sarah 😀

  97. mcchris ltd says:

    Hello,can you do more videos for shopify beginners,country to target,free traffics,improving your site

  98. Emiliya Ravkina says:

    Hi Sarah, great video learned a lot from you. However I still have a coulpe of questions regarding suppliers and shipment. I would realy apreciate if you could find a minute to aswer them. How could I DM you? Thank you in advance.

  99. il haam says:

    Halloween t-shirt just 14 $
    For shopping 👇👇

  100. styleupbarkey says:

    Can you please review my store it is not getting any sales

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